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Ricky Rubio: ‘I Will Likely Be Back In December’

Ricky will be cleared to begin running soon, and the TWolves PG told Sport.es that he will be ready to return to action by the end of the year (translation courtesy of HoopsHype: “I am eager to start running. I will likely be back in December… If we don’t have injuries, we are going to fight for a spot in the Playoffs.”

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    How about next season?

  • PippenAintEasy

    Alright, Tricky Ricky. Estimated average for him will be 14.4 points, 8.8 assists, 1 steal, in 35 minutes of action.

  • canesta

    Nooo! I wanted to see him when they come to Philly on Dec. 4th!! damn…well good thing I didn’t buy tickets yet…

  • Rainman

    one steal? thats a bit low. he proved to be very good at getting his hands on balls.(pause)

  • Caboose

    It’ll be closer to 11.8, 10.5, 2.1 with maybe 4.5 boards a game. Ricky doesn’t like scoring, he’s a distributor

  • danpowers

    as if any of this predictions could be taken seriously. not even hollinger could tell you b4 a season if a player scores 20,4 ppg or not. looks less foolish if you offer a range like 10-14ppg and 8-10apg which will most likely happen. the number of steals he gets will not only depend on his hands but also on the kind of defense the wolves are running. e.g. rose wouldve allways been able to get around 2spg which didnt rlly happen because of thibs defensive system. these “old” stats aint that important anyway, id be more curious about his true shooting percentage and pure point rating when he returns

  • Rainman

    in the same defensive system adelman runs, rubio had a lot more than 1 steal a game. Its safe to say he’ll be higher than that.

  • danpowers

    sure, i just wonder why this should be important because steals dont tell much about the defensive quality of a player. anyway, lets hope his one or two steals per game lead to some fast breaks that he ll finish with some nice flashy passes

  • Rainman

    i never commented on how good or bad a defender he was, just stated a single steal a game is low for rubio. And yeah, hopefully

  • danpowers

    sorry, my bad, that was more directed at caboose and and pippenainteasy