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NBATV to Feature Brooklyn Nets on ‘The Association’ This Season

“The Association”, the NBA’s quasi-answer to the NFL’s “Hard Knocks”, will feature the Nets this season as they begin their Brooklyn adventure. Deron Williams broke the news this morning on Twitter , and the NY Times has more on the upcoming mini-series: “The Nets are the fourth team to be featured on ‘The Association,’ after the Los Angeles Lakers (2009-10), the Boston Celtics (2010-11) and the Denver Nuggets (2011-12). […] The Nets underwent a major overhaul this summer, acquiring the All-Star Joe Johnson and eight other new players — a talent infusion that should catapult them into the top tier of the Eastern Conference. Johnson will team with Deron Williams in what should be one of the N.B.A.’s best backcourts. Yet the Nets now face the challenge of integrating so many new faces while simultaneously trying to gain a foothold in a market long dominated by the Knicks. All of that should make for compelling story lines for ‘The Association.’ The producers also plan to feature Brooklyn ‘as a central character’ in the series, with segments on the borough’s history, fans and celebrities, as well as on the Brooklyn Dodgers, the last major professional team to play there. ‘As we make history bringing a professional sports team to Brooklyn, fans will get to have an inside look,’ Williams said in a statement. ‘Our new home, the borough of Brooklyn, will provide a great backdrop for the series, and I think people are going to be pretty excited with their exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the new arena.’”

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    Though the Lakers or Heat would be very entertaining, especially with both of their off seasons, this is a solid, David Stern-driven choice.

  • ALD

    this is great….. The nets have a deep team so it will be fun to watch. The barclays center is going to be on opening night!

  • M Cho

    I was thinking they’d do this…but then I thought about how chippy DWill is with the media…and how deadly dull Joe Johnson is on camera….weird choice.

  • Nella

    Pretty boring choice, but whatever. They definitely want to kick start this franchise and brand the hell out them. I’d rather watch Lakers, Bulls, Heat, Clippers, even the Knicks or T’Wolves for some more interesting teams.

  • pposse

    this actually might be interesting..to see the transformation of three pretty boring and un-entertaining hoopers like D Will, Joe Johnson, and General Wallace become loud mouthed brash cocky egotistical lames that embodies everything NYC stands for. We already heard Joe Johnson claim championship or bust, and young Brooke Lopez hop out of his turtle shell with his own proclamations. It should be entertaining to witness these multiple personality disorders..

  • http://twitter.com/stepfdelaghetto Stepfan Raiford

    Brooke Lopez…star of the show.

  • Hart26

    No Knicks? Disappointing

  • dma

    it’s also a way for them to get Kris Humphries on TV…