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Contest: Win A Copy Of ‘Goose’ Documentary

Leave a comment, win a DVD.

Boxcar Entertainment and TeamWorks Media have put together a truly amazing documentary on the life and career of Goose Tatum. Even the biggest hoops fans on this site may be asking who Goose Tatum is, which is understandable, as Tatum hasn’t received nearly as much recognition as he deserves for his contributions to the game of basketball.

In 1941, when the Harlem Globetrotters were just getting their feet off the ground, Tatum joined the team and changed the franchise—and the game—forever. He absolutely dazzled fans and excited all in attendance—regardless of race, which was an incredible achievement in his day.

The documentary, titled Goose, takes the viewer through Tatum’s entire career. It covers his beginnings as a baseball player in the Negro League to his joining the Globetrotters to his rise as an international superstar to his impact on free agency to off the court successes, failures and tragedies to his all-too-early death and, finally, to his posthumous Hall of Fame induction.

Greats like Dr. J, Jerry West, Oscar Roberstson and even Bill Cosby shed light on just how amazing Goose was. Not only was he an electric entertainer, but he was a truly great basketball player and could have thrived in any league for any team. Despite standing at just 6-4, he excelled in the post, and is credited with the invention of the hook shot (watch the doc if you don’t believe me—Goose had mastered it before Kareem was even born).

Goose did it all—basketball, baseball, managing teams, Hollywood films and more. He was, in his time, one of the most popular athletes in the world, gaining love and support all across the globe. Worldwide recognition isn’t that rare today, but, as the documentary illustrates, it was nearly unheard of roughly 70 years ago. He truly was as unique as they come.

The documentary will be sold via Amazon, Walmart.com, iTunes, Hulu, Netflix and more, as well as in the Hall of Fame gift shop, but we’re dishing out two free copies.

All you gotta do to win is answer the following question in a comment section below: Which current NBA player would you most want to see play on the Harlem Globetrotters?

Be sure to supply a reason for your choice!

Two winners will be chosen and contacted later this week, so get to the comments in quick and make sure to include your real e-mail address so we may contact a winner. Good luck!

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  • de

    Stephen Curry

  • SJAJ

    Has to be Ricky Rubio. The Magician and modern day Pistol Pete.

  • nbk

    Kyrie Irving, because this –

  • jay chau

    Many people have forgotten about him, but basketball junkies know this: Sebastian Telfair has that entertainment swagger in him. He may not have translated to the NBA player most expected him to be, but don’t forget the documentary ‘Through the Fire’, where he showcases his handles and flash. Bassy is a straight up stud with a yoyo handle, good luck trying to steal the ball from him. He can play on the ‘Trotters.

  • shutup

    Gerald Green or James White so they can get into the open floor and do what they do best.

  • Armzilla40

    There’s alot that come to mind, but i’m going with Nate ‘Kryptonate’ Robinson because he is an insane athlete and probably the greatest entertainer. Not to mention the hops he has for smaller player he’d be Marcus Haynes mixed with Jackie Jackson! The Washington Generals would probably need new uni’s because seeing Nate would make them shit themselves!

  • Arturo333413

    the best current nba player for the harlem globetrotters would be JaVale McGee because of his wingspan, height and and the size of his palms he could easily just mess around with the other players

  • Ed

    Derrick Rose

  • Edmund Fitzgerald

    Josh Smith

  • Hawk4

    can’t wait to see this

  • Monty

    Dwight Howard because of his showmanship

  • Showtime

    Terrico White..that is all..

  • Rob Stewart

    Earl Boykins or Nate Robinson because little guys are long overdue for Harlem Globrtrotter love

  • Zabbah

    Gilbert Arenas because he’s obviously wasting his prime years in the L. How about we showcase his talents somewhere else so we could all appreciate it?

  • Max


  • B. Short

    This is a great piece of basketball history. At a time when Black players were banned from the League, the Globetrotters were the destination for players to shine. The history of the Globetrotters is so vast and this is a great piece of it. I look forward to seeing this documentary.

  • bosborne17

    Great movie, cool contest.

  • PakkAttackk

    I’d pick Rajon Rondo. There isn’t ONE player in the NBA like him. All those dream shakes, behind the back ball fakes, awkward layups & he can dunk too..Just ask Chris Bosh!

  • DD

    Jamal Crawford. He has streetball skills

  • Dan

    I’d like to see Steve Nash. A veteran who could bring spotlight to the Globetrotters, a great leader, he could inspire kids all over the world while travelling around and meeting them. He’s a funny guy too, and we all know the Globetrotters are all about entertainment, so I think he’d be a great fit.

  • Leo Sepkowitz

    Commenting is now over, and the winners have been chosen. Congrats to those who will be contacted shortly, and thanks to everyone for posting!

  • zen garden

    big baby davis..dude got a fun entertaining personality..dude can interact with the crowd an be a joker ..give him the bucket filled w/ confetti

  • http://www.facebook.com/alamo50 Jurgen Aspers

    DH as he is a joke(r).

  • Bdubs

    Got to see goose when I was a kid…….. Great memories

  • Mycosyco

    LeBron James

  • sahfrash

    gerald green. name someone elso who induces orgasms by dunking balls

  • JTray

    Lebron James, he has a good sense of humor and really knows how too play ball.