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Jacque Vaughn Says No Starting Spots are Guaranteed

The Orlando Magic are desperately trying to cultivate a new culture within the organization. To do so, management is making a concentrated effort to foster a competitive environment. And for newly appointed coach Jacque Vaughn, the best way to do that is to make sure the players realize that every minute of playing time is up for grabs. When camp opens up at the end of the month, past success will render meaningless, and everyone on the Magic will be on a level playing-field. Go hard or go home, fellas. Via the Orlando Sentinel: “‘I have no preconceived thoughts about guys here,’ Vaughn said. ‘I have to judge these guys on what they show me. Not on past games, not on other people’s opinions, but from my opinion. I will give them the opportunity to show me.’ He certainly wants to foster competition in this watered-down sequel to Heart & Hustle, 1999-2000. And for those vets who might believe they are entitled to playing time, Vaughn set the tone with a message to Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis. ‘Be ready,’ he told the only Magic player who has a championship ring (Celtics, circa 2008). Point guard Jameer Nelson might be the only player with a starting job locked down, given his competition is from young bucks Ish Smith and E’Twaun Moore. The other four spots might be up for grabs. Hedo Turkoglu has been a regular at small forward in two Magic stints, but Al Harrington certainly will challenge. Rookie Maurice Harkless would have to be sensational to win the job. Harrington also could start at power forward over Davis, second-year man Justin Harper and rookie Andrew Nicholson, which would leave Turk at the 3. Arron Afflalo arrived as the best piece from the Howard deal, but he’ll have to outplay J.J. Redick to claim the shooting-guard spot. Then again, all this lineup speculation better be for recreational purposes only. Winning can’t be the be-all and end-all, not when the Magic must strive for the highest lottery pick possible. Player development must move to the forefront. Harkless, Harper, Nicholson, Ayon, Vucevic and KyleO’Quinn need seasoning.”

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  • shockexchange

    With D12 gone and the rest of the roster with a “for sale” sign attached, the Shock Exchange doesn’t think Jacque will have his starting spot for long.

  • spit hot fiyah

    that’s what happens when u basically don’t have any players that r good enough to start.

  • danpowers

    just by the way dear orlando magic. if you treated your best players with a little more respect they might not leave your city ;)

    The Orlando Magic will give Dwight Howard’s No. 12 to any player who requests it.

    The Magic have done likewise with Shaquille O’Neal’s No. 32, Tracy McGrady’s No. 1 and Nick Anderson’s No. 25.

    The only jersey number retired by the Magic is No. 6, which honors their fans.

    Read more: http://basketball.realgm.com/wiretap/223324/Magic_Willing_To_Let_Player_Wear_No_12_If_Requested#ixzz25PXog7pP

  • MagicMaz

    As a magic fan I couldn’t care less who wore those numbers. None of them ever did anything for the organization other than bolt when the times got tough. Rookies should have to pick between those numbers

  • ENDS

    Plus Shaq wasnt the first 32. TMac’s one was Penny’s First. Now Duhon should have never worn #25

  • Jerome

    Penny’s #1, i think you mean. The fans are great there. Caught the Cavs in Orlando when Shaq and the Decision were there, Jamison had just arrived as well. Shaq owned Dwight, but the Magic won. The fans were on their feet the entire fourth quarter. That old stadium was amazing.

  • Trav

    Retire shaq? Played great, yes. Shafted the team/town, yes. Why would you retire his jersey.
    For Dwight see above.

  • danpowers

    none of them ever did anything for the organization than putting the team on their shoulders to make the magic relevant and lead em to multiple playoff runs and finals appearences ;)

  • uqk

    his coaching spots are not guaranteed either…:D it’s up for grabs

  • Feez_22

    With the first pick in the 2013 NBA draft…

  • 23

    Shaq and Dwight did NOTHING for that organization? 2 finals appearances? That’s nothing? Wow, someone is obviously heartbroken. you should go listen to Taylor swift and empower yourself after this hard breakup

  • roscoe

    No doubt… the french man is transition coach until the next star arrives, but he still gets paid and the experience, so win-win.

  • roscoe

    @magicMaz: I respect the fact you don’t want those #s retired, but how can you pull for a team with the non self respecting basket-case front office that did not even attempt to keep SVG, but instead threw him under the bus. I can understand you are from Orlando and like your team, but there is nothing wrong with not pulling for the Magic for awhile. The fans sometimes need to teach the org.