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Tim Duncan Owns a Car and Truck Customization Shop

Tim Duncan can apparently pimp your ride. Or something to that effect. Project Spurs reports on the big fella’s new car and truck customization business: “For those who live in San Antonio, you may have seen a huge sign along Huebner Road with ‘Black Jack Speed Shop’ emblazoned with huge black lettering with a red flame design. And in case you didn’t know, that’s the future site of Duncan’s car and truck customization shop with a focus on wheels and tires, suspension, performance parts and accessories. However, it shouldn’t come to much of a surprise Duncan’s business is in the automobile industry. He is an avid car fan and has soaked in huge automotive events during his offseason. So it goes without saying, this new venture will be right up his alley. [...] ‘This is Tim Duncan’s business. We both shared the passion for cars ever since I’ve known him and it’s been going on for a good many of years. We’ve always talked about how cool it would be, you know one day, if we had a shop, and we can do cars and do things the way we want to do them and so on and so forth,’ Jason Pena, Duncan’s friend and business associate said. ‘That conversation had loomed for five years. It came to a point where we sat down one evening and we were like ‘Man, it would be really cool to do it,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, you want to do it, I’m ready to go,’ and that’s how it started.’”

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  • thekid

    Tim is so cool. When I grow up I want to be like him.

  • Max

    Now that is GANGSTA!

  • MrSuper

    Timmy with the slick moves… behind the wheel.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    Makin moves for the future

  • spit hot fiyah

    U know popovic gott his lowrider from there

  • TheUnspokenTruth

    Owning a car customizing shop is a good side gig, but you can’t completely live off of it. All those spinning rims Latrell Sprewell sold still wasn’t enough to feed his children.

  • Chukaz

    In spree’s defense, he probably fathered a small country. The t-wolves offered him 25 mil and it wasn’t enough to feed his kids, so you know his child count was in the 2,000,000+

  • Chukaz

    Spree’s the reason Romney thinks so poorly of the poor. How much of our current deficit do ya’ll think went toward food staps to feel Spree’s small army of toddlers? A quarter, maybe?

  • Chukaz

    I meant feed, not feel. It could get ugly if someone took that one out of context…

  • LordOzban

    fundamental my ride

  • ELO

    Bad move Timmy,…too many ya-hoos doing that s**t,…titty bar would have been better money maker…imo!