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Dwight Howard Wanted to Play in Brooklyn, Calls Lakers ‘Blessing in Disguise’

Dwight Howard admitted what everyone already knew: he wanted the Orlando Magic to trade him to the Brooklyn Nets. Instead, he was shipped off to Los Angeles, and says that he’s happy with the move despite not ending up in his preferred destination. From ESPN: “I did want to go to Brooklyn. That’s a place where I told the Magic that I really wanted to go,’ Howard said. ‘[But] I was traded to the Lakers, and I think it was a blessing in disguise … The whole year a lot of people were making up a lot of stories about ‘This deal is getting close, that deal is getting close to being done,’ or whatever, but none of those deals were ever close,” Howard said. ‘I thought I was going to get traded at the beginning of the year, actually, that’s when I asked for it. But everything happened for a reason. I had to go through last year to get to where I’m at today. It’s made me a stronger and better person for it. I had to go through the hell and the stormy forecast to come out to a place like this … and I’m thankful for it.’ Howard was heavily criticized throughout what became known as the “Dwightmare” for seemingly changing his mind often and ultimately trying to please everyone but himself. ‘I think a lot of it was people just felt like I was going back and forth with the whole thing,” Howard said. “But the business side, people don’t understand, when you’re doing business you have to be a shark. You have to demand things. If you don’t, people will run over you, and that was a lesson that I learned … At the end of the day, you can’t please everybody. There’s gonna be people happy about me staying, there’s gonna be people happy about me leaving. … I’m over that now. I can’t control the way how people feel about me.’”

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  • Max

    I just know there will be people complaining about this..

  • Shaquille Oneal

    Andrew Bynum is the best centre in the league I’m the real superman Dwight has been dunked on twice in the pre-season I think he wont win a championship.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    Tears from Nets fans

  • zogs19994


  • Lorne

    You ask men this frequently? Only Shaq can get away with this phrase to another dude. You, my friend, are no Shaq.

  • itzplayz

    also the tears from bynum fans….ehh not so much haha

  • robb

    Sharks don’t change their minds Dwight, they just go and attack. They don’t go :”I want that tuna, or should I go for that mackerel? mmmh perhaps that tuna is better, I don’t know”

  • http://www.facebook.com/BadBluue Czakó Balázs

    Dwight is only buried himself in front of the Lakers fans / management with this statement. I think this Lakers will be much bigger dissapointment than the 2011 Heat. Nash is old, Kobe too and it’s about time to show us, how overrated were you, mr Howard.

  • pposse

    haha thats awesome

  • zogs19994

    kobe said it too BlTCHASSSS NlGGA

  • Perry the PlatyPteranodon

    Not really, at least they got away from the Jersey Shore….

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