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Kevin Durant Has Gotten Bigger and Stronger

Kevin Durant says he didn’t work out differently this summer, but it’s evident that his body has gained mass and strength. Durant — who was heavily criticized when entering the NBA for his skinny frame — tells the Oklahoman that he hopes to maintain and build on his new-found strength: “From his lower body, through his midsection on up to where it’s as clear as ever, his upper body, Durant has bulked up. As with everything else that defines his skills, Durant isn’t overly interested in discussing the matter. That he said as much as he did hints that he has indeed gotten stronger and is darn proud of it. ‘I hope so,’ Durant said when told he looks bigger and asked if he got stronger over the offseason. ‘I guess we’ll know when we start banging during the season. But I feel a little bigger, and coach is going to put me down low a little bit more at the 4 so I’ve got to be stronger to guard those guys. I’m just looking forward to doing as much as I can to help this team.’ Last season, Durant entered training camp at 235 pounds. He deemed it ‘a big thing’ for him to have gained 20 pounds since he entered the league in 2007. This year, his body appears to have filled out even more. But there was nothing special, Durant said, that was done this summer. ‘I guess I’m just getting older, man, because I was working out the same,’ Durant said. ‘I’ve been doing it for the last five summers. I just got to keep going, man. I can’t stop during the season as far as weightlifting is concerned. I just got to stick with it and hopefully I’ll just keep getting stronger.’ Durant has admitted that throughout his career he’s had trouble keeping the weight that he adds over the summer. But now that he’s 24, he’s optimistic that he will now be more capable of maintaining his muscle.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    so now he can bench 185?

  • RKJ92


  • http://twitter.com/chinchilla04 NBC

    i think this is overstating it a little bit…to say the least…

  • Justin05

    He can bench more than you pal. We don’t have to state what he could do to you on the b-ball court either..

  • Justin05

    Kevin already could lift 300 lbs. + on bench press, what the article is saying is that Durant’s body is naturally filling out now that he is becoming a man. It even says he didn’t work out any harder or anything

  • barb

    Looking forward to watching the OKC. This season will be exciting.

  • bike

    As long as he is getting stronger, I don’t see what the big deal is about him gaining or losing weight.

  • LakeShow

    Good for you KD. Should look like prime Garnett in no time..

  • Law

    I think he was referring to the fact KD couldn’t bench 185 at the draft combine when he first came out…which, like you said, based on his work on the basketball court, didn’t matter much.

  • BballNeverStops1367

    Muscle watch??

  • roscoe

    The only way someone puts on 20 pounds of muscle in one summer is through hard work.

  • T-man

    My man *Denzel Washington voice*

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    KD with a vengeance.. Is gonna be ballin out of control

  • dee

    Thanks to Reggie Miller, Allen Iverson Tyshawn Prince and others, the small or thin guy can not only make it but excell in the nba. As far as Durnat is concenred, more bench scoring when he sits is all he needs. He’s my favorite player right now. He’s what I thought Melo would be.

  • kc

    its not possible to put on 20 pounds of muscle over an offseason!! I get so sick of these yearly reports that someone put on 20 pounds of pure muscle in an offseason! Anyone here who works out regularly will know this to be true. You can get bigger and stronger but, 20 pounds of pure muscle in an offseason is pretty much impossible. 20 since he came in the league makes sense though. Also, of course your going to loose the benefits of your offseason lifting if you don’t continue the routine! I’m surprised KD didn’t seem to understand that….Muscle is by no means permanent, you have to work to gain,maintain, or increase muscle mass. With that said a stronger KD is trouble for the league, hopefully he understands that he must continue t lift during the season.

  • roscoe

    I was being sarcastic KFC. PEDs gets you 20 pounds of muscle in 90 days.

  • kc

    i hear you and wasn’t trying to scream on you. I just get sick of these reports about dudes supposedly getting huge in a few months.

  • robb

    that’s scary

  • http://twitter.com/wheresrandal_ ☿#RαηdalMAC

    KDTREY5 is too Raw. his game is so clean

  • roderick


  • Kbgg

    My Nigga *Denzel Washington voice*

  • irondan21

    Man if he could hit around 245ish…

  • Shaq

    Or Pau

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard

    if a skinny KD can kill anybody on the court i’m eager to see what the bulked up version will do

  • Mars

    On another note, starving kids all over the world just trying to survive. But Durant is that deal. You made it son. Your shoes are selling for $300, you are only 24, you score a lot of points and Lebron’s gonna reign for 6 more years.

  • keyon dooling

    Lol! Kevin Durant is still on the same weightlifting program as Spongebob. FOH

  • 2Cents

    don’t forget Rip Hamilton too…he said he never worked out with weights in fear of losing his shot & mechanics…

  • alex

    Wuuuuuuuut???? He even looks skinner then before wtf r u talking bout??