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High Schooler Andrew Wiggins’ Coach Believes He Could Start for an NBA Team

According to the explosive (and wildly talented) high school junior’s coach, Andrew Wiggins could be a starter in the NBA today. Reports the Kentucky Kernel: “Standing 6-foot-8, 195 pounds, there is not much Andrew Wiggins can’t do on the basketball court. [...] In fine-tuning his skills, he has become a prolific scorer, whether that is with his much-improved jump shot or driving ability. In addition, his length provides vast opportunities to break down his All that considered, his head coach at Huntington Prep, Rob Fulford, summed things up: ‘There is no question college is a waste of time for him.’ Essentially, he is correct. Wiggins ended this summer as the top player in America regardless of class, despite hailing from Toronto. ‘It is an honor that people are recognizing someone from Canada, another country, being named the best player in the nation,’ Wiggins said. [...] Wiggins suggests that he still needs to improve on a few things, notably getting stronger and working on ball handling. ‘I mean, his game is at an extremely high level and he’s on an entirely different level than anyone at his age right now,’ Fulford said. ‘I think it’s just kind of fine-tuning things at this point.’ But, Fulford said, ‘he could start for an NBA team tomorrow.’”

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  • Shanth

    TORONTO stand up!!

  • Redd

    How, when his competition is a bunch of Canadians? Lol.

  • RK4

    “..despite hailing from Toronto” umm ok.

    You never hear anyone write, despite hailing from middle-of-nowhere-USA.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    He plays at Hunting Prep in the states. His Canadian AAU squad have been dominating US basketball tournaments for years. Knowledge is power. Get some.

  • spit hot fiyah


  • ctk

    he can ..dont mean he would be one of the best players on the court…..he very easily gon look like he dont belong out there with them n a REAL GAME …pick up ball aint the same as the real thing

  • GC6

    Yes I think he could easily start most NBA teams like Lebron could when he came into the league, I have watched him at the hoop summit scoring at will against elite under 20 USA players. His game is smooth if he were to play in the NBA right now I think he would be around a 15 ppg player.

  • Junior Taylor

    Not so sure about that. The physicality of the Pro game is miles ahead of the college game yet alone the HS scene. Let’s slow our roll and see what he does during his 1st season of college ball before we proclaim him the next one.

  • anon

    too bad he took a dump on julius randle when the went head to head. and every other american baller they threw his way.

  • shockexchange

    Dude’s father is former NBA player, Michell Wiggins and I think his mom represented Canada in the Olympics. Whether or not he can start for NBA team, we will find out soon enough.

  • TheWhiteMarkPrice

    He could easily start in Charlotte. More athletic than Ben Gordon.

  • Redd

    Too bad Jabari is better.

  • Redd

    I’m good with the knowledge, US Basketball tournaments aren’t US Prep right? And he was playing in NC prior to Canada, and his dad is an American ex athlete.

  • Redd

    You need to stop, Jabari is the #1 in the nation. Also, as much as UK and Canadians try to clown the US, they’re always trying to keep up with us. Na I’m not an old white dude, I’m 20 and I don’t got no love for Canada which tries to be better yet follows us.

    Na I’m not a ‘patriot’, I’m trying to be a doctor in a 3rd world country to help. I just don’t care for these cats who try to one up, but yet watch our every move. And Canada is wack.

  • AB2

    The article is referencing the fact that he was named the best player in America even though he is from Canada. They are recognizing that this is a unique situation and that he is extremely talented. It is not unusual for someone from the United States to be the top high school player in the United States, but it is for someone from another country. Obviously not an insult towards towards Toronto or Canada.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    He’s DOMINATING US prep! Troll harder!

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    “Canada is trying to be like us. Canada is wack. I’m not an old white dude”…regardless of where you’re from or what color you are, you have nothing intelligent to say. EVER. It’s like you’re proud to be ignorant.

  • Redd

    ..proud to be ignorant? How am I ignorant? By having an opinion? Jeez, get over me arguing with you. It’s a basketball forum, there’s arguments lol. I’m going to continue having an opinion son, just stop it. It’s true, Canadians say they’re better than us yet follow us. PERIOD. If it helps, I’m a big Steve Nash fan & I love Trailer Park Boys lol.

  • Redd


  • S35

    Andrew Wiggins is the best HS player right now. Don’t get it twisted , Jabari is an excellent prospect with multiple layers in his game . However Andrew Wiggins is fine-tuning while Jabari is still adding to his game .

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    How many Canadians do you know? How many Canadians try to be like you? Making generalizations is ignorant, which is why I call you ignorant. The worst part is that you actually think you’re smart by saying it. You’re like a know-it-all kid with Down Syndrome!

  • anon

    haha the only canadian who tries to follow you is our globalist scum prime minister. as a country we find your illegal wars and ethnocentrism disgusting. PS andrew wiggins is better than any prep baller down south. period.

  • anon

    we don’t think we are better than you, we just think that americans need to stop clinging onto this “greatest country in the world” rhetoric. your country is bankrupt, corrupt, and completely in the control of financial and military interests. not saying canada is perfect but do you see our embassies being burned down in half the country? or our ambassadors being killed and drug through the streets? People don’t do that because they love you or are jealous of you.

  • z

    lol @ da meat hook: just give it up buddy you’re not getting through. I admire your struggle though.

  • tommy

    fine tuning and still in high school?? cmon now

  • Connor Ellison

    Original article by nick jones @Kernel_Nick on twitter
    check out the full thing. It’s a really good read.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    For the record, where are you getting that Jabari is #1? Andrew Wiggins is ranked #1 over Jabari Parker by most reputable mock draft sites already. ie: nbadraft.net & draftexpress.com. For what it’s worth, Draftexpress even has Parker going 4th in the 2014 mock draft…

  • bike

    Based on that highlight reel, i’d agree with coach. He has a very good looking jumper to go along with those ball handling skills. Catch with these top tier HS talents is whether they can they play defense.

  • Sieka Siklo

    Idk if he could start for a nba lol he’s nice but he’s not ready for he nba he has to bulk up first he’s only 195 lbs he needs to add at least 20 lbs to play on the perimeter snd still be able to get to the hole

  • Redd

    We find our own government disgusting…wtf is your point? It’s you guys who aid us yet say we’re all about war(we are sadly).

  • Redd

    Explain why you guys follow our sports, tv shows, etc? Look, if it were that you guys weren’t arrogant & thought you were better(in a general sense) then I’d say nothing.

    Hypocritical how you generalize Americans but doing it to Canadians is wrong. I’m ignorant? Again for what? Canadians don’t think they’re better? They don’t follow America? Am I being racist also?

  • Redd

    He was injured, it’s the only reason he slipped but Jabari is #1.

  • Redd

    It doesn’t matter, in the end Jabari is #1. Do I sound hard head? Yeah, I’m just acting like Canadians do on forums.

  • anon

    What do you expect us to do? You’re like the big bully in the playground. Remember what happened to the French when they didnt feel like joining your genocide party in Iraq? They were crucified in your corporate media and George W actually tried to rename french fries freedom fries. If we didn’t pretend to support your agendas we would lose our biggest trade partner and in all honesty probably slapped with sanctions. Or you’d just murder our prime minister and install another puppet. (see CIA regime change)

  • LakeShow

    I remember when Bush had the “Freedom is the new French” announcement…

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Read my posts. At what point do I generalize about Americans? Canadians follow your sports? Tell me, what is by far and away the #1 sport played and followed in Canada? Canadians wanna be like the States because we watch your TV shows?! Your reasoning is so ridiculous it’s comical. The scary part is we’re not even debating about basketball-related ish. This is some next level stupidity you’re on.

  • Teddy-the-Bear
  • roscoe

    Could or should he? dumb ppl should not breed.

  • Teddy-the-Bear
  • roscoe

    agree JT. i add his mental state and or maturity is just as important.

  • roscoe

    And then this one time.

  • roscoe

    “Canda is my biatch” – every american

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    I know, Z. Some people are just happy to be clueless.

  • Chubachuchi

    It’s ok to rock with Jabari between the two I’m from Chi too but you don’t have to spew out ignorant ass comments about Canadians like you’ve been to Canada.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Really? How so, Roscoe? I would love to read what you have to say, although I have a feeling even redd has more to offer than you.

  • Redd

    And you know this how? Isn’t it JUST as ignorant to assume? stop it.

  • Redd

    Your? We’re to blame for our Government? Thanks for showing the folks how Canadians are. This is what I mean, you guys swear you’re the great new nation. What did you guys do for Burma, Bosnia, Darfur, Rwanda again?

    Exactly. Our government is no better than yours.

  • Redd

    THAT comment I don’t mind, ok they’re developing. That’s fine, Jabari got injured & he slipped. But Jabari to me is still the better player. “To me”.

  • wineman

    I hope you graduate and become a doctor….because your economy is putting your right in the middle of that “Third World ” Country you want to serve so much!

  • roscoe

    @da-meat-hook: roscoe thinks Canada is cool & distastefully got ur goat.
    roscoe’s incomplete list of cool Canadians:
    James Naismith
    Jack Kent Cooke
    S. Nash
    The Great One
    G. Howe
    Too many hockey players to name
    Dan Aykroyd
    Michael J Fox
    The guy who signed Babe Ruth to the yankees
    “It’s all fun & games…”

  • Chubachuchi

    That’s what I’m saying don’t talk about something you don’t know.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Bishop.SeanMagicJuan Sean MagicJuan

    Your comment makes absolutely no sense .

  • http://www.facebook.com/Bishop.SeanMagicJuan Sean MagicJuan

    The kid can fly.

  • retloc

    Saying “americans” is essentiallly a slur at this point. Im a montanan first and foremost. Americas ruling class cannot act in a manner that would be more misrepresentative of myself and everyone I actually know on a personal level. The plastic smiles will put up with anything because they can bury the shame somewhere I can’t find. Any person I now that actuallly embraces thought and honesty thinks that not only our form,but all systems of ruling people are corrupt by nature and meant to enslave thhe masses. I look at us as slaves who willfully ignore the fact that we sell ourselves into it. The thinking man is becoming more and more silent as they are labeled dangerous and shuffled off to some dark corner. And as someone claiming birth in west by god glad andrew chose to ball there because he is the best hands down

  • retloc

    Half the guys I work with are canadian. Yesterday our boss told us canadians are better than americans no joke. I wasn’t offended I thought it was laughable, only thought what if we moved it down one border? Americans are better than mexicans. That has a lot harsher sound doesn’t it? The problem with generalizing about any group is that you forget the individual. We are all vastly different. In many ways the same, but overall we are all sentient beings whose lives differ based off of decisions made. A canadian from toronto obviously has a different perspective on life than one from medicine hat or from the mac. Just as johnny at the college in lacombe is entirely different than johnny at the college in red deer.

  • retloc

    Norm macdonald-greatest canadian ever

  • RK4

    I agree, the context of it all makes sense. It just sounded off the first time I read it.

  • roscoe


  • davidR

    monta ellis is 190lbs, and he is one of the best finishers in the nba

  • roscoe

    let me clarify… the article referenced a HS coach making a statement that a HS player could play in the NBA right now & I question the logic this particular coach is using.
    As is in, just bc a HS player is talented enough that he could play in the nba should he?
    To go a step further it is clear to me that for every HS coach out there that cares about the best interest of the young players there are quite a few HS coaches out N bout looking out for themselves 24/7.
    To recap my comment that did not make sense to you. This particular HS coach might consider not breeding.

  • p3rm

    Feels good to see someone from Toronto/Canada getting attention and doing big things… they’ve missed alot of us!

  • shutup

    What do you expect us to do? Sounds like a bitch move to me……just saying, I love Canada and gravy on fries, even went to hockey camp in Ontario, but what is Canada scared of? is big bad Amewica gonna steal the land right from under your pasty white fingers?

  • bigbeats

    monta ellis is 6’2 this guy is 6’8 same weight do you get it? he needs to bulk up NBA is all about speed and strength

  • http://www.facebook.com/NomrnaYoung Norman Young

    we always talk about bulking up…lets go thru the skinny man list…iverson…Tayshaun Prince…kevin garrnett…Rip Hamilton (6’7 193 lbs)…monta ellis…brandon jennings…reggie miller..george gervin…pistol pete…michael cooper…Jamal Crawford…kevin durant…tony parker…Rashard Lewis….i cud go on and on…tyson chandler…