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JR Smith Thinks Tracy McGrady Could Help the Knicks

Earlier this week, Yahoo! reported that Tracy McGrady was working out for the New York Knicks. Some met the news with skepticism—does T-Mac have anything left in the tank?—but not NYK shooting guard JR Smith, who says he’d love to play alongside the veteran swingman. Via the NY Post: “Count J.R. Smith among those who think Tracy McGrady still has something left to give. ’Definitely,’ Smith told The Post when asked if McGrady could help the Knicks after Yahoo! Sports reported Thursday McGrady has worked out for the team. ‘T-Mac has always been an elite player in this league. We need all the help we can get in every area. … So whenever a big name comes up that can help our team, we’ve got to get him.’ Smith, who was attending a charity event last night in Brooklyn hosted by Houston Rocket and Brooklyn native Gary Forbes, said he recently has been one of several players at the Knicks’ practice facility in Westchester, and is excited for the season to get under way in a few weeks. … McGrady, who reportedly also has worked out for the Spurs, spent the final few weeks of the 2009-10 season with the Knicks after he — and his massive expiring contract — were acquired to help shed salary and make a run at that summer’s star-studded free-agent class. The 6-foot-8, 33-year-old swingman spent last season in a reserve role with the Hawks, averaging 5.3 points and 16.1 minutes per game in 52 games.”

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  • Big AL

    there should be zero comments for this…

  • JML-G

    hope NYK gives TMac second chance and even tho i dont think they will win the chip, id most def would love em to do it – allot vets deserving to get a ring.. and i simply want to see Knicks finally bein on the top

  • Joey E

    Knicks signing EVERYBODY. daaaaaang

  • hyperactive

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  • shockexchange

    The Shock Exchange remembers when McGrady was teamed up with Vince Carter in Toronto. They were a good tandem, and expected to lead the franchise for years. Yet McGrady wanted to be “the man” and lead his own team, so he bolted for Orlando. Dude had the world in the palm of his hands, but forfeited it over some silliness. Now he on the downside of his career and groveling for a second chance. What’s that saying about “karma” again?

  • the_unknown

    This man still hasn’t made it pass the first round in the playoffs.

  • Clydesays

    And if you have a chance to let JR Smith to make personnel decisions, you have to do that…

  • mike jones

    If the knicks are talking about any one it should be iverson and make the ney york knicks the the new york nuggests, iverson, smith anthony and camby. Tmac is a done old man iverson is a first ballot hall of famer with still what it takes to be great in this league.

  • Unknown nigga

    Why are you mentioning the “chip” & ny in the same damn sentence? add jesus christ himself & You’re still not even fkn close… Get a brain

  • Unknown nigga

    Ikr? Tracy mcgrady can help you win but jeremy lin couldn’t? Stfu jr & keep posting pics of new jordans on twitter,,,

  • Unknown nigga

    He black balled himself out the league… I sure az hell don’t feel sorry for him… All this new talent coming in, he had his day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tico731 Tico Rock

    knicks should sign tmac he is a two time scoring champ 7 time nba allstar
    nba all first nba team lik why they wont sign why cause he gonna take melo shine lol
    if they sign him they should put him in the lineup and im promise the new look knicks will win the championship……… nuff said

  • Datkid

    why not? also I’d love to see what T-mac would do with JR smith’s body instead of his old broken down one

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FX56N5NUXOQLMIFSJOOTICGG3A Pat

    good point..trends have sure changed since the big 3 teamed up in miami…more teams are stacked now then before…if Tmac was mking that decision today, i think he’d definitely stay in toronto…there just wasn’t enuf firepower in going to orlando to contend for a league title..they weren’t strong/good enough

  • shockexchange

    As he grovels for a second chance it appears “chickens come home to roost.”

  • edjing

    cant wait to see Dwade at bulls

  • Comment_System

    yeah screw him for liking a team!….idiot.