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Andray Blatche Says the Washington Wizards Tried to ‘End’ Him (UPDATE)

Brooklyn Nets forward Andray Blatche was feeling himself last night following his team’s win over the New York Knicks. So, naturally, Blatche took several shots at his former employer, the sad-sack Washington Wizards (who are the not-so-proud owners of an amazing 0-12 record.) The WaPo has much more: “Blatche decided to do a radio interview with Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier on 106.7 The Fan and lashed back at the Wizards for what he felt was a lack of support in his final years with the franchise. ‘They’ve could’ve had my back,’ Blatche said during an interview that lasted roughly 20 minutes and touched on several topics, including his poor conditioning, the incident when he failed to check in during a game against Charlotte, his relationship with Ernie Grunfeld and even him getting arrested for soliciting a prostitute in 2007. [...] ‘They could’ve explained exactly what was going on. They’ve could’ve had my back. They could’ve done anything. I don’t care what they could’ve done. It could’ve been small, than to say, you know what, ‘This is our escape route. We’re going to leave him out for himself. He’s going to have to fend for himself now,’ Blatche said. ‘No, that’s not what you do when it’s your family. And supposedly say this is a brotherhood. That’s not what you do. I don’t care, whatever my brother, my uncle, my sister, whatever anybody does, I’m going to have their back 100 percent. And that’s what you do with family. That’s all I’m saying. If we’re family, then act like it,’ he said. [...] ‘I was out of shape. I 100 percent admit that. And that’s 100 percent on me. But my thing is, I’m not necessarily blaming it all on injuries because it’s other things I could’ve possibly done…I could’ve did a lot more workouts. Do more stuff in the pool to take stress off my legs. I could’ve done a lot more of that,’ Blatche continued. ‘I’m talking more of the booing and the ignorance of certain fans of certain situations with the media that the organization didn’t have my back with. That’s what I’m talking about.’ [...] He also argued that his time in Washington was largely misrepresented and he was cast as a ‘knucklehead.’ He denied that he refused to enter a game against the Bobcats in March 2010, claiming that it was a “misunderstanding” that the Wizards declined to acknowledge publicly and made him look worse. ‘I’m quite sure, they can ask every last one of my teammates here and I guarantee you what they say about me is completely different than what y’all think of me in D.C.,’ he said. ‘For them to say, ‘Oh, he’s a bad teammate. He’s a cancer in the locker room.’ He’s this and that. All that was a bunch of lies! A bunch of lies. That’s what really made me mad. That showed me, they tried to end me.’”

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  • JML-G

    Blatche been playing well, way better than expected, so far, so i guess he has rights to brag a bit

  • Caribbeancop

    Help with what? blantche get real! u make and break with the situation u were in!

  • roscoe

    the wizards aren’t a winning organization?

  • mockingbird24

    Yes he’s playing well NOW!! My problem with him is……don’t take to twitter and criticize an organization that you helped make terrible. It would be one thing if when he was with the Wizards he was carrying the team!! Then he would have a right to talk trash! But he was just as much the blame as anyone else. I’m glad he’s doing his thing in Brooklyn, but keep your mouth shut about my Wizards and worry about Brooklyn!! No Wizards player said anything bad about him when he left, now that he’s playing behind star players he has so much mouth!!

  • Trout

    Real talk who should really be responsible for the condition of your body when you’re a professional athlete? Grown man should take responsibility for themselves.

  • spit hot fiyah

    they r actually, winning the lottery

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    What’s the end of that quote? Is he blaming them for letting him be out of shape? What is his point here? The right thing to do would be to leave the Wizards alone, keep your mouth shut and just enjoy being in Brooklyn with Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Coach Avery Johnson. No need to still be talking about the team who amnestied you. What’s next? JaVale McGee will blame the Wizards organization for letting him run down the court on defense while his team still had the ball on offense? Doesn’t it say something about Andray that this bad organization didn’t want him around? The Wizards need to get John Wall back, fire Randy Wittman, hire a good coach and they’ll be okay. Guys who only stay motivated when they’re playing for good teams don’t deserve any respect.

  • mockingbird24


  • http://twitter.com/stepfdelaghetto Stepfan Raiford

    I agree 100%. But as a fan of the Wizards I am use to this. Once one of our former players leave they go off to win a chip or go deep into the playoffs. Aka they become successful Rip Hamilton, champion. Rasheed Wallace, champion. Juwan Howard, took long enough but he got the chip. C-Webb went deep into the playoffs. And many more. My problem with Blatche is you balled out in your contract year when the team self destructed then you come back next season out of shape, then you have the nerve to say no one helped you lose weight!!!!!? This is your job. It’s your responsibility to take care of your body and be in shape. You shouldn’t have to ask for help, take the initiative and tell the Washington training staff to help you get in shape. But the main problem with the Wizards organization is Ernie Grunfeld. He has to go simple as that.

  • mockingbird24

    Are you listening to Andray Blatche on 106.7 right now???? THIS GUY IS A JOKE!!!!! The Wizards may hang their heads because of their 0-12 start but they DO NOT need to hang their heads because they got rid of him.

  • Trap Lord

    He’s playing well as the 7th/8th man on a team.

    Let’s stop acting like he went somewhere else and became a franchise player or something.

  • shockexchange

    This speaks a lot to Blatche’s character and to the character of the BK Nets to let his guy take shots at the Wizards. The Wizards paid this guy on time, honored his contract and Blatche underperformed. Taking shots at another franchize that held its end of the bargain? Blatche doesn’t represent just himself; he also represents his employer. If this is not how the Nets want to be represented off-court then Blatche should either be fined or disallowed from talking to the media.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Come on, man. He messes up and expects the organization to clean up his mistakes. He needs to take more responsibility. The NBA is a business before anything else. All that family talk is nice to say, but teams don’t make family decisions, they make business decisions. Ask the Celtics about trading Kendrick Perkins who was a part of their family about how they make decisions. Why would the organization want a guy who solicits prostitutes and stays out of shape around their number 1 pick or their new number 3 pick in John Wall and Bradley Beal? If he had done everything that he says he should have, he may still be there. He got booed because of what he didn’t do. Completely fair. Nick Young and JaVale McGee have matured since leaving DC. Haven’t heard them say a word about the Wizards. Blatche should take notes from his former teammates and just play ball with his new team. No organization has the power to “end” a player. If you can play and you do what you’re supposed to do, you will be on a team.

  • mockingbird24

    That’s twice today Byanymeans!!!! You are on it!!!! Exactly right!!!!

  • mockingbird24

    And I agree with you 100% Stepfan!! Ernie G is problem #1! I’ve been tweeting Ted L. all morning. If enough fans infiltrate him may he’ll listen! But in all honesty, he sees what’s going on and you’re not going to tell me that he doesn’t know what to do. He knows he needs to let Ernie AND RANDY GO!! I don’t have anything against Wittman, but I never thought he deserved to be a HEAD COACH!!! At this point I would rather see Sam Cassell or Don Newman give it a try!! Some players need to go too!! But at this point, what other team is going to look at the Wizards and see an asset for a trade? This is ridiculous!!! Wizards fans have gone from being sad to just down right angry!! It only took the Lakers a couple of games to see that Mike Brown wasn’t the one. Come on Ted!!!!!

  • nick

    complete scrub one of my least favorite players in the league. the attempted triple double on youtubes one of my favorite videos though

  • Junior Taylor

    This clown doesn’t get it. It’s not up to an organization to baby a grown a** man like yourself. It’s up to you as a pro to take care of your body, stay out of trouble and perform on the court so the fanbase won’t boo your sorry a**.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    This is like Fat people blaming McDonalds

  • http://twitter.com/stepfdelaghetto Stepfan Raiford

    And fire Ernie Grunfeld. Hedoesn’t have an eye for talent. Every player he has drafted besides John Wall (excluding Mcgee and Blatche since they got traded) have been bust; Trevor Booker,Jordan Crawford,Chris Singleton, and Jan Vesely. You have to get your draft picks right. Hopefully Bradley Beal can get out of this shooting slump, if not he will be added to the list.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    I’m holding out judgement on Bradley Beal until he and Wall play with each other for a while.

  • LakeShow


  • LakeShow

    Dude is 26…

  • http://twitter.com/stepfdelaghetto Stepfan Raiford

    Touche. I got to be patient but he’s missing wide open j’s already and he’s suppose to be a knock down shooter. Will John Wall passing him the rock make that much a difference?

  • Fourthguyonthisthread

    I too agree 100%.

  • bike

    Wizards can’t catch a break. Off to a horrible start and then one of their former players, who happens to be a fourteen-carat idiot, is bad mouthing them. Guy has fertilizer for brains.

  • shockexchange

    That dog don’t hunt.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    I think John’s impact on the team with his speed and explosiveness will send a jolt through the team and the fanbase. The effect that a young explosive PG has on a team can’t be overestimated. Will he bring them a lot of wins right away when he returns? Probably not. But they look dead. He will at least bring some excitement. The veterans that they have along with John and Bradley developing will be a good fit in my opinion. A culture change is needed and it starts with Grunfield and then Randy Wittman. The roster is okay. New leadership is needed.

  • roscoe
  • wet

    I also agree 100% with your fourthguyonthisthread

  • philchips

    What reality is this kid living in? How stupid is he? Mental illness seems to be going around lately! Maybe it’s time for the wizards to hire a character evaluator.

  • Chukaz

    I love how he says that the team was like fam and that people should do whatever thay have to do for family and that he’s like that. They didn’t treat him like family and he’s complaining. If he really would do anything for family like he said he would, why couldn’t he play hard? Why couldn’t he get in shape? Why did he have to go out and solicit a prostitute? Bro if you can’t get a girl, keep it in your pants/hand.

  • mockingbird24

    I’m gonna have to agree with you on this one Stepfan! I agree with byanymeans that we need to give him time to have chemistry with Wall, but at the same time, he’s been in A LOT of positions this season where he’s had open looks and couldn’t execute. I understand you’re not going to make all of them, but the way they hyped him up to be this sharpshooter he needs to be a little better than what he’s been giving.