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Kevin Durant Hasn’t Asked OKC GM About James Harden’s Extension Status

In a lengthy Q+A with ESPN’s Marc Stein, Thunder forward Kevin Durant spoke on a number of topics. Some were light-hearted, like assessing his acting skills in his newly released movie, Thunderstruck. Others were a bit more pressing—for instance, what are Durant’s thoughts on Serge Ibaka’s extension, and what are his thoughts on James Harden’s soon-to-be expired contract? Will Harden get a deal, or will OKC’s Big 4 be required to split? Well, the always-candid Durant said he hasn’t even raised those issues with Thunder GM Sam Presti, let alone to Harden himself. “Q: To know that Serge [Ibaka] just re-signed, how reassuring is that? A: It’s a really big deal. I’m happy for him, first of all, him and his family. He worked so hard to get that [extension] and I’m just excited that he’s signed on for four more years and really believes in us. He easily could have said no, waited for next summer, played well this year and got more [money]. But he sacrificed for us and we appreciate him for that. He’s the ultimate team player. Q: But you know us in the media. We’re always going to talk about what happens next and that means James Harden’s deal. How involved will you get in trying to make sure that James stays? A: I want James to be here with us, of course. He’s one of my closest friends. Hopefully it works out, that’s all I can say. I haven’t asked [Thunder GM] Sam [Presti] about anything and I haven’t asked James about anything. I’m just going to let that take care of itself, be the best teammate I can be and hopefully by the time camp starts we have him locked up. Q: But he has a lot of incentive to wait until the summer to become a restricted free agent. How worried will you be if there’s no extension [by the Oct. 31 deadline]? A: I’m not a big worrier. I always believe things are going to be all right and that everything’s going to work out on its own.”

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  • andrew

    nothing story

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    nothing here, if harden really wants to stay though, he sign the extension now if the offer is respectable. if not he waits until some gm throws the max at him next summer. if they did it for eric gordon and hibbert, they will do it for harden

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdPcGP8-niM nbk troll

    Why would he??

  • LA Huey

    Durant: “Hey, Sam. You’ve done a pretty good job of managing our rosters and cap space. You’re a smart and stand-up guy but I just wanted to check-in and see if you plan on continuing doing so.”
    Presti: “Oh, Kevin. Hey, great to see you! Yeah, I plan on continuing to do what I get paid to do. I’m glad you dropped by, I feel the same way about you. But I, too, actually wanted to ask you if you plan on continuing to work hard and improve your game as you have every year you’ve been in the league.”
    Durant: “Of course, Sam! Haha. What a waste of time this conversation has been.”

  • http://Slamonline.com Datkid