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Leandro Barbosa Says Steve Nash Wants Him on the Lakers

According to Leandro Barbosa, Steve Nash is recruiting him to join the Lakers. Barbosa also says that the Brooklyn Nets are pursuing him hard (despite conflicting media reports.) Per Nets Daily, via a Brazilian website: “Leandro Barbosa says the Nets are pursuing him harder than any other NBA team. The 6’2″ combo guard tells Fabio Balassiano of Bala na Cesta that the Nets are one of three teams who contacted him but Brooklyn ‘actually pursued us the hardest.’ A league source denied the Nets have serious interest in Barbosa, despite his claims. ‘We are talking to a few teams, among them, the Phoenix Suns, who I have a professional history with…have lived there; with the Brooklyn Nets, who actually pursued us the hardest; and with the Los Angeles Lakers — They ‘re a good team with the personnel they have. Also, Steve Nash (who played with Barbosa in PHX) sent me a text. He wants me to come to LA as soon as possible. When I was at the Olympics this guy (Nash?) came at me strongly, but then they signed Jodie Meeks and I haven’t talked much to them since then. They have a lot of point guards, and if they signed me, they would have to get rid of one. It’s early. I have to wait.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    Leandro u r not a Point guard, and u better be ready to accept the vets minimum If want to play for the lakers

  • Max

    That’d be one crazy team on 2k..

  • RKJ92

    Leandro Barbosa will most likely be a Net because of money and playing time alone.. I just really dont see him accepting his role and the vet minimum to play in LA

  • RKJ92

    k so you vote down my comment without a rebuttle? LOL classyyy dont hate me cuz im right Clown…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FX56N5NUXOQLMIFSJOOTICGG3A Pat

    barbosa is one a player i consider amongst the most under-rated in the league

  • LLC#12

    First person I’ve seen who was bothered about a downvote. Cheer up man.

  • Caboose

    You know this just encourages people to down vote you right?

  • danpowers

    if the lakers get barbosa without losing significant pieces they would be the no1 fav to win the title straightaway, even without athletic wings to guard high scoring wings and twos like durant, wade, james, melo, johnson, etc… the lakers would put pressure on any d with barbosa off the bench for 48 minutes non stop.

  • RKJ92

    Ya it’s because some people are immature unfortunately but thats just what it is..

  • Gerard Himself

    Barbosa on the Nets wouldn’t make any sense. At all. You’ve got CJ Watson as the back-up pg, and MarShon Brooks as the back-up sg. Signing Barbosa just doesn’t make any sense.

  • LakeShow

    I actually completely agree with you…
    And still gave you a down vote… :)

  • RKJ92

    I appreciate it, but it actually doesnt bother me as much as you would think i guess its more the ignorance behind the action, like I gave a solid comment that can be discussed it wasnt stupid and it got voted down thats the part that makes you think like seriously? they should focus more on people that write outlandish opinions that nobody can respect you know?

  • RKJ92

    worse ish happens.. but thx anyways man lol!

  • LakeShow

    Love Bosa.
    6th man of the year PHX days, dude was a baller. Still is to a lesser extent now.
    Purple and Gold it up boyo.

  • Dave Miller

    Lakers need Barbosa!

  • LakeShow


  • Thugnificent

    It’s obvious he’s just trying to use the Lakers as a way to make his value go up. Delonte West did the same last year and he re-signed with the Mavs the next day.

  • jason w

    i feel you rkj92.. your comment was your opinion and it wasnt crazy or outlandish..Im a diehard laker fan and people are just stupid when they give a down vote on a simple comment. Caboose those peoples are robots and cant think for themselves.

  • StevieGJD

    How can the Lakers’ interest make his value go up, as the Lakers can only offer the vets minimum?

  • RKJ92

    thx man I appreciate it :)

  • monte

    barbosa would be a great addition 2 the laker bench

  • http://twitter.com/KingGavinScott Gavin Uclaray

    they should sign barbosa and trade put steve blake, chris duhon and devin ebanks on the trade block for an athletic SF who can defend and shoot the 3. Then we would be really unstoppable. They don’t got to trade all three just really need a good shooter at SF, i’m pretty sure Jamison will be playing the 4.

  • Thinker Bell

    He wanted Grant Hill too.

  • Halder Candy

    This is not Nash’s team. Remember that

  • robb

    I have no problem with that

  • https://twitter.com/#!/GametimeWeezy Gametime

    There’s really no true speed on the roster.

  • http://twitter.com/jrlakerfan4life Jonathan

    If he signs with the Lakers and Steve Nash is cool with it.I guess the rumor of JRich knocking up Nash’s old wife really are true.Lol.The rumor was it was either JRich or Barbosa in Phoenix who did it.

  • gusisit

    dont worry bro, its just the laker bandwagon fans downing you, bandwagons are the stupidest people in the world

  • Dwight Howard Is Superman

    Yo,what’s up?Leandro Barbosa you need to come and play with Steve Nash your best buddy and teammate from before.Join forces with Dwight and Steve and Kobe and Pau and MWP and Antawn.Come to the Lakers and win your first ring with Steve Nash and Dwight and Antawn!

  • http://www.facebook.com/garabed.turshudjian Garabed Turshudjian

    Leandro Barbosa has to make a choice.Joining the Lakers and getting two or three rings or going to the Phoenix or Brooklyn for some more money! Talking about $$$, as a Laker, he can make more, because this team, as constructed will play deep into the playoffs, with very good chances to win the title, with or without him. And as you all know, in the playoffs, farther you go, bigger your paycheck is. For 3 years in L.A., he can make more money than in any other team and finish his cariere as a CHAMPION.

  • Mack

    Yes that’s what the Lakers need, ANOTHER GUARD!!!!! They already have Nash, Kobe, Jodie Meeks, Andrew Goudelock, Darius Morris, Steve Blake, Chris Duhon, and now you want Barbosa?

  • evsoul

    You definitely are right about the cash. It’s obvious, leandro is probably more concerned about his retirement plan than winning a ring. Vet’s min won’t do that as well as a 4-6m contract.

  • http://www.facebook.com/arthur.gregory1 Arthur Gregory

    I would love to have Barbosa here in L.A. it would be a great pick up. We need guys that are young and can ball. Barbosa would give the Lakers some speed something we just don’t have at this point. Maybe Barbosa want break the bank this year but hes still young and playing for L.A. his pay day is coming. We need some fast break players on this team I like this guy so I hope we can complete the roster with Barbosa.