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Warriors Expect Andrew Bogut to Play on Opening Night

Andrew Bogut’s recovery from ankle surgery appears to be on track — Bogut fractured his left wheel last January, and underwent surgery in April to clean out bone spurs — and the Golden State Warriors anticipate that the big fella will be ready to go come October 31. Per the Sporting News: “Yes, we expect that,’ Warriors GM Bob Myers said. ‘That’s just me prophesizing, but all indications are that will be the case. We’re hoping that he is in there for us on opening night. But if he needs two games, if the difference is waiting because he is not quite there, then we’ll wait. But we expect Bogut to play opening night.’ [...] First, though, he has to get healthy. To that end, the Warriors stayed involved in Bogut’s recovery with team personnel spending time in Australia to help Bogut along. Myers was in Los Angeles with Bogut last week when the player met with his surgeon, and said that Bogut is at least on schedule, and possibly ahead of schedule. ‘It has been pretty hands-on,’ Myers said. ‘To Andrew’s credit, he is a pretty disciplined individual as far as sticking with the protocol, and he has followed his progressions, where he has slowly ramped up weight-bearing exercises. We have been, the overarching theme with him, has been very cautious. We need him for the duration of the season, so we are taking a long view of it. We’re probably being ultraconservative with him because he is so important to the team.’”

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  • CubicleWorker

    Warriors will be just as irrelevant as any other year..

  • LakeShow


  • LakeShow

    Were they irrelevant in 2007?

  • Jsims20

    Haters gonna hate.

  • CubicleWorker

    Oh they made the playoffs in one of their last 19 seasons? I take back my original statement
    Also Bogut has never won anything, the Bucks have been just as pitiful. Stephen Curry will play less than 60 games, and unless Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes turn into KD and Westbrook the Warriors are going no where fast.
    The Raptors have more to look forward to this year.

  • LakeShow

    Your what the kids are calling a hater aren’t you?
    Raptors>Warriors??? wth
    A team featuring:
    has nothing to look forward to compared to a team with:
    I got the Warriors finishing at least 10 games above the Raptors.

  • David

    You forget that the one who kept them irrelevant -Chris Cohan- is now gone. The time of irrelevancy is over. A new age of the Warriors begins.

  • CubicleWorker

    I think they both finish around 33-49. The difference is you need about 50 wins to make the playoffs in the West. Not being a hater, but Bogut isn’t going to make or break the Warriors.
    Also to comment on the Raps those lineups look pretty similar, I give a slight nod to Curry and Thompson over Lowry and Fields, but TO also has Calderon, Terrence Ross looks pretty good, Bargnani is better than Lee, Valanciunas at least has upside over Bogut. I would take the under on Warriors + 10.

  • LakeShow

    Banana better than Lee is highly debatelable.
    Bogut is a true 7 footer that can anchor a defense and get high % looks.
    He is good for 15-10-2blks when healthy. How that wouldn’t “help” a team that has started Stone Hands Brown and some Lithuanian guy that confidently averaged a double double several years back… I have no idea.
    I think the Warriors will be in the playoff fight, while the Raps will not be. Time will tell.

  • roscoe

    As much as I disdain the “hand down man down” coach I believe GSW are going to be above .500 this year and competitive in many of the games they lose.