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Michael Jordan Got Mad at Charles Barkley for Public Criticism

Despite their long-standing friendship, Charles Barkley has never shied away from criticizing Michael Jordan’s work with the Charlotte Bobcats. Let’s just say that MJ doesn’t always appreciate Sir Charles’ candor. Per ESPN Radio (via SRI): “In regards to Michael Jordan being a bad general manager, honest is honest right Charles? ‘Honest is honest.’ Well how did Michael Jordan defend himself in that call? ‘I thought my name was S.O.B and M.F., like damn, I couldn’t even say anything. I said, ‘Dude I can’t get on the radio and tell people you been doin’ a good job.’ Did Michael Jordan try and defend himself on some of the moves? Or was he just relying on your friendship? ‘He’s relying on our friendship and I said, ‘Dude, I love you, you one of my best friends, period. You been there for me, I been there for you but.’ I think he got mad; he surrounded himself with people. One of the really difficult things about being famous, all your friends, you’re paying all the bills, they’re flying around on your private jet, very few of your friends are ever gonna disagree with you. And I think that’s the thing he got most mad about, ’cause I mean his record speaks for itself and I wanna see Michael do well, but I think that was actually an example when he thinks you’re supposed to be with him no matter what. But dude, you gotta get better people to wear on you if you’re gonna be successful. … You gotta have friends around you who [are] not afraid to say, ‘Oh that guy can’t play.’ And we’re cool now.’ What if he said to you ‘Charles can you come be part of my management group and help me try to get things back on the right path?’ ‘I said, ‘Michael you can’t afford me.’ Oh he could, he could afford anything? ‘First of all, let me tell you something, Michael is as cheap as they come, trust me.’”

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  • http://twitter.com/CanOnlyBeOne_ Ross MacLeod

    Go Chuck lol

  • Redd

    Charles is awesome. He does seem cheap, Jordan used to be a really good guy, I think he’s gotten bitter.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    Lol ahhhh man. Callin Michael cheap. Lol

  • chosen1

    Jordan sucks as a GM. As Charles would say: “He’s Tur-rah-bull.”


    well jordan needs someone to tell him that Adam Morrison Kwame Brown and Biyombo are NOT 1ST ROUND LOTTERY PICKS

  • Lorne

    When was this? Just because you’re hearing about him being a jerk now doesn’t mean he hasn’t always been this way. In the age of the iternet you read about everything today. You didn’t have that back in the 80′s and early 90′s. You’d know that if you weren’t 12 years old :D

  • Perry the PlatyPteranodon

    Oh god this could turn into the best event ever. I can picture it now
    Live at halftime during the All Star game, Michael and Chuck center court duelling out like gentlemen.
    Mike: Sir Charles of Auburn, you sir have insulted my honor. I challenge you to a duel! What say you?
    Charles: Bring it good sir! *They both pull out swords*
    *Charles and Mike duke it out for 5 minutes, the fog machines go off and then Charles gets in a lethal slash on Mike and walks away sexily in the mist whilst Jordan is bleeding on the ground…*
    Charles: Via con heuvos muchacho…. via con huevos….”
    *The lights dim out*

  • Redd

    Sorry old man. But your argument can easily go against you also. :D

  • robb

    Barkley’s right. Both as an analyst and as a friend. MJ better starts listening to the guys that really care about him.

  • Lorne

    Which part? The part where you weren’t even alive to hear the rumors of his asshole-ish behavior during his first decade playing? Or the part when I referenced the internet, and how it rapidly reports his current dickhead moves?

  • roscoe

    Wake up MJ your team is what every professional team world-wide should not be.

  • rkirby

    The NBA needs Charles Barkley

  • Redd

    The part where you didn’t know him personally either to say anything. But do go ahead and tell me of his jerkish behavior old man.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    That’s Jordan’s problem already. Too many yes-men. Barkley is probably the best friend a person could have. What exactly what he supposed to say? That Michael has done a great job?

  • Lorne

    Never said I knew him personally. I’m actually old enough to have heard the rumors of how much of a jerk he was back then. You spoke as if you were more than lil swimmer in your daddy’s sack. Your perspective comes from what, exactly?

  • LakeShow

    Speaking truths. Go Chuck Go!

  • pposse

    this is old news barkley said this like a year ago

  • pposse

    that was the dumbest fantasy i ever made my imagination take me to!

  • Perry the PlatyPteranodon

    Chuck probably is, unfortunately people dont always want whats best… I doubt most people would rather have Chuck to roll with over Jordan. Chuck seems like the dude who keeps a group laughing, whilst Jordan is that guy everyone thinks is cool and like mysterious, but is really just an ass…

  • Dymez

    This is one thing Mike knows, and that’s why Chuck’s words hurt him that much. It’s also the reason why MJ has Chuck as a friend. Chuck is the most honest basketball player in NBA history. His outspoken honesty got him delivered many fines, criticism and also many endorsement deals.

    I think MJ can be a good GM, though. I just think he needs to realize how much goes into it. Jordan has a lot of jobs, man, and he’s hands-on with every single one of them. There’s no way in hell he can concentrate on all of these things at once and make well calculated decisions. This is why every other owner with multiple business ventures have people under them, running these organizations. It’s just that competitive fire he has that’s holding him back, he wants to do everything. But I hear he loosened up the reigns recently, just before the draft, so we’ll see how the Bobcats turn out in a couple of years.

  • MackAtttack

    LOL gotta love Chuck

  • Redd

    From my perspective idiot, as does yours. You said it, rumors. A bit too old to be on the Internet all day no? Anyways I’m not arguing with a bitter old guy who’s a jerk. Next time maybe respective people have opinions.

  • justin05

    LOL he just told Michael the cold hard truth man. He knows Michael well enough haha

  • justin05

    I didn’t actually read the fantasy but I liked your comment because you saved me from wasting the time lol

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    chucks always good for the truth

  • Ahmed-ka

    That had me laughing for half an hour*charles walking sexily in the mist*

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=660600032 Tavoris Sinclair

    when was Jordan a good guy?


    Charles would not join MJ as part of his management team and be in the trenches with him because it is easier for Charles to criticize as oppose to joining Michael and maybe teach the young guys how to play more effectively. I feel that this is why MJ is really angry with Charles. If you want to see someone do well, then why don’t you join the team in trying to help MJ do well. Criticizing MJ doesn’t help accomplish anything. Quit just sitting on the sideline criticizing and stating your opinions because someone ask you a question and you have the microphone. You don’t always have to respond. Good luck Michael and don’t listen to Charles….he’s a nobody with a big mouth and does nothing to help.

  • coyboo

    buy the sac kings sir charles and name them the “SACRAMENTO TURRI-BULLS” lol seriously, many would like the idea in you having an nba team of your own. you’ll be a great, great owner and who knows, maybe become an nba commissioner someday

  • danpowers

    well, he was always known for cheating on his wife and gambling, i wouldnt call this a “really good guy” lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/qcollingwood Interdico Scriptor


  • http://www.facebook.com/BrotherDaveDG Dave Allen

    Michael Jordan is not GM of the Bobcats

  • Ugh

    Yep, that’s the truth. Hasheem Thabeet was a top 5 pick same way.

  • Irishway’s

    I,d be cheap to if my X wife took me for 150 mil. or how ever much it was. Chuck and Jordan go Oprah its hilarious check it out on youtube….

  • http://twitter.com/Illustrious_Cee Chris

    it’s not even really a rumor, it’s something that has been an open secret. If you read “The Jordan Rules” by Sam Smith, it pretty much talked about how much of an asshole Jordan was to his teammates. He allegedly punched Steve Kerr in training once and referred to his teammates as his “supporting cast”. So umm, yeah Jordan was a huge jerk if it weren’t known.

  • jwgali

    Barkley is probably a little jealous of MJ. 1. Jordan has 6 rings, & 6 Finals MVP’s. Barkley has zero. 2. Jordan beat his team in the Finals decisively. 3. Jordan is the best player ever. Period. Barkley was aiight. Jordan wouldn’t want a guy who never won a championship to work for him either. Would you? He went to Houston, and the Rockets & look how that worked out. Kenny Smith has to always correct him. He’s just bitter & jealous.

  • GBtha G

    Thats real ma man.u know all the otha comments r nothing but trash but yoz STANDS OUT believe me.charles barkley well I cant stand him, that false prophet he just needs 2 shut up n mind his biz coz he the one thats cheap really.yes yes he’s jealous of MJ the greatest of all time.

  • Adam Contreras

    I’m sorry I love Jordan but Charles is right. He just trying to help. Jordan knows that his Bobcats are garbage. He just doesn’t want to spend money for big stars & doesn’t care.

  • Gregory Davis

    When They Both appeared on Oprah, Charles Barkley called Michael Jordan Cheap because when the two of them were about to walk in a restaurant, There was this Dude holding a sign that read” I need Money for Alcohol” and as Charles felt that he was Honest, He Reached in his pocket to hand the dude a $100 Bill, Michael Slapped Charles hand down and said NO! “Don’t Give Him Nothing!” But Charles gave it to him, Only because the guy was Honest in which he likes that about people. But Michael is probably feeling like Charles is feeding an Alcoholic. But with all the Money That MJ has, He should have put that Alcoholic dude in a Rehab to clean him up and maybe give him a job in his Restaurant or one of his Businesses. C’MOn MJ Worth $500 Mil.He could clean that dude up and help him. Charles is one of his True Best friends for LIfe.

  • Gregory Davis

    Maybe MJ Feels that if he spends more money to get Better Players that they probably will still SUCK! So not taking a chance with all that money it reminds him of Gambling like what his Father use to do. so he feels not to take a chance because he knows he is a loser when it comes to Betting. Just as the Wizards were with him. He just has Bad Luck! That’s All! And Chuck want;s to help him. Hey MJ, Just pay Chuck the Right Money and He will help him with his teams problem, Simple as that!

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    oh no count. i remember that interview. it was great.

  • Juan Gotti

    Him or Iverson… on the most honest NBA player statement

  • sholepacheco

    the bobcats suck

  • asdgialom

    You are both Jordan d-ckriders

  • Guest

    The bitter old guy who’s a jerk is Jordan.