Sunday, October 14th, 2012 at 11:04 am  |  18 responses

Josh Smith Won’t Sign Extension With Hawks This Season

The last year of Josh Smith’s contract is coming up, but don’t expect the Hawks forward and his team to be talking extension details over the course of ’12-13. According to the Daily News, Smith is planning on working out his following deal next summer: “Josh Smith has told the Hawks that he isn’t going to sign an extension during the season. He’d rather wait to become a free agent, when he can get a five-year deal. An extension would limit him to a three-year deal, according to the new CBA rules. New GM Danny Ferry has upwards of 10 players who could be free agents at season’s end.”

[H/T: PBT]

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  • spit hot fiyah

    read an article (forgor where), it said both he and the hawks would benefit from signing after season

  • The Seed

    Pau for Josh Smith, heard it through my insiders.

  • Bravo

    That would be crazy

  • RKJ92

    Dumbest comment EVER you actually think ATL would trade Josh Smith for a now OLD Pau Gasol? -.-

  • Redd

    Chicago Bulls. But imagine if they did trade away Josh for Pau and other players and picks. The Lakers would be a force of nature.

  • danpowers

    because he could more money than anywhere else. but it looks like it means that this one is going to be his farewell season in atl. if he finds a team that signs him a sign and trade next summer or a deadline trade this season seem to be quite probable.

  • Perry the PlatyPteranodon

    Your neighbourhood dope dealers don’t count as insiders., but they obviously got that good shit.

  • danpowers

    for years to come. but they are still pretty even in their value. pau is still a 20-10-2 50+fg% guy whose numbers will just decrease because of the talent around him. smith got more upside and athleticism while pau got better technique and more experience as a proven winner. so this year it wouldnt make much of a difference. smith to la would only mean that the lakers could maintain their level for longer. but they will either way.

    seeing him in chicaco would be dope tho. i just dont think the hawks would trade him for boozer and no.1 picks of a championship contender for years to come. trading him to a crappy team now would mean better draftpicks and maybe expiring contracts in exchange. will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • danpowers

    shouldnt be their plan a but would still be better than just losing him to free agency.

  • elmaar

    I must agree that is a dumb comment. Only I would say it’s dumb for the Lakers and not the Hawks to trade Pau for Smith. It’s obvious Gasol is not best option for the so seemingly soon to be rebuilding Hawks, but Gasol is leaps and bounds a better player even now than Smith will ever be.

  • NWA

    He’s not being traded nor leaving..The media hyped this up like he’s leaving Atlanta..He has stated many times since Ferry took over that he likes the direction of the team plus this is now HIS team..With all the cap room Atlanta now has they can add another big name and still re-sign Smith next season.

  • Redd

    To be honest, if the Bulls play like they been playing, they’ll be a high draft team.

  • Q

    lmao mann i need that good shit cuz the Lake show is NOT getn smith

  • KBM

    J Smith and Dwight r really good buds and I believe that J Smoove is , in essence, a Laker already.

  • Datkid

    does he he even want to play for them? he should leave and go to a team that he can help turn into a contender. Him and horford are kind of wasted in atl

  • danpowers

    you mean in the preseason so far?

  • Redd

    Yeah, it’s only Pre-season I know. But I’m saying if it translates the same then.

  • danpowers

    chill, that doesnt mean anything. if thibs wants a playoff season, he will make the bulls get there. i dont know if they still got their own 1st round picks but if they are going to tank for a high pick it would be good for the franchise in the long run. either way bulls fans shouldnt be too concerned.