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Marcus Camby Was Reportedly ‘Surprised’ Knicks Gave Him a Three-Year Deal

Were you a little shocked that Marcus Camby, at age 38, received a three-year, $13.1 million contract this summer to play basketball for the New York Knicks? It’s alright if you were, because according to the Daily News, he was, too: “Perhaps because of his history of injuries and long career, Camby privately told teammates when he arrived for training camp that he was surprised he received a three-year deal worth $13.1 million. While he is scheduled to receive $9.2 million guaranteed for his first two seasons, the third year is not guaranteed and the Knicks could wind up paying him less if he continues to break down. If the Knicks want to get rid of him before his third season, they would owe him only a $1 million buyout. If he sticks, then they would end up paying him all of his $3.9 million for year three.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    me and marcus camby have something in common

  • Mike

    This is a waste of $13.1 million. He’s not worth that much over the next 3 years,

  • roscoe

    its supply & demand and no mystery as to why someone like camby gets a deal like this. when raw 7’0”s get drafted every year but seldomly make it past a couple seasons. In the slowed down pace of the playoffs Camby is a valuable player.

  • roscoe

    the nba is a free market & if a team pays him 13.1 he is worth it. The point you should be making is that the NBA lacks a supply of capable big men that can come off the bench.

  • danpowers

    he should take it as a nice goodbye gift when he ends his carreer.

  • danpowers

    a thing in the open market is hardly ever worth what is being paid for it

  • Brad Cordova

    What never made ANY sense to me is that the Knicks are ok with paying Marcus Camby $13.1 million over 3 years but refused to pay Jeremy Lin $25 million over 3 years………….

  • roscoe

    according to the buyer or the seller? or the armchair quaterback?

  • danpowers

    i leave that up to your imagination

  • jedi420

    I think people underestimate his bball IQ, he is a really good passer for a big man, I’m hoping he can get a nice connection going with Amare similar to him and LA in Portland.

    Saying that, what another commenter said above me is a pretty legit question.. why pay him 13 and not J Lin 25? Wouldn’t the amount of exposure in the Far East be worth it alone? Merchandising and whatnot..

  • roscoe

    That is a really good perspective… and the cause of it is melo.

  • Tik24K

    “the nba is a free market & if a team pays him 13.1 he is worth it.”

    Not when James Dolan is involved.

  • L Dribble

    Merchandising and TV rights revenue is split equally among all NBA teams.

  • Phil

    Here’s more than half of Jeremy lin’s contract for a 40 yr old. Wow and they blame lin for all there problems!!!

  • Yi-Cheng Chen

    yup, and am happy for Camby. his shot blocking per game is still pretty impressive.

  • danpowers

    yup. the contract is just a lirrle overblown. same with novaks contract. i dont really get these deals

  • Fed up Knicks fan

    He shouldn’t be surprised. the knicks are stupid like that. nothing they do suprises me anymore.