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Delonte West is Back in the Studio (MUSIC)

West, AKA Charlee Redz, debuts four NSFW tracks off his upcoming tape.

by Tzvi Twersky | @ttwersky

Delonte West has been quiet this summer. There have been no major headlines, no real Twitter activity and no tell-all stories.

So what has West, who re-signed with the Dallas Mavericks for the upcoming season, been up to? He’s been working out at home in DC…and making lots and lots of music.

West, who showed off his musical chops last summer under the rap alias Charlee Redz, is preparing to release a full-length mixtape entitled Cadillac Music: Come Ride Wit Me. The culmination of a lot of hard work and late nights in his basement studio, Cadillac Music is set to include 20+ songs, including features from DC rapper KayeM, award-winning songwriter Lundon Knighten and West’s uncle, Uncle Rudy.

Earlier today, West exclusively sent SLAM four (NSFW) tracks off the tape to debut. You’ll find all of them in the gallery above.

Take to the comments and let Redz know what you think.

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  • spit hot fiyah

    Rasburry what ?! Ice T. He can’t top the kfc Freestyle

  • ernieD

    He has got to do a jingle for Popeyes. GOT to!

  • BossTerry

    Ahh, fuq….. here we go again… We already have a white rapper in Eminem, but this one uses the N-word (takes some balls) Almost time to give some whiter players some wet willies, and miss the playoffs, even tho you have one of the best PFs in the league……

  • disqus_r5oGa1rCiB

    “Blowin’ loud”. Great example for the youth! Commissioner, get your kids.

  • disqus_r5oGa1rCiB

    “Blowin’ loud”. Great example for the youth! Commissioner, get your kids.

  • Bored

    leave the rapping for rappers delonte

  • Justsomeone

    Hahaha…nah nah nah…this is a bucket, that’s a jug. Then what’s dis then? Thaaaaaaat…is a bucket! Will never top his freestyle. He’s super underrated btw…so much better than his paycheck…needs a year out of trouble and ballin to get paid!

  • Kevin

    Aint nothing wrong with blowing on loud….so lame n***a be quiet as 2Chainz would say

  • Rav

    You know that Delonte West is part-black, part-Piscataway Indian, right?