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Al Jefferson Loves Utah But Wouldn’t Mind Playing in Boston Again

With free agency looming next summer, Al Jefferson has some important decisions to make regarding his career and future. The Utah Jazz says that he loves his current situation, but if the Boston Celtics were to somehow re-acquire him, that would suit him just fine. Per WEEI: “We haven’t had any conversations,’ Jefferson said. ‘This is all about going out and taking care of business. If I go out and take care of my business, everything else will work itself out. I’m not really concerned about it.’ Jefferson is making $15 million in the final year of his deal in Utah. ‘I want to be in the NBA,’ Jefferson said. ‘When both teams want me, that’s when I need to start worrying. Right now, I just want to be in the NBA, I want to be with the Utah Jazz to be honest with you. I’d love to stay in Utah. They do things the right way, kind of remind me of Boston, first class. They do everything the right way. They have to do what’s best for their team and I have to do what’s best for my family. Right now, it’s all about winning and getting back to the playoffs. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. You really don’t want to think too far ahead. You have to take care of business day-by-day. If I do my part, everything will work out.’ As for Boston? ‘This is my first home,’ he said with a big smile. ‘This will always be my home away from home. Danny Ainge gave me a chance when nobody else did. If that situation were to happen, I’d love to do that again. But right now, like I said, it’s all about taking care of business and finishing out the season right.’”

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  • PippenAintEasy

    Remember Utah: This was the guy who said you’d lose against the Spurs.

  • Cameron

    And we would love to have you in Beantown Big Al. Make it happen Danny

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    I have no idea who they could trade him for, but Paul Milsap needing to be resigned, and Favors and Kanter riding the pine….if they could find any suitable trade for an above average guard or wing I would take it. Actually Just a guard…Gordon Hayward and Marvin Williams should have te 3 locked up.


    I dont think Al Jefferson will be in Utah next season. When players feed into things like this, it always confuses me. Thats like telling your girlfriend “I love you baby, but I wouldnt mind being with my ex. She was my first love. Ur my current girlfriend tho so I’m going to treat you right and when the honeymoon phase is over, I’ll weigh my options.”

  • ai83

    Celtics must to sign Big Al next summer, Big Al is the best center in the league.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    i don’t think Al Jefferson will be in Utah at the end of THIS season.


    You’re probably right! lol

  • ErnieD

    I wouldn’t read in to it too much. Doc keeps in touch with most of his former players. I think Big Al could possibly get traded to Boston, but only if Utah tanks it… and I think they are still a solid team. Still, I doubt Big Al will be with the Jazz next season. It will be his first first chance at Free Agency, and many teams will be after him. The C’s could use his rebounding, and if Pierce decided to go somewhere else next season, that would free up the money. Problem is AL has already had a couple of significant injuries, and I wonder how much he has left? Give him a 2-3 year deal, but he will command more like 5 from San Antonio, Dallas, LA or Miami.

  • mhm

    are you sure about that? He not even the best center in that conference.

  • Shifty

    This kinda shows how great the Celtic franchise is. Past players always say they act first class, they helped Jeff green out when he was diagnosed with his heart condition, same with Wilcox which is played a big part in why green re-signed, they gave dooling a job because of his issues and why he couldn’t play. Wen Shaq said the celtics franchise was great. Lakers on other hand……….

  • spit hot fiyah

    agreed, that frontcourt is too loaded and favors and kanter have shown that they deserve minutes. utah is actually one of my favourite teams to watch this year, sneaky exciting