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Contest: Win A Sprite Uncontainable Game Briefcase

Win a fully loaded hoops briefcase

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have been leading a worldwide search for undiscovered talent. Along with Al Horford, Andrea Bargnani, Omri Casspi and Serge Ibaka, they’re looking for 24 ballers to play for Kobe’s Team Intense or LBJ’s Team Sudden. The two squads will face off in Houston during the 2013 All-Star Break.

SLAM is partnering up with Sprite to hand out one sick briefcase to one lucky fan. The briefcase is equipped with everything in the photo (right), which includes Power Beats By Dre headphones, a Coby Snapp Mini Camcorder, an Uncontainable Game jersey, one basketball and more.  There’s not a reader out there who wouldn’t love to get his or her hands on this free giveaway.

The guidelines to winning is easy, but the competition will be tough. It’s simple: to enter the contest, just leave a comment on this post (with your real e-mail address) that says which teams you think will face off in the 2013 NBA Finals. Be sure to explain your reasoning behind picking the two teams.

A winner will be chosen and contacted tomorrow (Wednesday), so get your comments in quick!

A special thanks to Sprite for the briefcase, and as always, be sure to check back on the site for more giveaways in the future. Good luck!

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  • Yuval Lev

    I think the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat will be in the 2013 NBA Finals, repeating last year’s matchup which saw Lebron come into his own. Although many people think the Lakers are poised for a Finals run, I think the Thunder will pull through and make it to the Finals. They have been together longer than the Lakers and have the added chemistry. The Heat are an obvious Finals pick on the East side, IMO. The way Lebron James is playing now is simply crazy. He’s uncontainable! :)

    I’m from Israel, so I’m happy to see that Omri Caspi was chosen for one of the teams. Anyway, I really hope I win this contest.

  • Jordan Sinkler

    It will be the OKC Thunder representing the West. They return everyone including Eric Maynor coming off injury and Perry Jones III will be brought along slowly. Not to mention Durant, Westbrook and Harden fresh off a USA gold medal. The East is weak again. The Heat should be back but won’t. At this stage I am saying either the Celtics or Hawks. Hawks got rid of overrated volume shooter Joe Johnson and his terrible contract and pickup Lou Williams. Celtics got some infusion of younger upgrades at the 2 guard and experience will reign supreme.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Assuming everyone stays healthy –
    .2012-13 finals will likely feature the Heat and Lakers. Miami should have a pretty similar road to the finals this season as last, with LeBron still improving and the added shooters to the teams perimeter I don’t see any team beating them in a 7 game series in the Eastern Conference.
    The Lakers will face off with Oklahoma City in the Western Conference Finals in a series of Speed vs Size. I expect LA to win in a 7 game series due to their ability to defend the paint and rebound. Nash, Kobe, and Metta won’t be able to do much in terms of defending Westbrook, Harden, and Durant, but the Thunder front court will have even more trouble with the tandem of Pau and Dwight. Even then, assuming the match ups and mismatches wash out, I would expect the veteran savy and winning experience of Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash to be the inevitable tipping point in a series. The team who makes the least mistakes usually wins, and the Lakers feature two (actually 3 with Pau) of the smartest players of this generation.

  • http://www.raineemusic.com ryan Perdue

    I think the lakers will beat the heat in 2013 thanks to the adition of Howard and Nash and Kobe’s desire to win.
    This will be a very competitive final going 7

  • Brandon

    I think the Thunder and Heat will face off once again in the 2013 NBA Finals for a few reasons. One, Miami is going to continue to be tough to beat with Bosh healthy to go along with Wade and LeBron. In the West, I went with the Thunder because they have all of the pieces of a championship contender. KD is the most dominant scorer in the game and Russell is becoming one the best pg’s in the game. The Lakers will be a tough match for them, as the Bulls will be for Miami, but I don’t see either of them taking down the Heat or Thunder. That is why I chose OKC to face Miami in the 2013 NBA Finals.

  • Isaac Daniel Bichachi

    It’s going to be the Miami Heat in a title defense against the Los Angeles Lakers and their revamped roster. I say that because the Heat are on a whole another level with Lebron playing more in the post and having two knock down shooters in Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis coming off the bench. Also D-Wade will be healthier this year and we all know what happens when he is healthy. While the Lakers will boast their new lineup, they will be coming off an at least 6 game series with the Thunder and they will not know how to react against a “positionless” team in the Miami Heat and fall in 6 games and LeBron will get his second ring in as many years.

  • De

    My pick: HEATS VS. LAKERS
    WHY: The Heats are of course having the big 3 and added veteran Ray Allen. The addition of Allen will add an extra dimension and will make the Heats stonger. Laker of course got Nash and Howard and are now competing for the big 3 title with the Heats. With Bryant, Nash and Howard and plus Gasol, Lakers are my favorite to win the West or even the NBA championship.

  • Jason Staley

    Miami and OKC. OKC is just so loaded and young. Kevin Durant and Westbrook are an unstoppable combo. And I’m hoping my Heat will repeat as champs. They have the best player on the planet and D-Wade is back to his old self. And they added the best 3-point shooter ever. It will definitely spread the floor so LeBron and Wade can attack. And of course Bosh will have another solid year.

  • Trevor B

    The Heat are the obvious choice to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals. And while I’d be elated to see the Nike Puppets commercials make a return with Lebron and Kobe pitted against each other in the Finals, I’ll go with the Thunder. And it’s hard for me to pick the Thunder being a former Sonics fan. It’s hard to go against the Thunder, as I am still in awe of what they did to the Spurs in the WCF last season. So, Heat vs. Thunder in Finals. Give me the Heat. I mean, they have Lebron still, right?

  • Joe

    I think the heat are gonna be playing the thunder once again. The heat have the best player in the NBA, in Lebron who can do every part of the game well. With added depth and shooters plus a healthy wade and bosh, they will be very difficult to stop. The Thunders raw talent is unquestionable but with too many turnovers at times, combined with bad shots they can only beat themselves. The 3 gaurd combo on durant, Westbrook, and harden is lethal. Ibaka as well as those three will come back even better. A healthy Eric maynor will improve their backcourt. The lakers do have the better team but questions about Dwight’s health and how all these stars are going to mesh in LA, I think will prevent them from the finals

  • Joey Y.

    E-mail: 88lojo@charter.net Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers. I chose these teams because the heat have the big three and Lebron James is dominating the league right now and is trying to get another. With the new editions to the lakers they will work very well together and have a strong team

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Look at the rosters.
    I’ll be waiting for my e-mail telling me I won cause i’m awesome.

  • Joe N.

    OKC Thunder vs Miami Heat again. Mainly because of the Big 3 in OKC and The Big 3 in Miami.

  • Mark D

    I think OKC’s youth and team chemistry will get them past LA in the Western Conference Finals. I think the Heat will dominate the East but lose to OKC in a Finals rematch. OKC’s big 3 came up short in the Finals but I believe the Olympic experience will pay dividends and help them get over the hump and take down King James in the Finals.

  • Linton McNeeley II

    The 2013 NBA Finals will consist of The Miami Heat and OKC once again. LeBron and Wade just got there taste of supreme victory and being the best team in the world. So with the same energy, work, and dedication they put in last season to win the NBA finals they’ll put more work and effort in to win a second title. Kevin Durant and the OKC crushed all doubts of them going anywhere in the NBA. They dominated throughout the whole season. The young team will only get better and with a couple new draft pick the young team will most definitely dominate and make their way to the NBA finals with there leader Kevin Durant!

  • http://bulls.com airs

    Lakers-Heat, who would want anything else?
    Its the matchup ppl have wanted to see for so long: kobe vs. Lebron, and though it isn’t what it would’ve been 4 years ago, its still a dream matchup.
    And plus, sprite would love that sh*t. As well as nike and….everyone…

  • rob stewart

    Clippers vs Celtics 2013 Finals
    There’s a new team in Los Angeles. With the perfect mix of youngsters (Griffin, Paul, Jordan, and Bledsoe) and vets(Odom, Hill, Billups)the Clippers will beat an older worn out Lakers team while OKC will have a meltdown due to Westbrook’s questionable shot selection and Harden’s contract issues.
    I also believe Doc Rivers will prove why he should be Team USA’s 2016 coach in Rio when his CELTICS beat the HEAT in 7 games in the playoffs. Sullinger will be a top rookie learning from K.G. as Terry fills in nicely for Jesus Shuttlesworth. Think of the old Celtics as THE EXPENDABLES 2.

  • De F.

    Heats and Lakers……Why? Well Heats have added veteran Ray Allen who might be old but I think still got game in him. Allen is a great outside shooter and great shooter from the paint. Of course their is LEBRON ” THE KING”, Wade, and Bosh. These three are together for about 3 years now and they have develop chemistry. The Heats have the momentum going into their 2013 season and also a target on their back. But if Bosh and Wade and everyone on the Heats can stay healthy, then their is NO reason why Heats can’t win the BIG ONE. Now the Lakers. Added Howard and Nash which are big pickups that gives the big three in Miami a run for their money. With Bryant doing his job, Howard staying healthy and Nash guiding the team not to mention Gasol working in the paint, I don’t see how the Lakers could lose the Western conference title. I think the closest team to challenge the Lakers are the Oklahoma City Thunder because their young guys like Durant and Westbrook are as good as what the Heats and Lakers have.

  • Austin

    I think the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics will be in the 2013 finals

  • Alex Wilson

    I think out of the west it will be the OKC Thunder because of the of their bench getting better getting Eric Maynor back and drafting a sleeper in Perry Jones III. Out of the east it will be the Heat simply because of the acquirings of Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, and the rest of the team coming back.

  • Jerome Smith

    The easy pick is the Lakers vs. Heat but that’s not the route I’m going. The Lakers will come out of the west. Kobe’s work ethic and unmatched desire to win, mixed with Steve Nash’s calm and collective presence on the court and in the locker room will be the perfect blend for Howard to excel and have a stellar season. Now the east is a different story. I believe Carmelo will ride his great performance in the Olympic games and have a MVP caliber season. Melo will do the unthinkable…be a defensive stopper! Which will fuel his Knicks past the heat and into the finals.
    Knicks vs. Lakers your 2013 finals match-up. Let’s not forget about the game within the game. Spike vs. Jack!

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    It pains me to admit that I see the Lakers in the Finals this coming year. With Dwight Howard’s ability to manufacture points without a ton of touches and his willingness to compete on the glass and on defense despite not getting touches he is the perfect upgrade from Andrew Bynum. More importantly, his proficiency in the pick and roll will make thins much easier for Steve Nash who initially was going to have to work with two players who were better on simple post ups and kickouts. Kobe is Kobe, Pau is Pau and with these two new additions the Lakers have arguably the best inside/outside attack in the League. Yes, injuries will be a concern, as will the bench and Mike Brown, but I don’t see another team as balanced as LA for at least the next two years. This physically hurts me to say.
    I see the Lakers finally locking horns with the Heat and the world getting the LeBron vs. Kobe matchup everyone has been dreaming about for years. LeBron should continue the beastly ways he displayed in the postseason last year, the Heat reloaded with decent wing players, and Wade and Bosh should be healthy. I like what Norris Cole brings in year two at the back-up point, I like the Heat’s overall depth, and I like the fact that the best player in the world is focused on cementing his legacy.
    So my pick is a trendy and obvious one but it’s the one I believe is accurate. Lakers vs. Heat. Make it happen Stern.

  • Tory Muse

    I would have to say the Celtics will come out of the Eastern Conference to face off against the Lakers in the Finals. I pick the Celtics because of they are still a strong contender to go for a championship. This was proven when they took the Miami Heat to 7 games last year and were the underdogs the whole series. The Celtics lost Ray Allen this off season to the rival team Miami Heat , but replaced him with Jason Terry a very good shooter and playmaker who has seen has also made big shots throughout his career. The Celtics also added a couple good pieces to the front court in Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo. Jared Sullinger brings a good post game and hustle rebounding, while Fab Melo brings his ability to block shots and strong inside defense. Kris Joseph is also another valuable piece added bringing his solid offensive game and strong defense he will be a valuable asset coming off the bench. The Celtics have only gotten better and the pieces added should be enough to take them past the Heat.

    For the West I see the Lakers going to the finals. Looking at the additions of Steve Nash arguably one of the best point guards to ever play the game. He brings his awesome court vision, ability to create for teammates, and also the ability to create his own shot. When paired up with Dwight Howard a high flyer on offense and defense and the best shooting guard in the league Kobe Bryant the possibilities on offense are limitless. All three of these players have one goal and that’s to win a championship. Dwight Howard has yet to win a championship, Steve Nash hasn’t either both being the best at their positions bring their talents together to get their first ring and help Kobe get his sixth. The Lakers have also retained Pau Gasol an all star power forward who is very versatile . This Lakers squad is especially hungry and has enough talent to win a championship and get past the Thunder who thwarted the lakers last season.

  • Kevin

    Heat/Lakers 2013 Finals. Everyone has been waiting for the Lebron/Kobe finals showdown for years now. Lord knows, David stern has been waiting for this moment like Mr Burns in The Simpsons quietly saying “Exxcellentt…”

    In the East, there is no team, NO team that can handle the Heat’s athleticism, and versatility. With Derrick Rose out the foreseeable year, the Bulls will not be able to contend. The Celtics will put up a challenge, especially with a healthy Bradley in the rotation, and the addition of The Jet Terry. But in the end of the day, the Heat not only picked up the Celtics best shooter, Jesus Shuttlesworth, they still have their most clutch player not named Lebron or Wade back. Shane Battier. He drained so many jumpers and 3′s that killed any momentum the Thunder tried to have each time. The departure of Mike Miller and Juwan Howard replaced with Rashard Lewis is an upgrade. The Heat will coast through the regular season, and save up for the REAL season in April when the post season starts.

    In the Wwst, the newly put together Lakers not only have the best looking team on paper, they’ll show it on the court. The addition of Nash speaks volumes. It won’t always show on the Stat Sheet, but Nash’s impact, both on the court and in the locker room will leave a profound effect. Kobe has a point god, (get it) he respects and has the floor general the Lakers desperately need. Nash is the best point guard since Van Exel and Magic to lead the purple and yellow. Now, you bring up Nash’s defensively inefficiencies. I bring to you, the 2 time defensive player of the year, Dwight Howard. He will cover up for any missed assignments and be vital for the one thing that has plagued the lakers for years, pick and roll defense. With the departure of the likes of Murphy and McBob and the addition of Jamison and Meeks, the lakers welcome established players with credentials. Kobes fire burns hot as ever to get that elusive 6th title, and with the retention of Pau and the addition of his new warriors, the Lakers should advance past the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals. I would include the Spurs in this discussion as possible contenders, but hey, who are we kidding. Until the Thunder get a legitimate low post scorer, they will not be able to take out the revamped Lakers. They cannot win by shooting jumpers and the Heat proved their lack of inside scoring by beating them in the finals 5-1.

    So there you have it. Heat/Lakers finals. and Lakers take it in 6.

  • bouncyman

    Lakers vs Heat in the finals next year.
    Heat are the easy pick. With Derrick Rose out most, if not all of the season, and Boston a year older, and only slightly retooled, the Heat have no real challengers.
    Lakers still lack depth, and there are always concerns with Steve Nash’s back, but with the defensive minded Mike Brown coaching the 3 time DPOY and Kobe knowing his window won’t be open very much longer the Lakers are going have a really good year. Pau should be the number one option in the post now which will also help his game.

  • Zack mcardle

    The Nba finals will be between the Boston Celtics and OKC. Bostons depth this year is not getting the credit it deserves, there roster is literally 12 deep. The fact that the depleted squad they had last year took miami 7 games last year plus the offseason moves theyve made have put this team in a perfect position to show miams’ weaknesses. One of the problems last year with them was there size and depth. With the additions of jason terry courtney lee fab melo jared sullinger as well as the return of jeff green chris wilcox and avery bradley the celtics should be able to take down miami despite ray allen and rashard lewis adding even more 3pt depth to tge team. In the west dwight howard is an upgrade over bynum but not a huge difference maker when compared. Steve nash should help mike brown run his offense more smoothly. But the team doesnt have the chemistry olc will have this year. okc will prove to be an angry team that learned from last year. While they didnt make any noise in the offseason another year of the team working together as well as kd and russel westbrook enetering there prime should be the perfect storm for this team, not to mention the return of sebolisha. Ultimitley i see the finals going seven and going either way. End of tge day I see boston raising banner 18

  • David Liu

    Lakers will face the heat in finals next year.
    The Heat because of their chemistry and two new
    additions. The Lakers because of Kobe, Nash, and
    Dwight. It is that simple. All three of them have
    something to prove.

  • Bravo

    Lakers vs Heat 2012-2013 NBA Finals

  • Colby

    I think that the Heay and the Thunder will show up in the NBA Finals again! The Heat were already unstoppable and they just accquired Ray Allen and some other amazing players. The Thunder are only getting better! They have alot of young players with a ton of talent that they can only improve on! I think the Heat will win the Finals again!I would love to win the briefcase!

  • joe1497

    the 2013 nba finals will be between the brooklyn nets and OKC. kevin durant and the entourage have already shown they have the caliber and teamwork to make it to basketballs biggest stage. with the extension of serge ibaka and the maturing of westbrook, the thunder will come out and beat the already heavily favoured lakers in the conference finals. i have a a feeling that the team of champions will not gell into a champion team during their first season together. In the east, brooklyn will be the barnstorming favourite for the conference champs after a big midseason get, possibly josh smith or lamarcus aldrige. their favouritism will be furthered through a season ending injury two one of the heats big 2 and a half. deron williams will produce an MVP worthy season and his backcourt partner, joe johnson will be the teams leading scorer. brooklyns first season will be one of the best in nets history and they will ride the wave of an outstanding fan base, all the way to the finals. no word on who will win the finals yet but anticipating a 7 game series.


    Because that’s how I planned it.
    NBA where what I say happens………

  • Ella Pedre

    Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Lakers with Miami winning the championship in 6 games. Miami has tasted victory (again) and they have the experience. They have started building their dynasty. Hopefully, Bosch, Wade and Miller will be healthy. They are reloading with sharp-shooters (Allen & Lewis) and they have THE best player in the world Lebron “King” James. Lakers will be there because they have the height, the best defensive player (Howard), one of the best point guards (Nash) and a hungry Kobe.

  • Sweetness

    My pick is Lakers vs Heats.
    Why? I’m a Lakers fan so every year I’m always hope for Lakers making the finals. But with the addition of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, the team is more fired up then ever. I’m actually looking forward to seeing Kobe get this sixth ring (Lakers fan mentality lol). Heats because although they won this year, I doubt that the Big 3 is satisfied with one ring, they’re coming back for a next one. They tasted one championship and want a next. It will definitely be a great finals and regardless of whether or not you’re a Lakers fan or Heats fan. The game will be like a bottle of Sprite: Basketball fans will have to obey their thirst!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdiFH6BcSUE IAMORANGE4EVER

    It pains me to admit I see the LA Lakers vs. NY Knicks in the 2013 NBA Finals.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdiFH6BcSUE IAMORANGE4EVER

    Lakers Reason: Dwight
    Knicks Reason: Backcourt Loaded to go with Anthony-STAT-Chandler frontcourt.

  • http://JDAGUILERA5@YAHOO.COM Jose Aguilera

    My bet is on the Heat and the Lakers. They have composed two great teams that will definitely compete for the title.

  • http://Www.nba.com VanCityBBall

    My picks: OKC Thunder vs. MIA Heat
    I pick OKC over every other team because every player now has playoff AND finals experience on that team. Kevin Durants work ethic is outstanding to the point that he’s probrobly working on his game as I type this. Russel Westbrook will learn (like champion Lebron James) to ignore the critics and play his game with comfort, and when he plays his game he is unstoppable. I understand why a lot of people are choosing the lakers and I respect that but Nash is a predominantly pick and roll guy and will respect to the big men of LA but who is he going to run it with? Sure Nash can easily adapt to a new offence but to get the full package he needs the P&R. OKC also has a better coach witch will go a longer way than most will think
    The Heat will make the finals once again because they have the best player in the world along with newly added champion Ray Allen (who is also clutch as they come). Something that I think a lot of people are over looking for the heat is their confidence level. Straight off of winning a title I believe they can carry the momentum all the way to the finals. Eric Spolstra who last season was under the biggest microscope ever, can now relax a little knowing that his job will be secured a little longer. If the coach is cool and collected his team will follow. All on all, OKC vs. MIA Finals 2013- BOOK IT.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbWqmGbwolM Morgan Black

    Kings versus Bobcats. Kidd-Gilchrist is the truth. Shout out to Bobby Chen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv24ZY4s_ME&feature=fvwrel Book it…

  • Zabba

    Heat versus Spurs.
    Spurs aren’t older, they’re wiser and hungrier. That 20 game win streak last season has to count for something, right? Two straight rounds of sweeping the opponent? Unfortunately they had to lose sometime and it was four straight against the Thunder. But this time, playing a whole season with last year’s vital new additions (Cap’n Jack and Diaw) plus training camp and some Olympic experience for some of their players, the Spurs will take it to the Finals. They will beat L.A. and Thunder in 7 to get there but it will happen.
    The Heat? That’s an easy one. They’re going to make it to the Finals because it’s Lebron James’ Heat and their only real competition in the East is a truly aging Celtics team that’s been chipping away (and shipping away) it’s core players.

  • http://facebook.com/lxmma12 Alex Ramirez

    I believe Miami Heat will be representing the East and Oklahoma City Thunder will be Representing the West. Durant had the opportunity to play alongside with Kobe, Lebron, Carmelo at London 2012 Olympic Games which I feel gave Durant the opportunity to study and get a feel out of the All Stars on Team USA. Kobe isn’t getting any younger, Dwight still recovering from his Back Surgery and Nash being in his late 30′s makes me wonder if they can keep up with the younger teams. Its too soon to give Lakers the advantage knowing Kobe enjoys being the Superstar on the team and makes me wonder if the chemistry will show with Mike Brown as coach. Miami Heat, the defending champs will be looking to add another championship to their franchise and have every advantage on their side with the signing of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis who are former teammates whom share chemistry and will help spread the floor for Lebron, Wade, and Bosh not to mention the fact that Miami now has a decent bench to their roster. Derrick Rose being out possibly the rest of the season, Celtics loosing Allen automatically makes Miami Heat the favorite in the East.

  • TheWhiteMarkPrice

    Heat vs. Thunder. Heat will only be tested in the east by Boston. I pick Thunder over Lakers out west due to Lakers injury history of their roster. What kind of shape will Nash’s back, Kobe’s body., Dwight’s recovery, be come May. OKC will also have Eric Maynor back (if he’s not dealt) and Harden will be playing for a contract. If Lakers are healthy though they could take a 7 game series, but that’s too big of an “if” for me. Heat beats Celtics & Thunder both in 6, to win LeBron’s 2nd ring.

  • Dan

    The Lakers and the Bulls will face off in the Finals. Los Angeles has a pretty good starting lineup with lots of experience, so I expect them to fight their way through the playoffs. It won’t be easy for them because they still have to get to know each others’ play style and get used to each other but they’ll pull it out and meet Chicago in the Finals. For the Bulls it won’t be the same as last year. Derrick Rose will stay healthy and lead his team deep into the playoffs. In the Conference Finals, they’ll play seven games against Miami and in a close game 7, they’ll win the Conference. Not to mention a Lakers-Bulls Finals with these lineups would be a classic.

  • http://slamonline Jimbo

    I think that the two teams facing each other in the finals are going to be the Heat and the Thunder. The Lakers, with Dwight Howard’s massive ego, are going to struggle to create a working chemistry, especially in the lights of Los Angeles. The Thunder meanwhile, have a young core, great chemistry, and players that understand their roles well. Kevin Durant is going to go off in a hope to try to avenge the loss from last year, but it is going to be Heat in six, with Rashard Lewis hitting the game winning buzzer beater three in overtime.

  • Daniel

    Lakers vs Heat

    1. Kobe, Nash and Dwight are drooling over the thought of a championship just like I am about the possibility of getting this prize.

    2. LeBron is unstoppable right now and no one in the East is stopping that.

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    Lakers vs Celtics. I know it’s a cliche, but the Lakers size inside will be too much for the Thunder now that they have an outside shooter like Nash to space the floor for them. Also, their new Princeton offense suits their roster a lot better. The Celtics took Miami to 7 games last season, and while they lost Allen, they gain Green, Terry, Sullinger, Lee and Bradley from last season. If everyone is healthy (a big if I know) the Celtics have everything they need to take out the Heat in a seven-game series – rim protection (KG), great perimeter defenders (Bradley, Lee, Rondo), bench scoring (Green, Terry), depth (Green, Lee, Sullinger, Terry, Melo off the bench), a dominant PG in Rondo, and a far superior coach in Rivers.

  • Eshay Adlayz

    In my opinion the Raptors and Kings will face off in the nba finals. They both have some of the most talented cores with the most potential with the likes of John Salmons, Chuck Hayes and Aaron Gray (correct me if im wrong) on their respective teams. This talent will push them over Miami, OKC, LAL and other supposed contenders in the NBA
    The only thing that may set these teams back is the fact that DeMarcus Cousins and Demar DeRozan are some of the worst players production wise and potential wise I have ever had the oppurtunity to watch play the game of basketbal.
    I believe both these teams if their stars (John Salmons the most underrated star shooting guard ever and Solomon Alabi), will push their teams to a better record the even Michael Jordans Chi-Town Bulls team.

  • Eshay Adlayz

    I’m kidding though

  • Aamir K.

    Assuming all players remain healthy, it will be the Lake Show from the West, and Miami from the East. There is no real challenge to Miami, talent-wise, except from Indy, the Sixers, and BKN. The C’s are old and the Knicks, as the Zen master put it, are dysfunctional. Philly is a bit young to compete with Miami, but they have a chance to be a 3rd seed. Brooklyn has plenty of issues defensively, which Miami will take advantage of. Gerald Wallace cannot guard LeBron, Lopez can’t guard anyone, let alone Chris Bosh. Joe Johnson is a slouch and Wade will have a field day on offense. The Bulls window is closing in my mind, and the will likely be a 6-8 seed. In the West, the Lakers will overwhelm OKC inside, and their perimeter Shooting of Nash, Kobe, Jamison, Meeks, will be too much scoring. Dwight is a DPOY candidate every year, and Kobe made the NBA All-defense team 12 years in a row. Dwight and Kobe will have huge years, especially Dwight, because he is motivated to win a ring, and because he is in Hollywood.

  • http://MIZEV21@yahoo.com Michael Z. Evangelista

    it’s gonna be HEAT & Lakers they got the best talent plus the experience it’s a no-brainer

  • Melissa E

    The Lakers and Heat will be in the 2013 NBA Finals. Lebron & Kobe showdown!

  • Collins Nosa

    The Thunder and the Nets in my NBA Finals. Can’t be the Lakers in the west because they need one key factor that a team filled with stars like LA needs, chemistry. The Heat and the Thunder have great chemistry with each other. The Thunder would beat the Lakers in a 7-game series. Kobe, D12 and Nash would give them a great challenge, but the Big three of Westbrook, Harden and KD plus Ibaka would send them packing. Now the East. I know most of you would kill because of my decision, but I think the Nets will be the Heat. D-Will, JJ, Hump and Brook will have career years and could stymie the Big 3. Also because the Heat 2 weaknesses are the Nets biggest strengths, the PG and C position. D-will, Ty and CJ will dominate Norris and Mario and Brook will have fun against the like of Anthony and Pittman. JJ could defend Wade, GW could give LBJ problems and Hump will give Bosh a run for his money. But a key factor is the bench, one of the key reasons the Heat won. We’ve already seen what the Heat bench can do plus Allen and Lewis, but I think the Nets will give their bench some work. MarShon (my pick for 6th man of the year), CJ Watson (decent guard when he backed up Derrick Rose), Mirza (leader scorer in Europe), Tyshawn, Bogans, Tornike and many more could boost the Nets. All the factors is why i believe there will be a OKC-BK finals.

    * Please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could use the beats and the basketball!!!!

  • Collins Nosa

    Is my comment there i dont see it.

  • kenny

    Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers
    Miami won it all last year, and with their new pickups (Ray Allen & Rashard Lewis), they just got even more deadly from the perimeter. There is nobody that is going to be able to stop the Lakers in the West; with the addition of Steven Nash, Dwight Howard, and Antawn Jamison, there is no team in the West that will be able to knock them out of the playoffs. Lakers will win the 2012-13 NBA championship in 5 games.

  • David Kalb

    Miami Heat vs OKC in finals from 2013-2050 because Lebron and Durant are unstoppable robot forces. Obviously this will change if Eric Snow and Ira Newble come out of retirement to provide the outside shooting and defensive tenacity needed to lead the Cavaliers on another trip to the finals. This would make the Cavs extremely scrappy and scrappy wins championships.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slamreader

    Los Angeles Lakers versus Miami Heat – Not because they have the best players, not because they have high payrolls, not because they are veterans, not because they are expected to be there, not because they are the most talented – these teams will be in the hunt for a chip for one reason: even with all their accomplishments, the premiere players on these teams want one thing – to win the night, every night.

  • Evan Choi

    I think the Lakers and Miami will make it. Lebron has been playing unstoppable. Plus the addition of ray allen will be huge IMO. Lakers because they are my favorite team. With Nash running the show, D12 patrolling the paint, and kobe being Kobe. It’s hard to imagine them not making it. Last years’ thunder and lakers were pretty close IMO; 4-1 series does not show it, but I thought the lakers competed well. I think the new personnel would put them over OKC.

  • Benjamin Epstein

    LA Lakers vs. Miami Heat
    with Lebron’s newly found desire and determination which was on display throughout last season and in the playoffs, I expect him and the rest of the heat to make their third trip in a row to the finals. along with his unhuman like athleticism and an amazing supporting cast with future HOF’s like Wade and Ray by his side, i think the playoffs will be a piece of cake for the elite squad, with no competition coming out of the east other than the aging Celtics and maybe Brooklyn if they even make it to the playoffs.Also i see the Lakers coming out of the west with an almost parallel situation. With the tremendous steal of bagging the super human Dwight Howard for just Bynum and a pick or two and the two time MVP in Nash for a couple picks as well. The core of Bryant and Gasol just got a tremendous weight lifted off of their shoulders and put in an miraculous chance at another shot at the title. Other than the thunder and spurs, nobody will even come close to comparing in talent and size presented in the Lakers new roster, even these two teams will have a tough time just competing with this new revamped roster. I feel like this finals series will be unavoidable with the two NBA superstars of Kobe and Lebron leading the way for their respectable teams this next season.I believe in the end though, that the Lakers will come out on top one more time giving the ageing Bryant his sacred ring to tie him with the GOAT MJ. Also ring thirsty Nash and Dwight would bring enough determination to bring home another banner for staples arena. For the Heat though, it will be a well played series just not enough size in the lane to handle Dwight and the slashing Nash crippling them and their chance at a second consecutive title. Lakers win it in 7 games against the Heat.

  • Declan Greene

    i think the 2013 finals will be the Laker vs. the Heat. The reason why i picked the lakers is because they got Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant. But the Heat is a whole different level because of the big three and now they have Ray Allen. So those are my picks

  • J Blackburn

    Oklahoma City Thunder (r.i.p. Sonics) vs. Miami “buy up everyone whose available” Heat. We have all seen this before and undoubtedly we will be seeing it in the future but right now these two teams are the ones to beat in their respective divisions. While the Thunder have been able to keep their core –depending on what Harden does– the Heat added the best three point shooter of all time, who still has some bombs in his tank, and a player who is looking for redemption and retribution in Allen and Lewis (more daggers in the hearts of us true Sonic fans. The Heat win in six to keep that s.o.b. Bennett from a ring which makes all of the NBA fans who believe in justice smile a little bit more.

  • Leo Sepkowitz

    Thanks to everybody who responded, but the commenting is now closed. A winner will be picked and contacted shortly.

  • devonte jackaon

    i think the heat will win the finals.