Saturday, October 6th, 2012 at 1:26 pm  |  10 responses

Joe Johnson on Trade To Nets: ‘I Had Nothing To Do With It’

Joe Johnson tried to clear up the residual trade speculation on Thursday, telling ESPN that he didn’t force his way out of Atlanta this summer: ” Joe Johnson wanted to set the record straight on Thursday, telling reporters that he never asked out of Atlanta. ‘Everybody thinks I made this trade,’ the Nets’ shooting guard said. ‘I had nothing to do with it. Every time I run into somebody when I’m in Atlanta, they ask me, ‘Why did you leave?’ I didn’t have nothing to do with it. I’m just glad that I came to a great organization and a team who wants to win.’”

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  • danpowers
  • spit hot fiyah

    is that it wasn’t me?! that was the first thing that came in my mind when i read the headline lol.

  • danpowers

    yup, it is lol.

  • Perry the PlatyPteranodon

    *Oj Simpson voice with hands in the air* I didn’t do it, don’t look at me, I ain’t seen nothing

  • roscoe

    Who else could JoeJ blame 4 not living up 2 d’contract? Dmn.

  • danpowers

    i dont think that anybody seriously expected joe to do anything else but what he did before that contract. they just had to give him the max deal because otherwise they wouldve just lost him without anything in return. and now it paid off pretty well for the hawks.

  • roscoe

    idk danpowers. they did not have to give joej a max deal. imo buying something bc it is the best thing to buy at the moment is not sound investing in any business, especially sports. As far as having low expectations 4 joej is beyond the scope of saying he did not have anything to do with the trade, again imo. As far as the hawks being better off now, that was a big gamble w/ that contract, but that’s just me. If you believe the hawks thought this out b4 hand idk what to say to that.
    I am definitely a person who believes everyone is responsible for themselves and taking responsbility for your place is not an option, but expected once you become an adult. hearing joej say he had nothing to do with it is a joke, imo.

  • danpowers

    i just dont want to judge him or the people involved into that trade because i cant read joes mind and neither know what happened behind closed doors. i am also not buying that he had absolutely nothing to do with it but wouldnt blame him for the max contract. who on earth wouldnt have signed that offer? i also dont think it means having low expectations when you expect him to do after the max contract what he did before. johnson didnt come into the league naturally as a superstar. he worked his way up from a solid roleplayer to be an all star guy. he led the hawks to many successful seasons. that doenst necessarily justify a max contract but i think he was just lucky that he happened to be in the situation that he got offered one.
    plus the hawks finally realized that they wont go further than the 2nd round with that roster and started over again. his trade looks to me like a so so thing without any winners or losers. he didnt hurt atl by leaving em, tho. they are still a playoff team and they wont get beyond the second round, no matter if they have jj or not.

  • roscoe

    Damn right… i and everyone else would have signed that contract & would’ve partied like it was 1999. Good for him to get it & i have no problem w/ him getting paid at all.
    True – true… something should be said for the hawks moving on from joej. if i was a hawks fan i’d be happy with the move.
    if i was a nets fan i’d be scratching my head about it, bc of the $100M left on his contract.

  • danpowers

    thats just peanuts for prokhorov so the nets will be fine with that