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Royce White to Re-Join the Houston Rockets, Will Travel By Bus

The Houston Rockets and rookie forward Royce White have reached an agreement, and the “innovative” plan will allow White to take part in the team’s training camp. The Rockets agreed to let Royce travel by bus to games, due to his fear of flying. Per the Houston Chronicle: “Royce White said he will join the Rockets for practice Monday in Houston, citing the team’s blessing to travel to a large part of the season’s schedule by bus as part of his plan to manage his mental illness. The Rockets, he said, were willing to put their agreement in writing and to even have it included in his contract, but because contracts are subject to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, it could be a long process to gain approval from the NBA and the NBA Players Association for a unique addendum to the standard league contract. ‘We’ll go forward in a good faith deal between me and Rockets, and I’m totally comfortable with that,’ said White, who has been absent from camp. ‘We can find a way to get it into writing at some point. We do have a letter between us. It’s an agreement, not in contract form, but those are technicalities. What the Rockets are doing is astronomically appreciated by me and should be by the mental health community.’ White has battled Generalized Anxiety Disorder in which concerns about an issue, such as his fear of flying, can often spread to a more general and increasing anxiety on unrelated matters. He has suffered from panic attacks and obsessive compulsive tendencies. Uncertainty can lead to dramatic increases in symptoms but in each case, he can treat the disorder by heading off anxiety. White said he will supply the bus he will use for much of the season’s travel, calling overnight trips of up to nine hours ‘no problem at all.’”

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  • Comment_System

    They should have just paid for a psychologist. The logistics of having one man be driven by bus around the country is pretty mind boggling. What’s gonna happen when he has a home game then a game in miami? DNP: Scared of flying?

  • cbb_fanatic

    I thought at the end of his documentary I saw, he was getting ready to board a plane to try to conquer this aspect of his anxiety. I guess he couldn’t follow through. I hope he gets pass this some day real soon; I hate to see a good player with his type of potential be held back.

  • spit hot fiyah

    it will take a very loooooong time to go to most away games, hope they make it work though

  • Mike From Spain

    Maybe they can put him in some sort of sound isolated bus, pressurize the bus and load the bus in a cargo plane. He’d be in his bus and fly, at the same time.

  • Mike From Spain

    What’s the longest distance you have to travel in the West? If you have a comfortable enough bus maybe you can have three or four drivers, and they drive through the night. You can drive 700 – 800 km in a night if you don’t need to stop. Then, during the day you can drive other 400-500 km. Pretty exhausting but possible. That wouldn’t work for away back to back games though

  • Steve

    Cheerleaders have bigger balls than this guy….suck it up , get on the
    plane, and get over it. Ill take 1-2 hr flight anyday over a 8-10 hr
    drive in which anything can go wrong. If he can sit there and take all
    those tatoos for an hr+, he can take a 1-2 hr flight.

  • JR

    Pretty interesting story line here. RW is one brave dude though, trying to overcome an illness like this in a public setting. I really like his game and can’t wait to see how he handles himself against NBA competition (speaking from a purely basketball standpoint). Hopefully he can work things out and become a champion of mental health issues as well. This situation sheds a lot of light on mental illness; Royce is afraid of a form of transport that is astronomically less dangerous than the one he’s opting to take. It’s totally irrational, but it’s a thought process he has to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

  • Reed’

    Did u get the memo that this guy suffers from mental illness?! SMH

  • http://twitter.com/bjollz Björn Atli Davíðsson

    I’m pulling for this dude. That being said, I don’t see the Rockets allowing this if he isn’t a 6’8 270 pound dude that can pass like Jason Williams, so he’s kind of lucky he’s so unique.

  • Mike

    This article leaves out the fact that it’s select games, not ALL games. White flew all last year and never had a problem. That included a few weeks in Italy, for which he had no problem with going to, but I guess every single news outlet has missed this point.

    It’s select games, not every game. Please get the story right.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1106101151 facebook-1106101151

    He is in treatment already.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1106101151 facebook-1106101151

    It’s. Illegal to refuse reasonable accommodation to a person with disability. I have a similar condition. Panic attacks can be serious.

  • Comment_System

    thanks for the update

  • Dunyr

    Did you miss the memo that Royce White is retarded?

  • Charlie S

    I have big hopes for this guy. That being said I’m waiting for the Mr T nickname. “I ain’t gettin on no plane”

  • Dunyr

    Did you get the memo that I suck hairy assholes for breakfast and was dropped on my head as a baby?