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George Karl Thinks a Shorter NBA Season Would Be Better

According to Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl, last year’s shortened regular season was an ideal arrangement. From NBA.com: “The thing that lacked last year, I thought, was a foundation of fundamentals and the depth, maybe, of your packages. The depth of your defense and offense. Veteran teams had the opportunity to have a bigger playbook. But I thought we got the most out of our season that we could ever hope to. We had two or three opportunities to fall flat on our faces and we didn’t do it, and I think that will make us stronger. During the season, you could see that teams were going to come back [to the pack] because you knew the schedule was going to get to them. When we went [5-10] in February, it wasn’t about record. The schedule said, ‘All right, you maybe should have won six.’ [...] ‘I’m sure Commissioner Stern won’t like this, but I think the product would be better if we shortened the season. When we start playing in late October, the people are thinking football. If you could just get us less fatigue [in a shorter season], I think you’d have a better product. When they started on Christmas Day, I thought, ‘This is not a bad idea. This should be the start of NBA basketball … Maybe start Dec. 1 and play 62 games, whatever number they’d come to.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    if they would spread out the 66 games over a longer period of time it could work, the big problem is all the records

  • Bird33

    Agree, shorten season to 60 games. Start season thanksgiving, and end when NCAA tournement ends. Start playoff then and finish by end of May.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SGWhiteZ Gary White

    Excuse me but hasn’t the NBA season been 82 games long dating WAY back to the 1971-1972 season (maybe even further back)? Therefore, what’s the problem? Why would there be any need or desire to change (and shorten) the NBA season when it’s already been 82-games long for over 40 years?

  • autoprt

    why don’t they start after thanksgiving and cut down on the preseason? i i know david stern isn’t going to do anything to cut the potential revenue.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dean-Jacobsen/1149353954 Dean Jacobsen

    I have tickets every year to the Jazz and we always go to the Jazz game the day before Thanksgiving and once on Thanksgiving, it is a tradition my family loves. I am a NBA guy love the game and follow all the teams and how they are doing. I can see why George Karl wants a shorter season but what about fans who love going to games? The NBA has a great product right now after a a few lean years its back and stronger than ever and it didnt have anything to do with shorter season it is all about the talent of the league

  • usajim

    no season would be even better

  • http://www.facebook.com/JJenkinsAtMettaOutReachOrg John Jenkins

    This will never happen. Just think about the lost revenue for both the teams and the league. It just doesn’t make any (dollars or…) cents. ;)

  • Dre Baller

    you mean give all these multi-millionaires an even longer break? no. in fact, they should have more games!

  • Ugh

    The reason for the 82 games was that in an 8 team league many of the “home games” were played away from home. Because there were no TV deals the Celtics would play Knicks in New York and then in New Jersey or Connecticut and then in Boston to sell tickets to fans, for example. There was only one team on the west coast in the 60s – the Lakers – making those road trips uneconomical without all the stops in between. A lot of those trips were five games in five days! (NB – That’s why the 100 point game was played in Hershey, PA.)

    We have TV now, we don’t need that many games. The 30 team/82 game season doesn’t make much sense in a playoff bracket way like it used to. Why not have every team play every other team twice – one home, one away?

    With less travel and fewer games there would be less injury, less fatigue and fewer meaningless games. It’d be a better product, though I agree that David Stern would be highly unlikely to g along with it.