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Dirk Nowitzki Says Rehab from Knee Surgery is Taking Too Long

Dirk Nowitzki’s surgically-repaired right knee is taking longer than he’d hoped to recover. Nowitzki is already losing patience with the rehab process. Per the Dallas Morning News: “Nowitzki had arthroscopic surgery on Oct. 19. At the time, team doctor T.O. Souryal’s stated prognosis was that Nowitzki would be able to resume basketball activities in six weeks. That would be late November or early December. ‘Gotta admit, I’m already getting tired of rehab,’ Nowitzki said on Fox Sports Southwest’s telecast, during the second quarter of [last night's] game against Minnesota. ‘It’s been three weeks. Obviously, that’s a lot of time for me watching. At this point, gotta stay patient and do what the doctors and trainers tell me. Just keep rehabbing and see how long it is. When I originally heard three-to-six weeks, in my mind I’m thinking ‘in two weeks I’m back.’ But unfortunately, this is not how it happens. My first knee surgery of my career and unfortunately this stuff takes longer than we expected. So I’ve gotta be patient, do the smart thing and keep working.’ Nowitzki said he recently started running in the pool, in addition to riding a stationary bike. He said ‘we’ll probably introduce a little more next week,’ but did not specify what work that might be.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    i’ll say it again, they miss the playoffs

  • patirck

    if i wer him i’d use high powered jacuzzi jet on it…gives the best massage of the ligaments in my opinion

  • Rainman

    why? They’re playing well without Dirk so far…

    And im gonna reiterate my bold prediction from the offseason. This Dallas Mavs team is going to (continue to) surprise peopel without Dirk, and when Dirk gets back, they’ll play some beautiful basketball. Maybe even get home court.

  • http://twitter.com/Abdi_Hakim Mohamed Abdihakim

    I generally maintain that a loss to the Bobcats is early disqualification from play-offs. Not always right, but it feels right.