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Dwyane Wade Says it Was ‘Weird’ That Fans Booed the Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade can’t quite comprehend why NBA fans outside of Miami immediately disliked the Heat when LeBron James and Chris Bosh came to town. Wade doesn’t get the animosity towards his team at all. From Maxim: “What was it like to be the bad guy after so many years as one of the most popular players in the league? Wade: ‘It was weird. I mean, I’d never been booed before! And I felt like we’d done some­thing unselfish, so for fans to think we’d done something bad was indescribable.’”

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  • JML-G

    haters gonna hate

  • pposse

    Its easy to see why the Miami Heat and a lot of these superstar players in the NBA are getting boo’ed or viewed in a negative light, especially after the NFL season started. I’m watching players like Aaron Rogers playing in Green Bay and Maurice Jones Drew wanting to play in Jacksonville. When do you ever see NBA ballers act like this? They get paid more than NFL players, and still complain about winning, and location and teams and bla bla. NFL athletes are more admirable, they might not be as skilled but NBA players are premodannas for the most part. I was in favor of Bron Bron leaving to Miami, but this is out of control. Every superstar in the NBA HAS to be in a big market nowadays or they complain like shi**. You never hear about disgruntled NFL players, unless they are wide receivers. NBA ballers are the most selfish and least humble athletes out there. Baseball is probably the same way, but i dont watch so im not going to judge. Glorifying a lot of their actions is not good for this world. They need to stop complaining about winning and work on their games more.

  • Drig

    How have we gone from criticizing the player on the court to claiming they aren’t humble off the court as athletes???

  • pposse

    you don’t hear nfl players who are on the jacksonville jaguars talk about they don’t have enough fire power to win football games…but u do hear that noise from bball players..at least in this day and age..they might not say those words exactly, but we all know how to read in between the lines. And the superstar NBA ballers are saying this all the time. You just don’t hear complaining like this in the NFL.

  • pposse

    if they were truly humbled by the game, then they wouldn’t demand anything from it. Ofcourse, me, as a fan I want certain players to go certain places, team up with other players, and win rings…but its not me who has the weight of cities and states on their shoulders

  • tomtom

    I think people had a lot of reasons; not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not……

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    I just hate seeing Lebron and Wade play, so much whining and scowling…like they don’t ever get any calls. Yet they go to the free throw line a third of the game…

  • Redd

    Wade is annoying.

  • Kanard Green

    People act like Lebron and D Wade are the only NBA superstars that whine to get foul calls! Kobe is just as bad if not worse. But some of you are right. D Wade does cry foul a lot!

  • RKellysDooDooButta

    Well Dwayne it was weird that you were wearing pantyhose.

  • TV63

    Ancient History already but I can’t comprehend that he doesn’t comprehend?

  • Bryan

    Your dumb… shut up. Maurice Jones-Drew was holding out on his contract because he wanted more money, not cuz he wanted to stay on that team. Get your facts straight.

  • Guest

    exactly. these boos were directed at lebron james, wade didnt really deserve that.but he cant seriously be wondering about these boos. whoever pulls a yes we did and not 2, not 3… – action cant be suprised by negative reactions.

  • shockexchange

    The majority of the fans are “followers.” The owners were pissed by “the Decision” and they, and the mainstream press, blasted LeBron every chance they got. The sheep simply followed along blindly. Most of ‘em didn’t even know why they were booing.

  • Drig

    For basketball superstars, basketball is a job they love to put the work in and compete with each other. And any job must give satisfaction. The ultimate satisfaction is winning the Finals. Why is it wrong for them to want work for the best organization, with the best coworkers, in the best locality which aids their future goals just like any other working citizen in this world would want?? Oh yeah, the world is full of selfish guys. Or in an other sense, nobody in this world except those belonging to a tiny fraction ( best case scenario ) is truly humble…….yeah, right.

  • g unit

    we dont need a new article for every sentence that WADE utters…..

  • Josh

    Because comments like this prove that they are indeed *ahem* ”Hollywood as Hell” – Noah,J (2011)

  • pposse

    sorry drig your wrong. These guys are more than just co workers and employees. They have responsibilities towards the fans of the cities they were drafted to. Even still, if i go around in search for jobs and my resume shows me working all over the place and not staying anywhere for some time, i will be questioned heavily by my next employer. In fact, the employer most likely will look at my resume and determine I’m not a good fit as I’m likely to quit on them…thats the real world. You gotta make things work with what you got sometimes. This whole culture started cause the Lakers got whomever they wanted whenever they wanted, then Boston formed the big 3…i mean it doesn’t take a genius to see what happened. Ill give props to dwade and lebron for noticing this right away and not signing max deals early in their careers..they convinced bosh and tried to tell Melo about this too. Dwight can’t and won’t admit he was wrong for slaving the magic, the same goes for melo and the nuggets. Every god dang superstar in the league besides d rose and durant are going to different teams. Where’s the loyalty at these days. This ish was un heard of back when basketball was a grown mans game.

  • pposse

    u seen the d rose video when he broke down? You see how he feels and KNOWS his place with his fans? How important it is for him to come back for them? You don’t cry at a shoe release unless its real. Dwight will NEVER have a following like that in his life…neither will Bron or Melo or any of these other superstars (excluding kd)…cause they aint real.

  • truedat

    he actually never guaranteed anything. watch it on youtube. his actual quote was “we BELIEVE we CAN win multiple championships IF we take care of business and do the things the right way.” Note the word “guarantee isn’t anywhere in that sentence or anywhere in the entire pep rally. Stop letting the media sell their papers by getting you to believe stuff that never even happened.

  • truedat

    if Lebron broke down and cried at a news conference we would never hear the end of it, or have you forgotten how the media went after the Heat when a player supposedly cried after they lost a game in 2011.

  • pposse

    how many time do superstar nfl players walk in free agency or even get traded? Compared to NBA players? cmon now…this ish aint even close Ofcourse mojo held out for the money, but is he demanding a trade to a contender, or walking out on the organization? no, he is not, nba players are more prone to do that and will oblige. Cause they are weak minded, the nba nowadays more than any other sport are weak minded individuals. There are some that aren’t, but the majority are.

  • pposse

    lebron is a polarizing figure. The media will do anything to keep him relevant. Lebron gave most of those media members u are speaking of jobs back when he was on the come up at age 17. There s way too much talent nowadays to have these fab fours and big threes and fantastic five units. Contract the league then if this continues. if dwight had a fan base anywhere near the one d rose has/had he would never have left the magic..no matter how bad the management was, his team, anything..but it aint no coincidence why he doesn’t have that type of fan base…dwights a lame..the fans seen right thru his bs from day 1..real people that is….meanwhile I’m talking to people in my home city and every last person when talking about d rose is proud to have him rep us..our city..u feel me? he is like the little brother everyone wanted.. but you can’t relate to that cause these other superstars aren’t about that life

  • http://www.facebook.com/qcollingwood Interdico Scriptor

    You have done something bad. Superteams are boring to watch.
    You totally deserved the first one.. but the second with Bron in the lockout year… meh… not so impressive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/qcollingwood Interdico Scriptor

    Wo. I agree. Can’t we go back to Iverson days? or further.. the nineties.. with REAL BIGS!!