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Blake Griffin Wants Clippers to Hire Gary Sacks as GM

The Los Angeles Clippers made several upgrades this offseason, but with Neil Olshey accepting the GM job in Portland, Donald Sterling and company now have a major void to fill in the front office. In an extensive interview with ESPN earlier this week, franchise centerpiece Blake Griffin provided the ultimate co-sign for longtime Clippers scout and Director of Player Personnel Gary Sacks to step in and take over the reigns: “Griffin credited the Clippers’ offseason in large part to Gary Sacks, who is the frontrunner to replace Neil Olshey as the general manager after Olshey left to take the general manager job with the Portland Trail Blazers. If it were up to Griffin, Sacks would have already been named the general manager by now. ‘I think Gary has put in his time,’ Griffin said. ‘He’s been with the Clippers for a long time and you see the job he did in stepping in for Neil when he left and the job he’s done with the program. All the players love him. He definitely has the player’s vote for GM. If he doesn’t get the GM job I’ll be shocked and a little disappointed because I think he deserves it and I think everybody else thinks he deserves it. We’re behind Gary 100 percent and hope it’s going to be him.’”

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  • german

    Fo sho


    Blake is one of the more cerebral players, I’d strongly consider his advice

  • Quantumphysix

    What’s up with the new Slam format?? Twitteresque? I’m sure it’ll mesh but I’m kinda expecting a lot of lols and smh’s and fofl etc. As long as the regulars are here, NBk, Lakeshow, eboy and co. BTW where is eBoy??
    Oh yeah Slam.
    I’m gonna write for you one-of-these-days!

  • Quantumphysix

    @Ed Nealy.
    Blake… cerebral? I love the guy but that’s not a word I would use. It’s cerebral for us… sure. If anything, I hope does use his head more and learn how to play NBA ball; learn all the tricks. His freak athleticism is fantastic but his basketball IQ is fair to mediocre. Saying that, I saw all of last years games and only ten or so this year.
    Is he more cerebral this year?
    His dunks with CP are sublime. I have a copy of Clipps @ Jazz and the first 4 minutes show 5 dunks with 4 from Blake. The opening tip is won by DJ who flips to Paul who tosses mid-court to BG for the alley oop. 6 seconds. That was cerebral.
    Actually, not minding the format SLAM.
    good stuff

  • http://twitter.com/DamjanVlastelic Damjan Vlastelica

    Sports fans and writers have short memories.I think an underrated aspect of the Dwight Howard saga and similar situations (but especially the DH example) is that many personnel moves are made at the behest of the teams star player, and with their consent sometimes even urging. I can’t remember how many times I read stories about how DH12 wanted his boy Jameer looked after or how he campaigned to get Big Baby on board. I believe it is hypocritical when a franchise player is heavily consulted about his teams personnel moves , and then asks for an out because the help (which they sometimes suggested) doesn’t pan out. I already hold Griffin partially responsible for the atrocious Deandre Jordan contract (pretty much every writer acknowledged that the Clips had to keep Jordan to keep Blake happy) so I don’t think his track record is great thus far.

  • Max
  • http://twitter.com/DamjanVlastelic Damjan Vlastelica

    However I’m not saying that I think GM’s shouldn’t listen to the advice of their best players or to try to make personnel moves with the express intent of making them happy, just think that star players who have a track record of vocally endorsing personnel moves should be held responsible and their bluff called when / if they publicly blast their teammates.