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Chris Kaman to Take Dirk Nowitzki Hunting With Him

Chris Kaman loves to hunt more than just about anything else in the world. And despite his initial apprehension, Kaman’s new teammate Dirk Nowitzki has accepted an invitation to go shoot some animals. Per the Dallas Morning News: “In one respect, Kaman already has laid claim to the same role Tyson Chandler had during the championship season of 2010-11. In his year as the Mavericks’ center, Chandler became the glue in the locker room, holding teammates accountable for everything that happened on the court. Kaman is different, but he also enjoys laughing with his teammates, like Chandler did. And, he arrives to the Mavericks with a history of being injury-prone, just like Chandler. But his skills are obvious. So is his ability to keep a team loose. ‘There are serious times to be professional, and it’s very important to be professional during those times,’ Kaman said. ‘And there are other times on the bus or in the locker room after practice when you just try to have fun with the guys, because we do have a good group of guys here.’ [...] Kaman also has taken a liking to Dirk Nowitzki, whom he invited on Kaman’s next hunting trip. Kaman is a devoted outdoorsman who enjoys shooting big things. ‘He said he’s going to go, but I think he was very reluctant at first,’ Kaman said of Nowitzki’s initiation into the outdoor life. ‘I don’t think he wanted to take my invitation, but he said if that’s what makes me happy, he’ll do it. So I’m going to keep him true to his word.’”

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  • Bravo

    It’s rabbit season

  • Caboose

    Have y’all seen the picture of Kaman in 2k13? Dude looks like a hobo you’d find under a highway overpass.

  • bike

    Chris likes to stalk very large mammals and shoot them in the nuts.

  • Big Balls Smalls

    its duck season!

  • Caboose

    Think he pictures Reggie Evans’ face on all those deer?

  • Phil

    Two 7 footers going hunting, good luck!

  • LakeShow

    Have you seen Kaman in NBA Live 05?
    Dude looked like a desolate prostitute looking for a free ride to the local pub in exchange for an over the pants HJ.

  • Caboose

    Thats…descriptive haha. I wish I could find that picture….

  • Caboose

    On the same topic, I love how Pop Manu and Tony have all agreed to try to take the worst possible pictures for 2k

  • spit hot fiyah

    they’ll be hunting alright, for a 7 or 8 seed

  • http://www.sneakertheater.com/ Sneaker Theater

    2 words… “Dick” “Chaney”

  • danpowers

    gotta love that look. imagine everyone would look like korver. how gay would that be?

  • robb

    hunting is for idiots

  • http://www.facebook.com/evan.boland Evan Boland

    Hunting is despicable. Why do you think Karl could never get one title?

  • Ugh

    Two millionaire seven footers with cannons the size of cars shooting animals. Somehow this is seen as sport.

  • OmoxicylN

    Did you guys see Chris Kaman’s sonogram? Dude looked like a crackwhore who gives out $5 gum jobs.