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Jason Kidd Thinks Carmelo Anthony and Dirk Nowitzki are ‘Very Similar’

Jason Kidd sees many similarities between former teammate Dirk Nowitzki and his new running partner, Carmelo Anthony. Kidd is also hoping to help Anthony get over the championship hump the way Nowitzki did. Per ZagsBlog: “Kidd and Nowitzki won an NBA championship with the Mavericks in 2011, yet Melo and the Knicks are seeking the franchise’s first title since 1973. Still, Kidd sees similarities between Anthony and Nowitzki. ‘Oh, yes, very similar, very talented,’ Kidd said. ‘Demand a lot of attention, so hopefully what I’ve helped with Dirk and Dirk is now one of the top players in this league, hopefully I can do the same with Melo.’ For his part, Anthony, who has said he’s willing to ‘sacrifice’ his offense for the better of the team, respects and listens to what Kidd has to say. ‘I mean, for me, I want to stay in Jason’s ear,’ Anthony said. ‘Him and Raymond [Felton], just trying to make the game easier for myself out there on the basketball court. We talk every day, just little points, what he sees and what I see and just trying to get on the same page.’”

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  • SMula

    Andddd let all the Melo-Hate begin….


    Jay Kidd is right. Melo and Dirk are very similar. Neither one of them can guard a soda machine… I see where you were going with this one J-Kidd!

  • danpowers

    will be right back, just getting some coke and popcorn

  • Roy

    looks wise, they’re nearly identical

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  • Fat Lever

    Only similarity between Melo and Dirk is their affinity for African-American jawns. Melo needs to get his abysmal playoff win percentage up some before he’s compared to a NBA Finals MVP.

  • Salty

    Yes…except Dirk is a winner.

  • Max

    Kinda, only Dirk is way more efficient.

  • danpowers

    maybe another similarity is that both are big men being very versatile in putting the ball into the basket.

  • daBIZ

    An excerpt: “…so hopefully what I’ve helped with Dirk, and Dirk is now one of the top players in this league.” Really Jason Kidd? YOU helped Dirk Nowitzki become one of league’s best players? Even though he’d scored 15,000 points and won an MVP award before he ever met you? That’s interesting.

  • daBIZ

    J. Kidd is right about this comparison, though. For some time now, I’ve believed that Melo should model his game after Dirk’s, not insomuch that he starts shooting fadeaway one-footed jumpers, but that he catch the ball where Nowitzki does and puts it up as quickly as he does. Catch and Shoot. That should be Melo’s offensive mantra. he gets in trouble when he holds the rock.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    scorers that can’t play much D. i can see it

  • Fat Lever

    Fair point, but facts are facts. Melo has struggled in the playoffs over the course of his career. If he wants to go down as one of the top 5-7 SF’s ever, he needs to start leading and winning in the playoffs. As of right now he more closely resembles T-Mac on the career arc. Not a bad place to be, but my guess is that Melo, after seeing the success his contemporaries from 2003 have had, he wants to be in that same level.

  • spit hot fiyah

    in the words of bill simmons: we need clarance from the board of cross-racial player comparison for this one

  • danpowers

    sure. he also understood that the time to change is now. the question is just will he really be able to do so? we will know in a couple of months

  • Bike

    Dirk is to Melo as German Chocolate Cake is to ________

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    Peach Cobler

  • LakeShow


  • 23

    Remember back when Melo lead his teams to the playoffs in the “tougher” conference, and Lebron couldn’t make the playoffs his first couple seasons? Funny how things turn around so drastically in 9 years.

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  • rainman

    He talkin like Dirk wasnt a superstar before Kidd got to Dallas…gtfo lol. And talking liek he’s the one that found Dirk the looks when Dirk was killing teams or something. Alcohol is powerful. I love J-Kidd, but come on lol

  • Junior Taylor

    New teammates have a tendency to gas up guys on the team they are going to and this one is no different.

  • rainman


  • Fat Lever

    Leading your team TO the playoffs is much different than leading your team IN the playoffs. Except for that one year that Denver made the WCF, what has Melo done, leadership wise, IN the playoffs? And you want to compare Bron’s teams to Melo’s? Really? Bron had Mo Will, an out of shape/prime Shaq, and Big Z as his legit #2′s. Ironic that they would be considered #2′s, because that’s exactly what they did on Lebron. Let’s not forget Ira Newble too. Melo has had a tail end prime AI, a still top 7 PG in the L with Billups as #2′s for several seasons.

  • Junior Taylor

    Caramello Candy Bar

  • 23

    I totally agree with you. Imo these players should never be compared. Lebron is arguably the best ever. Melo is not even a top 5 player in the game today. I was just pointing out how many people assumed melo was better because if team success. Some people even brought up high school match ups as a reason why melo was better. Crazyness.

  • Dutch Rich

    I don’t see it, maybe he’s referring to Melo 5.

  • nick

    did you just the best EVER, implying better than magic, bird, bill Russel, and the best michael Jordan, yeah you’re an idiot

  • nick

    Melo can still say he led his college team to their only NCAA win in school history, melo – “what now bron, bosh, and wade!!” Haha that’s a joke for all you idiots that say college is more competetive…..Y

  • danpowers

    yup, i remember that. i was rooting for james back then tho. funny how times and people change lol

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Dirk is a far more effective NBA player. – the idea that they score similarly and are weak defenders is fine, that’s it though.

  • Mike Jones

    I am sick of this talk about Melo being a below par defender, If you look at a head to head Lebron and Anthony on the floor even since high school, Anthony can defend lebron, but if you look the other way, Anthony lights lebron up must games they have played. Head to NBA.com and check the Stats. Also a question to you NBK, who do you follow man ? If you are so negative towards Melo and the Knicks why are you on ever story about them ?

  • 23

    I didn’t say he was the best ever. I said ARGUABLY. And yes an argument can be made. He is so uniquely gifted and very efficient. VERY high bball IQ

  • OneStep

    Both scorers, both less than stellar defenders. The big difference is when Dirk’s shooting touch is off he still contributes to the team whereas Melo disappears when he’s not scoring. Maybe Kidd can help with that.

  • Taylor

    Yea kidd…you mad Dirk into the player he is today. You keep telling yourself that, just cut back on the drinking, your man boobs are getting pretty big now.