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Allen Iverson and Jason Williams to Play in an Exhibition Game in China

Jason Williams, no stranger to exhibition games on foreign soil, will be joined by Allen Iverson and a bunch of other former NBAers in China this weekend. From the Sporting News: “Former NBA players Allen Iverson and Jason Williams have been added to a roster of a team coached by Hall of Famer Tiny Archibald that will play the 2012 Chinese Basketball Association’s champion Beijing Ducks on Saturday in Beijing. Iverson, an 11-time NBA All-Star, and Williams, who played on the Miami Heat’s first NBA championship team in 2006, will play on a roster that includes Damon Jones, Charoy Bentley, Shane Burrell, Zendon Hamilton, J.R. Inman, J. R. Reid and Guy Dupuy. [...] Iverson, 37, the 2001 NBA MVP, would like to return to the NBA but has found no interest. He last played for the Philadelphia 76ers in 2010. China, he said, is another option, and this appearance will provide him further exposure in China.”

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  • floe

    man i miss iverson. he should be playing in the nba.

  • Mike

    J.R. Reid??? Talk about a blast from the past!

  • RussJ

    Its one of the worst things in the history of the NBA that Allen Iverson isnt there doing his thing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003246310246 Jason Carter

    2 of the meanest ball handlers that were in the NBA.

  • trusoldier77

    man he can do some real damage in china just like starbury been doing. come on A.I take the china deal!!!!

  • ROOT

    the NBA is clearly blackballing A.I, he is much much better than most current backup points guards in the nba right now. He can still come in and give any team solid contribution off the bench and can still start for short periods of time. THis is a sad and fustrating situation!! A.I isnt in the league not because he cant play, but b/c he is being black balled!!

  • spit hot fiyah

    yes they r blackballing him, but please get over it

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    They’re facing the CBA champion team? Does that mean we’ll get to see AI vs Starbury?

  • sticks_and_stones
  • coybpo

    and again i now see a pointless petion message. give it up already. i like a.i. but petitionsnr pathetic. better champion a cause on toilet papaer usenthan a.i. back on the nba

  • D_Nice

    nba isnt worth watching anymore. Never felt so betrayed before by a league that I`ve contributed 100s of $s to follow my favorite players – MJ and Allen Iverson. Allen Iverson should be playing in the nba because he can still get it done. Not to mention he`s better than a great many of the cats playing right now. the league is a joke

  • 1982

    I love the guy and I stil wear Questions to ball when my ankles can hold up without hightops. But dude is 37 and hasn’t been preserving his body the way Grant Hill or Nash has. His highlights will live on but give the “back to the NBA ish” a rest. Last thing I want to see is Westbrook crossing him up.

  • anonymous

    body preservation?? really?? He`s not some “outdated” archaeological artifact i.e. a fossil. He`s an athlete who hasn`t played in the nba since 2010 at 34 – only playing sparingly since then now at 37. 2009-10 season: he played 28 games and the season prior to that 57, so how are Hill and Nash who are both older in actual age, less “outdated” than Iverson when the former has just as much mileage and the latter has much more mileage on their bodies. In basketball years, Iverson is closer to 34 as opposed to 37; he`s a young 37.

  • romey rome

    I think the lakers should pick up THE ANSWER

  • 1982

    Contrary to random belief, it is not better for pro athletes to take 3 years off without practice than it is for them to continually train and rehab into their late 30s. I want him to prove me wrong, but it ain’t gonna happen.

  • sid

    who took 3 yrs off? “anonymous” didn`t say Iverson took 3 yrs off. I know for a fact that Iverson has been playing ball during this hiatus just not 82 games within a 6-month period which DOES physically work in his favor. Thats basic logic. Iverson is in great shape. Keep up with the facts.

  • sid

    btw, Rasheed also last played in 2010 yet was just picked up by the knicks. so could you please explain your body preservation theory in relation to this latest news? And how about Roy being signed after a 1 yr absence due to having NO cartilage in his left knee? a permanent, long-term health issue.

  • 1982

    Sure thing Sid. You don’t actually know for a fact that AI has been balling for a fact these last three years. His last tenure was in Turkey for a few months. Where else has he been playing? And then list your proof, because the man himself was quoted as saying it wasn’t working out. And no, it doesn’t actually work in his favor to have played 6 months – if that – of pro basketball in three years. Where’s your proof that he’s in great shape? When he walked onto the court in the playoffs to deliver the game ball? Rasheed played about 15 minutes per game before his back gave out in the FINALS. Meaning 15 minutes per game in 2010 were pushing his limits. He’s playing behind Tyson Chandler, so he only needs to play 10 min per game of low block defense. That’s how he’s getting a contract. Roy is in his early 20s with a terrible injury that he’s admitted he’s spent the last 2 years intensely rehabbing as soon as he could work out. And neither player has played a single game yet. Wait till after the season starts before you pretend like you know what you’re talking about.

  • sid
  • sid

    rofl. I know that Iverson has been playing because theres proof. Am I supposed to believe you over video and written evidence?

  • Mike Jones

    It is so upsetting to watch and hear a legend such as Allen iverson has to do this, his resume speaks for it self,
    Rookie of the year
    2 times all star MVP
    4 time scoring Champ
    the accolades go on and on.
    AI needs to be in the NBA,

    He is an asset to any team; what is even more upsetting where are his boy’s backing him up, where is Carmelo Anthony saying AI lets Take NY to the next level, i mean seriously Rasheed Wallace, Jason Kid, ramond felton you can not tell me iverson is not still a better player than these people on the knicks roster.

    I can sit here for hours and talk my love for AI and disgust at the quality of players currently getting a game and he is not, it is Painful.

    AI i want you back you man.

  • 1982

    Proof that he’s playing ProBall? Show it. Go ahead, list something other than Turkey.

  • beasting

    I feel the same way. The nba knows that Iverson wants to return, they know that millions of fans, want to see A.I. back in the nba yet all of our requests are being ignored. It`s not a question of profit because people will pay to see Iverson. It`s not a question of talent because A.I. is better than 75% of the guards and most of the players in the league when considering his production rate – the career numbers speak for themselves. It`s not a question of age because A.I. is a physical phenomenon and for him this time off is comparative to a restoration period in that his body has had time to be rejuvenated. It`s not a question of practice because one doesn`t achieve Iverson`s many accomplishments without taking care of one`s body and practicing. It`s not a question of attitude because arguably every athlete has “a-me-against-the-world persona (attitude)” during competition to give themselves a competitive edge over their peers – this is an advantageous that Allen Iverson has always possessed over other players rather than a vice that critics have condemned throughout his entire career. It is a question of bias. The same discriminating bias that league heads like stern, lower executives and a small group of owners have had against Allen Iverson since he came into the league and established his place among the greats. Yet Regardless of what nba executives think, the fans` wants should come first and WE WANT ALLEN IVERSON BACK IN THE NBA.

  • sid

    I don`t know if you`re playing dumb but please read carefully before responding because I never mentioned anything about Turkey or A.I. playing Pro-Ball. If you scroll the arrow up the page, you can verify this. What I did say is “Iverson has been playing ball during this hiatus just not 82 games within a 6-month period” which refers to the nba regular season. Now stay with me. Yes, Iverson did play Pro-Ball in Turkey for about 2-3 months. Outside of this, Iverson has been working out and playing in Pro-Am Games. Of course, it`s NOT broadcasted everywhere as it would be if he was playing in the nba but that doesn`t mean it`s not true.

  • sid
  • sid
  • sid
  • sid
  • 1982

    I said ProBall, not you. That was what I meant by not playing – so if Michael Phelps relaxes in a jacuzzi can I say he hasn’t stopped swimming? That’s the point. If you’re really arguing that Iverson playing pickup ball on a few YouTube clips is sufficient, and equal, to ProBall I suggest you get your facts straight before typing another word. Not only is it “NOT broadcasted everywhere,” it’s not broadcasted ANYWHERE. AI has a big pad, I’m sure he has a court on his property. Is him shooting 3s with his son on the weekends the same as a full pro practice? What about if he plays 3-on-3 with some 15 year olds at a Reebok event? I guess he totally kept playing ProAm then huh?

  • sid

    Mind you. This is just a small sample of what Iverson has been doing during this period because everything isn`t documented. Fact: I know a person who is close to his family whose told me that he`s always in the gym either working out or competing. I`m sorry you had to find out this way.

  • 1982

    You know who else plays in exhibition games and charity games? Scottie Pippin, Dominique, Michael Jordan, and Penny. We saw Run TMC make an appearance in the celebrity game. I guess they’re all ready for a comeback? I said proof of proball for a reason. He’s playing for rabid fans vs no defense – this might as well be And1 highlights. I said all you had were YouTube clips. And why’d you post an article saying he’s playing Football? GTFO

  • sid

    give it up. you been had. Allen Iverson should be playing in the nba. Period.

  • 1982

    Please -”had”? You posted a bunch of YouTube clips like I said you would, and ones that everyone’s already seen. I said he hasn’t played ProBall in 3 years besides Turkey and you said him playing in charity games for 15 minutes was the same as older players playing for consecutive seasons. Dream on kid, AI has heart and the game to back it up, but he hasn’t played anywhere for 3 years for a reason. Post some more clips of him playing in celebrity games and cross your fingers. If he comes back, I’ll gladly buy a ticket. But your evidence is suspect at best. Quote his manager saying he’s in top shape some more. That’s not news, that’s some AI fan’s blog – probably yours. “Had” my ass.