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Bill Russell Compares Way Miami Heat are Built With Red Auerbach’s Celtics Teams

Many have questioned whether or not the Miami Heat went about putting their team together in the right way, but when the legendary Bill Russell compares your strategy to the legendary Red Auerbach’s strategy, you’re probably doing something right. Via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel: “Russell also touched on the Heat continually adding veterans around the core of James, Dwyane Wade and Bosh. ‘What Miami is doing is similar to a theory that Red [Auerbach, the legendary Celtics coach] used to have,’ Russell said. ‘You have a core group and you bring in some veterans so you don’t have rookies coming off the bench. Most of the time it worked but sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes, we would bring a veteran in hoping to get one more year out of them but they were psychologically destructive, so we can only use them one year. They were not about winning. They were about their career.’”

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  • Money$hot

    I hope this formula works

  • keyon dooling

    formula should work. Heat are more than capable of 3 peat or more with this team/formula

  • Jerome

    He didn’t sayanything about the Heat being good. Actually, this comment seems directed at Ray. “Only concerned about their careers”


    the formula is already working. back to back Finals appearance and a title is good start

  • M Cho

    It’s hardly directed at Ray. Ray joined the Heat because he wanted to win, and he’s always been a team player. And that’s coming from a Celtic fan.

  • retloc

    Definitely not directed at ray, unless its the part about veterans fitting in and it working. There’s no reason ray allen wont be cose to career highs percentage wise this year. Less totalls but mmore efficient.

  • danpowers

    thanks bill, for telling us that 1+1=2

  • add

    I could see some correlation between the two

  • Redd

    This formula isn’t new, it’s been used.

  • http://twitter.com/wealwayswin We Always Win

    8-peating is hard

  • Unknown nigga

    & whats the fkn Knicks formula 1+0= 5 … ? Since you know so fkn much

  • Unknown nigga

    This was a shot at ray… He’s solely concerned about his career bc in the article where doc blamed himself, ray obviously had a problem with the team going in rondo’s hands. But we straight,, y’all can have’m,,, big 4 – 1 ray ray = jet.

  • danpowers

    never said i know more than anybody else, also didnt say anything about the knicks or that the heat had a bad formular or russell said something wrong. just that he was stating the obvious. was that easy enough for you to understand or should i try to put it even more simple my lil retard? ;)

  • Unknown nigga

    Only people who disagree with your statement are ignoramuses or a miami heat bandwagon beoctch.

  • Unknown nigga

    Let me recant my statement about this being directed at ray, its not, its a backdoor statement about ray… Bill is telling you what is being said about ray in the upper celtic circle & you know they speak with the guys in the locker room. Ray couldn’t get along with guys in milwaukee seattle or in boston, I would never accept an enemy if I were the heat… Let’m sign in memphis