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Thaddeus Young to Come Off The Bench Next Season

Forward Thaddeus Young will continue to come off the bench for Doug Collins and the Philadelphia 76ers. The 24-year-old Young, who is entering his sixth NBA season, is now the longest tenured Sixer on the roster. Via CSNPhilly.com: “‘I’d like to continue to play Thad off the bench. I like his energy and his attitude he brings to us,’ Collins said earlier this week when the team introduced Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson. From all reports, Young is having a good summer. With the addition of Bynum and Kwame Brown and the re-signing of Spencer Hawes, Young won’t have to spend as much time battling bigger players in the paint. ‘From all the reports I got, he has his weight up to 229 pounds — he finished the season at 215,’ Collins said. ‘The one thing with Thad is if you put him with a big guy that protects him, it makes him much better. So we think he’s going to be even better with Kwame and Andrew, who is going to be an even bigger help with the speed and quickness he plays with. Thad is going to be a big part of what we do.’”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    so r they starting richardson at the 2 with turner at the 3? if tuner is the starting 2 then who is at the 3? dorell wright?

  • anonymous

    Young is better off the bench anyway. orlando was doing everything they could to include jrich in the dwight howard trade because he`s a one-trick-pony. Richardson is insignificant in this deal for the sixers. no way he should be starting or getting any consistent minutes. sixers are still missing something though. they go after josh smith and sign Allen Iverson. jsmoove and bynum would make up a great starting backcourt and they could get Iverson for cheap.

  • Sam J

    I noticed he didn’t mention spencer hawes when talking about bigs…

  • Fat Lever

    #1 – Richardson is a one trick pony at this point, but that trick is so important when you have a C like Bynum who can get him open shots from the perimeter. I’m guessing that’s why the Sixers wanted him included in the deal. #2 – To use a popular quote, “AI IS NOT WALKING THROUGH THAT DOOR”. Get over it. His time is done in the league. Move on. Why would the Sixers sign him for a 3rd(!) time, after the way he ended his tenure here last time? #3 – And how exactly would the Sixers get Josh Smith? The Sixers got Bynum, a centerpiece. They signed 3-4 guys for short, non-cap eating deals. So far, they are having a very good offseason in my eyes, as a Sixer fan. It seems this front office finally has a vision, which is what, we as Sixer fans, were asking for all along.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Still living in Iverson’s shadow evidenced by the reception he received in the playoffs when he presented the game ball at midcourt. Won’t be another Iverson in Philly. Regardless of how much they win, Iverson left a huge imprint on the city and the franchise.

  • Da Real

    This guy is extremely overpaid. Iggy leaves and he is still on the bench? Wtf

  • ctk

    he shouldnt start he cant shoot better than Wright or Richardson to space the court for Bynum …Young is only good when he has the quickness mismatch ..he only has that at the 4 …not good enuff ballhandler or shooter to play long at the 3

  • http://www.xvideos.com nbk troll

    Damn. Kinda messed up given how hard thad plays and how much effort he gives. I wouldn’t be suprised if he still gets good minutes though like ginobili do.

  • beasting

    @anonymous yeh 76ers lost 2 of their top scorers last year (iggy and lwilliams) along with brand. they acquired bad knees bynum, one-trick no defensive playing richardson, fickle no defensive playing young and kwame who needs no introduction. 76ers lost toughness and consistency. they got back some consistent offense in return with bynum but they also acquired great unpredictability in terms health and total production. imo their defense will take a hit and I`m not sure if their offense will be better but there is a reason why orl was so eager to get rid of jrich. players like jrich come a dime a dozen. 76ers should not only consider going after josh smith but trevor ariza as well to get some of that toughness back. and I do agree they should definitely sign Allen Iverson. they have nothing to lose. The Philly Fans` reaction in game 6 when A.I. stepped out on the court says it all. Philly is still his city for the taking. We want Iverson back in the nba and the game needs his return.

  • Fat Lever

    Beasting, the game needs his return? They just had the best Finals, in terms of viewership, in 8 years. They have a budding friendly rivalry between KD and Bron to market constantly. One of the leagues top 5 players just joined a top 3 market. They have a bball team starting up in Brooklyn with, maybe the ultimate music superstar, as a visible part owner and one of the top 3 pg’s in the league leading that squad. I think the game is doing just fine. I’m an AI fan, but the harsh reality is that the game and the league have moved on.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    I wouldn’t sign Iverson. If Bynum is motivated and can stay healthy, the Sixers will be alright. Doug Collins is a great teacher. I’m a huge AI fan, but I don’t see him ever putting on another NBA uniform. Teams have been afraid of him since he left Detroit. I was shocked when the Grizzlies signed him. Not surprised when he retired. Shocked when Philly signed him out of retirement. The team is fine with the roster they have now if Evan Turner takes more of a prominent role. Let’s not act like Elton Brand was a showstopper while he was in Philly. The league is good now with the superstars, stars, and future stars they have. They don’t have anyone with the same stigma of Iverson…and that’s just how David Stern wants it. I’d argue that the most authentic dude in the league right now that has any kind of impact on the game resembling AI’s impact is D-Rose. Different personalities. Different styles of play. Different approaches to the game. But there’s nothing that could make him act out of character. Same with Iverson.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Thaddeus Young is a 4. The Small Forward position has no barring on Young at all. Y’all can stop hypothesizing about that position and this news, they aren’t related.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Seriously, talking about him at Small Forward is a glaring sign of ignorance. He was originally supposed to be a 3 when he came into the league, but hasn’t played anything but the 4 since 2009.

  • titanic

    There are millions of fans around the world who want to see Allen Iverson playing in the nba next season. this one fact negates any arguments against it. #BAB BRING AI BACK

  • anonymous

    within the last week a few teams have been rumored to have interest in signing Iverson the sixers being one of them. I hope this happens. I would love to see Iverson back in Philly. Iverson and Bynum would make a nice tandem #BAB

  • SeanMagicJuan

    Iverson? Please move on Philly.

  • Brad09

    how many times must the sixers bring iverson back before u fans get its not going to work nemore