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Mark Cuban Thinks OJ Mayo Can Become a Star

OJ Mayo’s NBA career has yet to take off, but after having joined the Mavericks this summer, Mayo’s new boss in Dallas believes that OJ can reach stardom. From the Dallas Morning News: “O.J. comes in with the work ethic and everybody falls in behind him,’ Jared Cunningham said. ‘He’s a great teammate and he’s knocking shots down. His confidence is back. He’s in the gym every day — late nights and early mornings.’ Said owner Mark Cuban on Mayo: ‘I think he can be a star and I think O.J. knows that this is his make-or-break, who-am-I-really-going-to-be-in-this-league year. And Coach [Rick Carlisle] is going to give him that opportunity. We’ll see what happens.’”

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  • black pinoy

    hopefully everything works out for him..was actually rooting for him to beat d.rose for the rookie of the year award a few years back

  • black pinoy


  • TR

    This is his time..I nice to hear he’s working hard

  • Da Real

    Like his game, but I think his size or lack thereof will keep him out of the star category. He can become a 20ppg scorer though.

  • Slick Ric

    I concur with Mark…..I think he’ll be a all-star soon.

  • spit hot fiyah

    now or never

  • zogs19994

    -B EASY

  • LeroyShonuff

    Gordon has to stay healthy. With B-easy, he was just never given a chance to grow as a young player. In Miami his mins was moved around consistently. If he made a mistake he was yanked from games. No place to grow as a young player. Had some injuries issues in minny but still avg like 19 a game. Too bad he played next to the worst frontcourt defenders in the nba (Love, Pek, Darko). Let’s see what he does in Phoenix.
    Mayo can be very effective. He played the pg a few years back in summer league. Was very effective being the primary late game ball-handler and decision-marker for that surprise Memphis team 2yrs ago. Very good defender, can be great. Good shot, strong can get to the rim and finish. He can be a star. I’m excited for him and beasley. Cuban should of grabbed both of them.

  • LakeShow

    He’s never going to be the Superstar he should be. That’s for certain. I foresaw him destroying the L, but he hasn’t shown the fire to do that. . . Yet. Still got faith in him being an All Star some day.

  • pposse

    unless you personally know Mayo, there is no logical reason to root for someone who is inferior in every way to D Rose!

  • danpowers

    mark cuban also thinks not getting deron williams was a good thing to happen for the mavs

  • 23

    Plenty of reasons to root for someone other than Rose.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    he’s a good player. a really good player. if he learned how to be more of a facilitator he could probably become a pseudo-star. You don’t score 18 a game in the NBA as a rookie if you aren’t a really good player.

  • Junior Taylor

    Cuban is just trying to save face. There’s no doubt that OJ is a good player but he doesn’t posses the skillsets needed to become a star in this League

  • zogs19994


  • servant of the most high

    i disagree with the title “unfulfilled potential” Eric Gordon gold medal OJ 2nd round playoff birth and B easy makin noise.

  • bigA

    Right, I’d rather know what Coach Carlisle thinks of him.

  • Max

    Same here..

  • Max

    One of my fav players in the L.

  • shawnkemp4prez

    OJ Mayo and Rudy Gay just couldn’t gel in Memphis. They both demand the ball too much. It made people criticize OJ for being a chucker off the bench, but I think dude was just trying to prove himself with the little time he had. Dallas is a good spot for Mayo, I think he’ll have a breakout year.

  • LakeShow

    I definitely don’t think it’s his skill’s that are the problem.

  • danpowers

    true. he has nice skills it is just strange that he used them less efficient the more the grizzlies improved as a team. maybe he just didnt fit into their system. but he is also a little under average defender even though he has the tools to be a good defender. the change of scenery and working close to a guy like nowitzki might have a positive influence on him to revamp his carreer.

  • robb

    What are you talking about? he’s got pretty good skills

  • LeroyShonuff

    Him “gelling” with Rudy wasn’t the problem last yr or any yr, it was Rudy not “gelling” with Zach and Marc. OJ complimented them extremely well. I hope mayo is allowed to grow and mature as a player in Dallas. Billups, Joe Johnson and other stars didn’t blossom until they got with coaches that allowed them to grow. Plus Billups told him to go there for Rick

  • LakeShow

    I’d actually say he’s slightly above average defensively.

  • The Seed

    OJ Mayo is a poor man’s Kobe, He can ball.

  • Hot Stylz

    the NBA is all about timing and luck and it just might be Mayo’s time. Mayo is better than James Harden and he and his beard were on the Olympic team over Gordon and Gay. WTF??

  • Junior Taylor

    What is his problem then? So you’re telling me that if he has the skillsets to be the go-to guy on a team? He doesn’t get the FT line enough, settles for too many long jumpshots, is not enough of a playmaker and is a below average rebounder for the 2 spot. I just don’t see all the “skillset” y’all think OJ has.

  • zogs19994

    If you think any of them have “fufilled” their potential, your retarded.

  • danpowers

    well, in 2011-12 he improved his defensive rating. the problem is just that he often needs a helper when defending a player on the drive. he is especially bad when it comes to defending the ballhandler in pick and roll situations. in this situations his opponents made 47,8% of their three point shots last season. plus, 369 nba players gave up less points than mayo overall. i would call that slightly under average, he really needs to work on that.

  • sebbie

    goog luck OJ, go mavs!!!

  • LakeShow

    Who doesn’t?
    There’s only like 10 players in the L who can lock up the perimeter on the regular.
    The 47.8% is a high number, but I don’t look into numbers that much. Sometimes guys knock down shots when your right in their grill. Has to do more with the shooter than the defender in most cases. Kobe prefers someone in his face when he shoots.
    Not trying to keep the debate going. Just saying that I have watched OJ Mayo play for some time now and he is slightly above average defensively. IMO

  • LakeShow