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Bottle of ‘McJordan’ Barbecue Sauce Sold for Nearly $10,000

Yes, you read the headline above correctly. A bottle of BBQ sauce, meant to add flavor to a Michael Jordan-inspired burger from McDonald’s (the hilariously-named “McJordan”), was sold for $9,995 on eBay last night. Reports the NY Daily News: “The McJordan sandwich wasn’t just special because it was sold only in a few midwest markets in the early 1990’s, said the seller, Mort Bank. It was also the first sandwich to be named after a person: NBA superstar and Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan. Bank, a former McDonald’s franchise owner and operator from Bismarck, N.D., said that someone bought the McJordan sauce at the ‘Buy it Now’ price. The sandwich had the aforementioned barbecue sauce, with pickles , cheese and bacon, all of Jordan’s ‘favorite ingredients.’ […] ‘It was tasty,’ Bank confirmed. ‘Bacon makes everything taste better.’ Bank believed that if the sauce, which has an expiration date of 1992 clearly stamped on the bottle, had gone to auction, the price would have skyrocketed. ‘There was a lot of interest,’ he said. ‘Despite Michael Jordan’s popularity, the sandwich wasn’t a national promotion.’ […] Bank wouldn’t reveal any information about the buyer — only that he was from Chicago. Could it have been Michael Jordan himself? ‘I don’t know,’ Bank laughed. ‘Whoever it was, bought it no questions asked. That’s a little unusual in a high price item like that. And he certainly has the means to do it.’ The News reached out to Michael Jordan’s press team at Brunswick Group and is awaiting a reply.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    should have checked the expiration date first

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    Here is the famous McJordan

  • Max


  • Dingo

    Yeh why not if you’re a collector

  • KB8 fan trolls KB24

    Kobe in planning phase of releasing $9,996 bottle of signature BBQ sauce for direct release to eBay auction.

  • ratguts

    “first sandwhich named after a person”
    That’s cool and all, except the sandwhich itself is named after the Earl of Sandwich..

  • ratguts

    that’s cool and all, except “sandwhich” is spelled “sandwich”

  • nhm

    what would i do with an expired sauce? stare at it? nice info though

  • pposse

    dont forget about the beef wennington

  • Drig

    Why?? That’s the only thing that I can say………..