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Rasheed Wallace Says There’s More Passion in College Basketball Than the NBA

When Rasheed Wallace walked away from the NBA in 2010, he no longer enjoyed the product, and spent much of his brief retirement watching college ball instead. Wallace – who is currently struggling to get in shape during the New York Knicks training camp – claims that college players exhibit more passion and hunger for the game. The NY Post has more: “Wallace — who won the NBA title with the Pistons in 2004 when [Mike] Woodson was an assistant coach — did not hesitate when asked why he came back. ‘Passion, just sitting watching the way some of the guys you call great post players not playing in the post,’ Wallace said. ‘It’s the passion to come back and show y’all how post players really need to play — old-school basketball. Y’all are used to all this new, young stuff, high-flying and dunking. That’s not basketball. Terrible footwork by a lot of young guys out here. Let’s go back to old-school basics.’ [...] The lack of passion and hunger Wallace perceived in many of younger players turned him off the NBA during his retirement, so he watched college basketball instead. ‘I turned from the BS that they show, with a whole lot of the stuff that’s going on out here,’ he said. ‘I was more interested in college. To me it seemed in college ball, guys are more hungry. It’s for a different circumstance when you’re talking about playing for money and playing for heart. Not saying that guys in the NBA don’t play for heart, but once you get that money, you’re under a different mindset. But when you’re trying to get there and get on this level, you’re more hungry.’”

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  • @JuatCallMeSammy

    Haven’t we all known this for the past 12 years?

  • WutUpThooo

    Very true, there’s a lot of players that lose that hunger when they get 2 the league, but he has a lot more insight being in the Nba

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    Less Ego’s

  • T-Money

    coming from a dude who spent the last 3 years of his career running from 3-point line to 3-point line?

    coming from a dude who criminally underachieved given the talent he had with career averages of 14.6 pgg and 6.7 rebs?

    just say that YOU didn’t have a passion for the game. power forwards of his generation like td, kg and dirk are still out there working hard, taking conditioning seriously and adding to their game while you’re doing p90x on the sidelines when the knicks are practicing.

  • T-Money

    btw, i hate the new commenting system. it’s really hard to get the flow of the conversation.

  • rainman

    Well, YOU Mr “Wallace Wallace”, definitely played with more passion in college than you did in the NBA, at least.

  • redoct31

    Man Sheed’s antic’s on the court don’t define just how high of ball IQ he has given for 48 minutes end to end for the better part of his career…. 2-UP ta SUN-RA He’ll always be a part of the BIG MAN camp once his playing days are over. That’s the path passion takes the TRUEST.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    He speaks the truth.

  • Shifty

    Even though some of what your saying us true he is will be one of the better post players in he league when he plays again. A lot of his threes in his last years was when he was running from defense to offense and getting a pass at the top of the arc. Still in the post he knew what to do and I’m looking forward to see how he fares this year.

  • Shifty

    Ball don’t lie!

  • http://twitter.com/HuwLHopkins Huw L Hopkins

    its understandable though. you attend a college you fall in love with and develop more love for it when you’re there. as a pro your moved around by people with more money than sense from year to year. less community. less to get passionate about

  • TBRK

    cough cough…Blake Griffin

  • bike

    The Knicks should test his theory by not paying him a dime this season. Just tell him they want to see more passion and hunger in his game.

  • ernieD

    Old school as in 20 years ago, when Sheed would actually play inside and rebound, like a true big man should? Not Ill-advised 3 point shots, when passing the ball, or making a move inside (with that great footwork he talks about…. which he never used later on) would have given him a little more authority on the subject. But Sheed was too banged up and out of shape to play the post, so he honed his long distance shooting, and ended up reminding me more of Antoine Walker… another out of shape guy who frustrated the life out everyone with his game. But Sheed has now spent a couple of years recuperating… and now he thinks he can come back and show everyone how it’s done? It remains to be seen if he even makes the team… but they do have injury issues with Bynum, Camby and Amare. The first time he gets asked to play Center, I predict Shed will re-retire.

  • LakeShow

    You sound bitter Rasheed.

  • 23

    So by his logic, college bball would become less passionate if players were compensated even more than they already are? By his logic, baller+money=less passion?? This dude must have forgotten about kg, PP, kobe, Tyson, russel, kd i am not even gonna continue. People complain so much about the NBA it’s sickening. If you dislike the nba, then don’t watch. There’s plenty of us who love the NBA. Of course the league is changing. That’s life, that’d business, that’s human evolution, that’s technology. Next i bet Rasheed is gonna complain how nobody wears ’82 Air Force One’s.

  • Junior Taylor

    Tell me about it.

  • Junior Taylor

    better passion doesn’t always mean better product. I love College Ball and watch it any chance I get but the difference between the level of play from the NCAAs to the NBA is night and day. I have gotten bored or fallen asleep watching college but that has never happened while watching the L.

  • faqrul fauzi

    He just need to shut up and count his money..want to play in nba but not in shape? look at ben wallace body and conditioning..that passion for basketball..not beer belly

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    college bball also has a lot more passing…around the arc….for 30 seconds of the 35 second shot clock…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    i like being able to down comments tho

  • spit hot fiyah

    u must be catching all the good games then, because in the 82 game season there is whole of of just going through the motions for a lot of teams, which can result in some very boring games. In college ball each game count more, but like u said it doesn’t always mean a better product


    Rasheed speaks the truth. College ball >>> and more passionate than the NBA.
    Even when Sheed was a Tar Heal he showed more passion than he ever did in the L.

  • Hatershateme

    His number 1 saying.. Can’t wait till he say it again

  • Hatershateme

    Bynum ain’t on the Knicks you dumb fuck

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    Rasheed was also quoted as saying “There’s more money in the NBA than college, which is why I left early and am coming out of retirement.”

  • brandan evans

    sheed is my dude (pause), and speaks the truth. people forget during his early years in portland he was holdin it down! now as he got older he mixed it up a little bit with the post and 3-point line.
    but go look at sheed highlights from 2000-03, he beast in that post!

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I don’t understand how any knowledgeable fan of basketball could prefer NCAA over NBA ball. NCAA is putrid compared to pro ball. I have never enjoyed a college game aside from a few exciting March Madness games. Especially in today’s 1-and-done era you might as well wait a year, until the college superstars get drafted. Why the hell would you need a 35 second shot clock when the length of the court is shorter?! I’m having a much better time watching the WNBA playoffs (which are actually really exciting and very underrated imo, especially given the 2 out of 3 format).


    hes right – end of story.

  • esmooth

    T-Money you know nothing about the game of basketball….he never ran from 3pt line to 3pt line his last 3 years….if he happen to be open and if he a slow or bigger man on him..he would stretch the defense out with his ability to knock it down….his versatility help win a chip in pistons…you know how hard it is to win a chip in the NBA……and he has his up and downs in the nba….tmac avg 19 points in his career that doesnt show define how good of a scorer he is…..towards the end of his caeer he knew his role and had to shoot threes….but young sheed had heart,passion,fire,would curse the ref out of anger cause he love the game so much….he change the game with the ball don’t lie….and yes young sheed had footwork and post up moves look up at youtube…he also was talking about the young guys not the old guys like timmy and kg….guys like blake,josh smith…who has no footwork who has no moves just can dunk …..of course its gonna be hard for him to come back…he has the balls to come back after being out two years and avg nba career is 5-6 years and sheed passed and still wants to go…..alot of dudes would be home with a pot belly….and i bet you couldn’t last through a p90x workout ..its harder than you think loser

  • Clos1881

    He also said young guys so that excludes dirk td and Kg think more along the lines of Blake and deandre Jordan

  • Clos1881

    I don’t think Rasheed reached his potential you saw flashes of what he was capable of in the 2000 western conference finals unguardable but his numbers would never be great he was always on stacked teams blazers pistons