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Eric Gordon Suffered a Setback in Recovery from Knee Injury

Eric Gordon clarified some of the confusion around his bum right knee, admitting to reporters that he suffered a setback at some point this summer. There’s still no timetable for his return to the court, and we’ll have to continue waiting to find out just how severe Gordon’s knee injury is. Reports the Times-Picayune: “In a bit of a contradictory appearance before the media post-practice Thursday, New Orleans Hornets shooting guard Eric Gordon conceded that physicians determined there is some damage causing the pain in his right knee, though Gordon said initially there was no structural compromise. Gordon admitted he experienced a setback at some point between the U.S. Olympic Basketball Team trials and the time he reported for training camp Oct. 1, which has prevented him from participating in any of the Hornets’ preseason schedule. ‘I’d say sorta,’ Gordon said. ‘From talking to the doctors, from when I last told you guys in September until now, I have had a little bit of a setback as far as this injury. Nothing structural, but it has been a little bit of soreness and swelling to where I’m only listening to the doctors and they can see and tell that it’s been a little damage. I’ve had MRIs, and I went to the team and they’ve always been aware of my injury. I have had MRIs lately, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s happening this weekend to see what’s furthermore. … I will hear what the doctor’s thinking this weekend.’ Gordon said the latest MRI results, and continued pain, are the reasons he missed Wednesday night’s season-opening loss to the San Antonio Spurs and has been ruled out indefinitely. Responding to a question of whether the latest MRI indicated damage, Gordon said: “That’s the reason why I’m not playing. The past three days I’ve been practicing because I thought it would be something I might have to deal with pain-wise. I went to the organization the other day and told them ‘This is not feeling too good. It’s very painful.’ We went and got another MRI.’ Asked his confidence level that he’d be on the court at some point in the near future, Gordon sounded apprehensive.”

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  • ggg3

    For some reason I feel Eric Gordon is in no rush to get back to court for the Hornets maybe because he tried to sign to the Suns this summer. Sounds like its jus soreness

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    i cant see this dude ever having a career. i always said hornets messed up for not letting him go. maybe phoenix medical staff coulda held him together.

  • Showtime

    Just not really buying it… how monte body gesture towards the subject when questions. I just think it something strange goin on behind the scene..u missing games on soreness???

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray

    If it’s just soreness you can play through that. It’s not that big of a deal if your knee is a little sore when you play because that’s just natural coming off of surgery. It’s going to take a few times to regain the comfort in the knee.

  • jleon1

    did he decieve the hornets about his injury be fore signing his $58 mil contract? Will the Hornets still have to pay him if he can’t play. why didn’t he get this fixed in the summer?

  • Ben Osborne

    Having this dude on your fantasy team is……….

  • Datkid

    Yo eric gordon literally can’t take 2 deep breaths without spraining his ankle or knee. Great player, but the guy is made of tissue, they never should’ve thrown that much money at him smh.

  • FLIGHT 9

    yup, drafted this gut in 3 out 5 on my fantasy which really sucks!!!

  • Drig

    Killer if he plays. Abysmal if he doesn’t……..Luckily managed to trade him for Kobe just after the draft lol.