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Kevin Garnett Doesn’t Speak to Ray Allen Anymore

Remember how thrilled Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen were back in 2008 when they joined forces? Yeah, well, things change. With Allen now a member of the hated Miami Heat, KG no longer communicates with his former teammate. Per CSNNE: “I don’t have Ray’s number anymore,’ Garnett said. ‘I’m not trying to communicate with him.’ Allen left a reportedly more lucrative deal with the Celtics to join their rivals in the Miami Heat. Reports of Allen’s unhappiness with his role on the team are well documented, and it obviously didn’t sit well with Garnett, who is extremely close with guard Rajon Rondo — a player that Allen had issues with at times. Garnett did ‘wish Ray the best’”.

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  • Jerome

    This is what should happen in this situation. Love KG’s fire.

  • nbahofer

    Don’t make Business personal KG. You would do the same if you were ray. from how it went down ray was looking out for himself he didn’t like the way the franchise tried to deal him numerous amount of times. You could still be homies with someone from a different team for example bird n magic and have it not effect your game but KG is taking it extra hard cuz ray is on the team that stops them from reaching the Finals.


    I wouldn’t talk to that back stabber too

  • the king

    f KG go get some more bing ray ray

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULAvG4WxQp0 CubicleDunker

    I like this. He left more money on the table to join their rival. As one of the most fierce competitors in the game I expect nothing less from KG. 5-10 years from now then be friends, golf together w.e. For now, business is personal. You dedicate an entire year, a brutal 82 game season for your team and city. Ray didn’t just walk out on management, he walked out on everything those guys were trying to create. All so he can stand around on the three point line and contribute to somebody elses vision.


    bling is what your trying to spell…….dumb ass

  • ash

    Very petty imo. Should I not be suprise tho. When Miami beat Celtics 2 years ago Rayl was the only player to shake hands. He wanted a bigger role more than Celtics can give provide.

  • LakeShow

    “wishing the best” in this case would be Ray beating the Celtics with his new team next year…
    You sure you wish him the best Kage?

  • LakeShow

    That’s how I like the NBA.

  • Salty

    I agree, too much buddy buddy behavior these days with the opposition.

  • 23

    Yeah they should all act like immature babies! They should end friendships when their teammates join another team! They should disown them, even if they were a major contributor to your one and only ring!

  • 23

    Good point

  • Salty

    You’re is what you’re trying to spell….dumb ass.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    dont blame him

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    this video is probably how rondo & KG REALLY feel lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYG3sZfCL7o

  • http://twitter.com/whitehoteboy CCT

    Everybody writes a co*ksucker out of their lives from time to time. Ray just choose to do it before his AARP kicked in. Ain’t no one going to miss you down here, KG.

  • gusisit

    i hope the celtics wipe the floor with the heat and i dont even like the celtics

  • 23

    Ray did NOT walk out on anyone. If your girlfriend checks out other guys and disrespects you, wouldn’t you find someone else who could appreciate you? Would that be considered walking out on her?

  • LakeShow

    I’m not opposed to the buddy thing. I like people being friends. We’re humans on a planet, we should be friends, but there is nothing wrong with competition and rivalry.
    Allen leaving money on the table in Boston for Miami is a big deal and if KG wants to use it as fire. Do it.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ Nick Tha Quick

    Lol The blind leading the blind, right?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULAvG4WxQp0 CubicleDunker

    Not even a close comparison. Not like KG or PP or Boston fans tried to trade him

  • Mr_Beans_o_o

    Honestly, I don’t think KG would’ve returned w/o Ray. During the summer KG was telling Ray that Danny Ainge and Doc would work something out for Ray. Ray had other plans I guess.

  • Mr_Beans_o_o

    Exactly. They can shake hands at the HoF ceremony.

  • 23

    Ummmm since when can fans or players make a trade?


    true true i remember that clearly

  • Unknown nigga

    Meanwhile you on slam bitchin like they should get along. This basketball fool, take yo warm & fuzzy feelings over to ballet. As a grown az man, you don’t have to get along with every fkn body. You got to be a lil az boy.

  • Brad09′

    Garnett is the kind of man that no one wants to respect, cuz hes a jackass. Good thing he plays basketball because he would be counting change. If there’s one word that would describe him as a person it would have to be natzi. PS. if you would have got your soft ass on the block maybe people would remember u in 20 years.

  • Brad09′

    BRAVO ahhahahahhahha people like u barley graduated high school

  • brad09′

    and thats exactly why garnett is the blow J king. He cant get enough in and around his mouth.

  • Unknown nigga

    Listen, this is a physical game, a SHIT TALKING GAME, if you’ve never played anything at a high level I don’t expect you to understand, but I “think”if you come here you may have been close, I don’t have to shake nobody got damn hand after something I’ve sweated & bled for… “mad” on the court is momentary, & a lot of these guys workout at the same places, we can speak then, not before. what is all this soft shit round here?

  • Unknown nigga

    Stfu,,, I remember that??? Do you remember lbj getting 4-1 by orlando & him just walking off, no shaking hands,,, get a life weaklings, it happens.

  • danpowers

    it is spelled “nazi” and you are a moron

  • Unknown nigga

    Yes he would’ve returned… Paul & rondo were in place, them his best friends in the locker room, keep “i thinks” to the team you fkn like stupid az

  • Unknown nigga

    Exactly! You put in work for this… Kg 37 this season & STILL will be one if the best pfs in the game, & can do anyone of them at anytime he wishes, you think he’s good bc he doesn’t bleed & sweat this shit? ray switched out for the rival over his homies for a nice warm spot on the bench… Boston is better too, glad he left bc this fina get interesting

  • Unknown nigga

    Ummm stupid, you get what he’s saying, paul &kg don’t pull triggers for trades around there & your game controls your fate, ultimately you WEREN’T dealt, you were offered a deal, ,,, I’ve been following the c’s heavily since pp got there, he’s been on the block multiple times & paul is the reason rondo performs at a higher level bc he’s been teaching him to ignore the trade mumbo-jumbo, let it fire you up.. Ray sissy az let it push him out of town. What do you expect, you’re bs’n
    you think the heat won’t trade your az, be under whelming this season, all these ray fans gonna pull the trigger for pat riley to get him out of town

  • Unknown nigga

    All these r ay allen supporters/back door miami heat band wagon fans would trade him in a heart beat if he got there & was shooting horrible…

  • Unknown nigga

    Kg be like “ima kill ya mfkn az… ” paul – yo this fool taking his talents to south beach…”

  • Unknown nigga

    Kg ain’t wish him shit.

  • pposse

    KG represents the last of the mohicans

  • Aaron

    You used the word “barley”. Are you familiar with the concept of irony?

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    This thread is hilarious.

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    Spot on, pretty sure people will forget about Keving Garnett the day he retires. Stupid natzi.

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    People that already hate KG are going to call him petty, people that love him will respect his decision. Either way, Ray is gone, they apparently don’t talk anymore and all this drama will make for very interesting games once the season starts.

  • Mr_Beans_o_o

    This is my team, dumb ass.

  • Slick Ric

    This is why KG was my favorite player….gotta respect the the passion, heart, and loyalty he brings to the game.

  • roscoe

    If this was KD… KD would have thrown a party for RAllen & gave a 10 minute speech about how happy was for him.
    After cruising w/ Bron bron after getting run in the finals how can you argue with me?
    KG is a NBA pillar
    KD is a NBA floor mat for Bron bron

  • roscoe

    No doubt… you are the type that talks ish but would run up to kg on the street and ask for an autograph if you saw him & tell him you enjoy watching him play.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    UMAD bro?

  • SuperEman24

    He wanted a bigger role? Yet he joined the Heat where he will be a bench player also? I think he lost confidence with celts, he wanted to jump on the heat bandwagon, coz their younger, stronger, and more talented.

  • Yi-Cheng Chen

    let’s get Ray some rings.

  • delmer Wilburn

    And Allen is better off for it because, Garnett is a sociopath.

  • Josh

    Jason Terry, right now, is a more consistent and effective player than Ray Allen. Consider me over Ray Ray.

  • Drig

    You are literally too moronic to warrant a rebuttal………. Do you even know Garnett personally to comment about how he is in real life???

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    haha thats exactly how it went down

  • Ash

    Basketball is not physical bro its more of a mental game. I know they talk crap to each other on the court but KG is talking about off the court. You getting mad cuz I went to a rival team. That’s soft, that’s weak.

  • Ash

    Yes, he wanted a bigger role. He’s probably going to be the most important bench player on the team. Everyone will be looking for Ray Allen when he is on the floor.

  • Ash

    Lol yes he is..taking it to the heart

  • Max


  • Max

    What about Magic and Bird?
    Was one of them a “floor mat”?

  • Brahsef

    Don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not like he’s hating on Ray or anything. When I change jobs I rarely talk to people who I use to work with. It’s called moving on

  • jumpman22cn

    He’s just sad that Miami did not consider him.

  • Mr_Beans_o_o
  • Raseven

    I’ve been down with Ray Allen since he was in high school in SC but that was a bitch move plain and simple and a lot of people dont realize him and KG been knowing each other since they were prep players in SC

  • sighzATtheseGeeks

    this aint chess. that why you have talented and skillful players. not to be the freakin professor x on the court..

    Player 1: ” I’m predicting he’s gonna pass”
    Opposing Player: ” i’ll fake pass and hog this. Checkmate”

    For F sake.. where are the real ballers in here? -.-


    your the dumb ass now. i graduated high school. Definitely dont know about your bum ass

  • daBIZ

    Just stop it. Stop perpetuating this tone-deaf, “I-remember-when,” media driven mythology. The NBA is not war and neither KG nor Ray Allen are boys. They’re men; they’re millionaires; and they are 2 members of an exceedingly exclusive club of 500, or so. And because there are only 500 men — on the entire planet! — fortunate enough to play in the NBA, their responibility should be to have each other’s backs above all, regardless of what their jerseys say. They don’t play for you or your city. They play for their families; they play for each other. KG needs to squash this beef and be supportive of Ray’s well being.

  • rainman

    you mean *You’re

  • Datkid

    give lebron a healthy wade and bosh in that series and KG would’ve been a doormat too

  • Datkid


  • Datkid

    you “got to” have spent 8 years in high school spelling ass like “az” you whack ass fake tough guy

  • Datkid

    KG is kind of being a girl about this. but he did wish him the best though. so there’s that.

  • Ray suxx anyways

    Ray will just find out that he’s too old and injured prone playing with the heat. Celitcs will beat the Heat.. Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, Fab Mello & Sullinger will finish of the Heat.

  • roscoe

    like I said b4 kd can be friends w/ Bron bron. Kd is a good guy imo. I like watching kd play. BUT… after getting run in the finals by Bron bron and then hanging w/ Bron bron in a “gym” is not acceptable. Kd should want to destroy Bron bron in the gym, not workout w/ him outside of the olympics imo.
    To answer your question. Bird & Magic respected each other on the floor as much as they hated each other’s guts. And both had/have guts and to take it a step futher have more guts than kd imo and more guts than most nba players that play the game today. Fact.
    What else you got Max?

  • Salty

    This is getting to be pitiful.

  • The Philosopher

    It will pass.
    And they will present each other when they receive the Call to the Hall.

  • Max

    I’m saying they were friends of the court just like kd and lbj, and they played hard on the court against eachother just like kd and bron.
    And kd is just learning from the best there is right now.

  • Marvin

    seriously, i’ve heard of AZ, dude is an underrated hip hop artist. but y the hell r u calling people “stupid az”? r u talking about Arizona or the hip hop dude? its obvious ur not talking about ass lol

  • Lugo

    LmAo! The average I.Q of this site’s commenters has dropped down to about 55.m

  • Peter Griffin

    I understand, everyone has their opinion on things,,, but if you one of the people who think they should be cuddling after being in the same fox hole vs an arch-enemy, a HATED RIVAL!… EITHER: you’re a female that just started watching sports & don’t fully grasp competition yet or you’re a dude who has had a recent sex change,, no options, one or the other.

  • roscoe

    u don’t get it imo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003246310246 Jason Carter

    KG didnt wish bad on his family or nuthin, calm down bro, he wished him the best, whats wrong with having alil Competitive energy, thats all it is, im sure when they see each other they will still slap five.

  • http://twitter.com/ayandaQb Ayanda Qb Vilakazi

    Garnett is right, Loyalty is vital for friendship, I would done the same when Someone whom It thought was a friend Hopped and joined our Arch-rivals..Garnett does’nt need Allen..We got Rondo…Go Celtics

  • Celts4Life

    thats what happens when people start sayin the big three all the time, they shoulda been sayin the big four