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Jeremy Lin Believes He Will Be an NBA All-Star One Day

As he toils away on an underwhelming Houston Rockets team, the hype surrounding Linsanity has died down considerably. According to Jeremy Lin, though, one day he will become a star again, and play in the NBA’s ultimate showcase game. Per ESPN: “Asked in a phone interview whether he still believes he will become an All-Star, Lin said, ‘At some point, for sure. Right now I have a ways to go, but at some point, yes. I try to get better every year, and if I do that and work on the things that are problems for me right now, I definitely think I’ll have that chance.’ On Friday night in Houston, Lin will have a chance to shake off his early-season struggles and remind the Knicks of what they had together across last season’s magical midwinter run. Not that the Rockets’ 24-year-old playmaker sees Mike Woodson’s 8-1 team as one in need of another dose of Linsanity. ‘I think they’re definitely a championship-contending team,’ Lin said. ‘They have the defense, Coach [Mike] Woodson’s specialty. They’re really deep, they have a lot of explosive players, and right now they’re trusting each other and trusting the system.’ [...] If point guards are to be judged like quarterbacks, it’s worth noting Felton also is running an 8-1 team while Lin is out of the wild-card picture at 4-7. But then again, Lin is four years younger than Raymond Felton and tantamount to a rookie quarterback. ‘I’ve started [36] games now, and that’s not even half a season,’ Lin said. ‘I think that’s something I need to remember. … I have to be patient with myself, and understand there’s been a lot of change in my life and with this Houston team. We can’t expect it all to fall into place. It’s going to take some time.’”

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  • JML-G

    lets hope he wont and we will always use ”Linsanity” term in past sentence

  • Caboose

    “Because I have all of Asia voting for me.”

  • Max

    He’ll start this year.

  • Slick Ric

    He forgot to mention that part or Slam omitted it.

  • RedDragon10

    A lot hate going around. He’s saying that, if he worked hard enough, then he could make the all star team. Every player has said those words in some capacity. From Jennings to Blatche to even gordon haywood. I feel like Jeremy Lin can never be mentioned without bringing race into the equation.

  • http://twitter.com/AjpDos Allen Powell

    Sucks doesn’t it? It ain’t new.

  • Kola

    He worked hard?

    Worked hard traveling to Taiwan and China, you mean?
    But you right, this travel will give him allstar, not his game or work on practice.
    And it is not about race, its about his talent and attitude.

  • spit hot fiyah

    very possible, actually he and harden could start considering houston seems to be china’s team. didn’t battier get kind of close one year?

  • Dymez

    Of course he’s going to think that. That’s the way he’s supposed to feel, that’s what he’s supposed to say. Realistically though, he’s not that good. In my opinion, he’s not good at all. Sure, he had a nice 5 game stretch or so last season in Mike D’s offense, but he didn’t shoot it particularly well. He also had scary numbers of turnovers for your primary ball handler. But what’s also realistic, he’ll be an all-star, sooner than he thinks — like, in about 4 months. It’s a racial thing, and the Rockets are the perfect organization in professional sports for Chinese notoriety. He’s going to get the Far Eastern votes that made Yao Ming a perennial all-star when he shouldn’t have been, gave T-Mac a couple of nods that he shouldn’t have gotten, and put Yi Jianlian as a threat to unseed Chris Bosh at starting PF for the past 3 or 4 seasons. Lin will get some American votes, too and is going to start in front of players like Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook this year, and that is going to be a travesty unless the league does something about it.

  • Chukaz

    You know what i dislike about Jeremy Lin? He might have not done it on this interview but he always talks about race as the reason people don’t take him seriously. I don’t take him seriously because he’s 24 years old and plays basketball for a living and he can’t dribble the ball with his left hand. Can you imagine a CPA who’s 3 years removed from college being unable to put together an Income Statement?

    Dear Jeremy Lin,

    The reason we don’t take you seriously is because you’re not fast, you’re not strong, you don’t jump high, you’re not explosive, you can’t shoot, you can’t finish around the rim, you can’t go left, and you’re a turnover waiting to happen, and you but up the kind of defensive effort we expect from wet toilet paper. It’s not because you’re Asian, it’s because you suck.


    Basketball fans around the world except asia

  • nick

    whoa, say what you want about yao, yi, and j Lin, but MCGRADY was clearly an all star when he was on Houston……

  • Kola

    Yao was an all star too(except 1st season), let’s be honest.

  • Mariano

    5 game stretch? More like a 12 game stretch. He was one of the reasons why the Knicks were back in the play-offs believe it or not

  • Dymez

    Bruh, T-Mac had years where he would miss the majority of the first half of the season with back spasms and still get voted in the all-star game. How is someone an all-star when they haven’t even played?

  • Kola

    Do not say it like that. Asia is not just China and Taiwan. I dont think that somebody gives a damn about him in Mongolia, Korea, Laos etc.

  • Mariano

    He’s fast, he’s quick, he jumps high, he’s explosive, he can finish around the rim and he definitely doesn’t suck. You’re just a hater

  • Dymez

    I was talking about his stretch when he was actually winning games. When he started getting minutes, the Knicks won 7 straight. That’s all fine and dandy, but after a couple of trading wins and losses back and forth, the Knicks off-set that winning streak by losing 6 straight, putting them pretty much right back where they were before “Linsanity.” After Lin suffered that injury, the Knicks won 13 of their last 18 games in the season. That’s how they made the playoffs, actually.

  • Chukaz

    He shoots 33% from the field, 22% from 3 and turns the ball over once every 2 assists. He averages just over 6 assists and turns it over just under 3. Excuse me if i’m not impressed by his ability to make 1 out of 3 shots. Also, his 10 points per game are totally overwhelming. Dude averages over 10 shots and almost 3 free throws a game to get his 10 measly points.

  • BuenoWayno1

    “it is not about race, its about his talent” Jeremy Lin can’t guard a light pole, refuses to go left and shy’s away from ball pressure…. http://youtu.be/Z7KsuyQb-1Y

  • Redd

    If he wins it won’t be because he deserves it.

  • The Fury

    It is so damn hard to be famous — he was loved by the media for doing good, but the price he got was hatred from millions around the world except Asia (Chukaz statement). Hey none of you all, including me, didn’t expect him to be an NBA player right?? Right?? And he wants to be an All-Star, so HE WILL work hard as he said to get there. Was it wrong to dream that BIG?? C’mon people….hate the game, not the player.

  • Kola


    Highly doubt. This summer plus reg. season showed us that media highly overhyped his work attitude.

    He is not an NBA player.

    And even if he will work, i think it will be too late. The train has gone.

    Age of 24 yrs means that he is fully developed player, so if he is a trash player, he will be a trash.

    Plus, he seems to be a very awkward guy and looks like he has no support from his teammates, ex- or current.

  • Gambino

    You’re kidding right? Not an NBA player? You can’t have that stretch of 12 games putting up 25 and 8 and score 38 points against the Lakers when all eyes are on you and not deserve to be in the league. Even Kobe said that he probably had that talent all along, but no one realized until now. And yes, he’s struggling right now, but that’s mainly because Houston’s system is terrible for him. He’s not the kind of PG that can thrive just by bringing the ball up court, passing it, then going to the corner waiting for someone to kick it out to him to shoot. He needs the ball in his hand to score points and create for others. Plus, he’s still recovering from his knee injury right now so he’s still trying to get that explosiveness back. I do agree that he might have been overpaid based on his lack of experience, but its not a HUGE CONTRACT (8 mil a year) and it was probably based on his potential. And you’ve gotta be kidding me 24 years old is a fully developed player? If you said 27, maybe, but he’s only 24 and has played 2 years in the league only starting 36 games. And it wasn’t his fault he got paid that contract. The rockets valued him at that much, and I think it was a fair contract because he facilitates the court really well and makes great passes, and once he works on his weaknesses he’ll be an even more solid PG. I think once he fully recovers and gets out of this shooting slump, he’ll play much better and justify the contract, which isn’t even that big in the first place. This season, no brainer he’s not an all-star. He might get voted in cause of China, and the NBA should do something about that. But I guarantee you he’ll be an All-Star caliber player in the next 3-5 years. Expect him to put up at least 14 and 8 the second half of the season and then improve on those numbers the years after. Oh and he’s really not that awkward, if you watch his press conference and interviews he seems like a normal, humble guy. The guys who have no support for him are those cocky selfish guys like JR and Tyson Chandler who were just jealous even though last year he made them much better players (esp. Chandler)

  • Mariano

    That’s because he just got into a system that doesn’t favor his abilities anymore. He is a fast-paced pick&roll player who plays D’Antoni style basketball, his current system is much different. And his assist/turnover ratio is actually better than Kyrie Irving or Stephen Curry’s. Also, you’re just taking his shooting ability from a sample of 12 games this season. You can look back at his 12 games last year when he was doing good and his shooting numbers were actually great. We’ll see further into the season how it pans out, but I definitely believe he’s much better than you’re making him out to be.

  • RedDragon10

    Yeah, he worked hard. As in never quitting even after being cut by two teams while being on the bench warming for the third team. I’m not saying that he deserves to be an all star. Far from it actually. I just think it’s possible if he improved his stats. Travelling to Taiwan and China won’t make a difference. Kobe is a lock and cp3 is popular in those areas as well. I doubt he gets voted in this year especially after being traded to the less press Houston. You say it’s not about race, but you also mention Taiwan and China in the same comment. You say its about talent and attitude, well if you didn’t have some talent you wouldn’t be in the league and there’s no questioning his attitude or modesty from refusing to distract the team while in NY by doing photoshoots and mag covers to praising the knicks team today after last nights game. You don’t win without hard work and ethic.

  • Bork

    remember when Yi Jianlian was supposed to be starting all star games for the next 10 years? Just because somebody is from Asia doesn’t mean he has the lock on starting spot. And which young NBA player doesn’t strive for All Star spot?

  • Ugh

    And with Raymond ‘Donut’ Felton starting at the 1, the Knicks won six straight this season. It’s pretty hard to grant the Knicks’ success last season as having anything to do with Lin.

  • That Dude

    Saying JLin will be an all-star because all of Asia will vote for him is a racist assumption. Like assuming all black people vote for Obama because he is black. Haters gon’ hate.

  • Datkid

    Stop. Lin is decent but he’s nowhere near as athletic as say Westbrook, Rose or even Rondo.

  • Darksaber

    And BOOM goes the dynamite. Pretty good summary there.
    Lin seems to have lost the explosive first step he sometimes showed last season, and his shots are not falling this season. Methinks that knee surgery has sapped some of his confidence.

  • pablasso

    Nobody said that. Not being as fast as Westbrook doesn’t make him slow either.

  • Max

    I dont know, Tmac did once.

  • JM

    His shooting numbers werent great last year, 44% FG and 32% 3PFG
    is average at best. His numbers were good because of the number of shots he was taking, not the quality of shots. He cannot shoot the basketball.

  • The Fury

    CLEARLY, you are a hater. How can he be not an NBA player when he’s playing in the darn league?? Also, you mentioned “media”, weren’t they are the ones who put him into this whole situation?? He just plays basketball, he DID play great in some stretch. So let go man, move on. He gets paid while playing basketball (it’s every ballers dream). Envy is a sin, you know.

  • Dagger

    Yeah. I was a huge Lin fan after he gradually turned my doubt to wonder last year, but I worried that his inefficiency at the end of last season was a sign of worse things to come. That said, I couldn’t have predicted this. Houston has made some great moves with Harden and Asik, but Lin isn’t in their class. He still has potential, but I’ll be surprised if he’s anything but a backup point guard in the years to come. Hell, maybe even that’s optimistic.

  • kola

    You just repeating media fairy tails – reality showed that he is not a hard worker at all. And he will be voted for allstar, that is sad.
    Talent? Lets be honest. Not the NBA level. Not even for Europe, actually. China? May be. For China he is talented.

  • kola

    Yeah yeah, but the facts are he facts.

    He plays like trash.
    24yrs is a fully developed player. If guy plays like garbage in this age, then he IS garbage.

    All of his former and current teammates are ¨cocky selfish guys¨(because they treat him the same way).
    He will not be in NBA for a long time – the coincidental thing that he is here will be fixed soon.
    Poor Houston, they gambled and lost

  • Datkid

    Houston’s p&r heavy system was supposed to BENEFIT Lin bro. and his assist to turnover ratio is better than Kyrie irving’s or stephen curry’s right now, but this is a fairly small sample size. He’s a turnover machine until proven otherwise.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    You honestly have no idea what you’re talking about. No offense, but at least check your facts before spewing out nonsense like that.
    Minus his rookie season, Yao Ming was the best center in the Western Conference every single year of his career (he only played 7 seasons and retired during his 8th). His best three seasons he averaged:
    - 22.3 ppg/10.2 rpg/1.5 apg/1.6 bpg
    - 25.0 ppg/9.0 rpg/2.0 apg/2.0 bpg
    - 22.0 ppg/10.8 rpg/2.3 apg/2.0 bpg
    *ALL on shooting over 50% from the field and 85% from the FT line.
    How in the hell was he not a perennial all-star?!? For a few years you could argue he was the best center, period–not just in the Western Conference.
    Here are the individual career stats of Yao Ming and Dwight Howard for their head-to-head match-ups:
    YAO — .561% shooting, 23.6 points, 10.4 rebounds, 2.1 blocks, 7-2 Team Record

    DWIGHT — .451% shooting, 12.2 points, 9.8 rebounds, 1.7 blocks, 2-7 Team Record
    Dwight Howard is unanimously considered the best center in the NBA… but the guy who destroyed him throughout their careers isn’t a perennial all-star?
    Also, tell me which years T-Mac got “a couple of nods that he shouldn’t have gotten”? The three years he was an All-Star in Houston, he put up 25.7/6.2/5.7, 24.4/6.5/4.8, and 24.6/5.3/6.5 (PPG/RPG/APG). In what universe should he have not been an All-Star putting up numbers like that?
    This “Red Scare” over Chinese voters is played out as hell. NO player has been voted in that was undeserving–the only real threat was Yi Jianlian, and by the way people are talking, you would’ve thought he unseated Michael freaking Jordan. Yes, it was stupid that he even got close, but it wasn’t the end of the world and, most importantly, he didn’t make it. How you go from Yi Jianlian and Jeremy Lin (who hasn’t even been in an All-Star race yet) to making sweeping, crazy statements about Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady is beyond me. But… I donno, maybe “it’s a racial thing.”
    The idea being that Asian people can’t possibly follow the NBA or vote in anything with any semblance of logic. Well, drawing a different comparison (which might be a stretch, but whatever)–in a country where 59% of white voters voted for Mitt Romney (88% of his voters were white) and 91% of black voters voted for Barrack Obama… two absolutely terrible candidates… you’re gonna complain that Asian NBA fans voted for Yao Ming? Even though he happened to be the best center in the NBA in all those years except one? Come on, now.

  • Chubachuchi

    Yes because China=all of Asia smh…

  • Caboose

    I’m a stupid cr@cker who gives brain like Berkeley… shout out to Frank Ocean.

  • Gambino

    How is he garbage? Sure he’s had a couple of bad performances with only like 4 points but hes also had some pretty good performances like 21 7 and 10 and some double doubles. If anything, he is playing at an average level right now but he’ll get better. And we’ll see whose right in 5 years

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Asia is the largest continent in the world and probably has more basketball fans than the US, Canada, and Europe combined. You’re an idiot. Probably the kind of jack@ss who still calls Native Americans “Indians” and thinks Iranians are Arabs. Go eat a mayonnaise sandwich and shut the f*ck up, Cleatus.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    So you know what his teammates think of him, and whether or not he’s
    “awkward” off the court just by watching him play in Houston? Dang, you must be be Nostradamus! Or, which is probably the more likely explanation,
    you’re just making sh*t up. You sound like a jilted lover of his.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I nominate Caboose’s, Chukaz’s, and all other comments crying about “all of Asia” as the worst comments of the year. I once had a wh!te lady in the US ask me what state was Canada… Which, now that I think of it, explains EVERYTHING.

  • Caboose

    To those whining about this comment, the tongue-in-cheek tone should be obvious. Jeremy Lin will not be voted in as an All Star this year, nor will he be selected. The media last year hyped him up far too much. Had he been given normal press (think Ramon Sessions when he was putting up 20 and 24 games), we’d all respect him as a capable back up, which is where he’ll eventually be. If he played 6th man, he’d compete with Bledsoe and Jack as the best bench point guard in the league. And if my obviously satirical comment offended you, reevaluate your thinking of what truly deserves to be deemed anger-inspiring.

  • Caboose

    That was really clever how you used my name like that. I’ve sure never seen that before!

  • http://twitter.com/pinkpeony28 superbowl30

    We also have the tea party and fox news. Trust me, Americans aren’t that bright.

  • Dymez

    Is this a joke? 3 good years is “perennial” all-star status to you? Do you know what “perennial” means? Let’s break those years down further more, shall we? Those 3 years you’ve stated when Yao Ming put up big numbers are:

    ’05-’06 – (57 games played — earned it before injury)

    ’06-’07 – (48 games played — got hurt in December, well before the all-star game and didn’t even come back until March, AFTER THE ALL-STAR GAME)

    ’07-08 – (55 games played — earned it before injury)

    Already broke your argument. Now, let’s take it a step further as I said “perennial” all-star and know the meaning of it is “many years consecutively,” not just 3, which he had 2, non-consecutively.

    ’08-’09 – (19.7ppg, 9.8rpg, 54fg%, 77 games played — nothing impressive, gets the nod by default)

    ’09-’10 – (no games played)

    ’10-’11 – (5 games played, another all-star selection. WHAT?! Yeah, Chinese voters be selecting the “deserving” alright.)

    Now, let’s flashback since you said he was the “best center in the Western Conference every season of his career.” That was one of the flat out dumbest comments I’ve ever seen. You forgot about Shaquille O’Neal, haven’t you?

    Yao Ming – 13.5ppg, 8.2rpg, 49fg%
    Shaquille O’Neal – 27.5ppg, 11.1rpg, 57fg%

    Yao Ming – 17.5ppg, 9rpg, 52fg%
    Shaquille O’Neal – 21.5ppg, 11.5rpg, 58fg%, and then he left for Miami the following season.

    Comparing Dwight Howard to Yao Ming is a joke. Dwight came in the league in ’04-’05, he wasn’t considered the best center then. He didn’t even develop an offensive game until ’09-’10. Who’s really that dumb to compare the 2? Shaq was the best center back then, compare their stats. Shaq was still out performing Yao at 36 yrs old.

    Now, let’s go to Tracy McGrady. Sure, in ’04-’05 he had really good numbers, but guess what? There was this guy, named Steve Nash. You probably never heard of him, but he was putting up ridiculous numbers, had the #1 spot in the conference and ended up being the MVP of the league that season. You think T-Mac should have started in front of the MVP? Ok, now ’05-’06 — he played in a 47 game, injury riddled season. Everybody was questioning why he was starting in the all-star game, saying “he wasn’t deserving, he barely played in any games.” Once again, there was this guy. Steve Nash? Yeah, him again. He was the reigning MVP. Well, he won it again that season. ’06-’07, you said T-Mac was putting up 24.6ppg, 5.3rpg, 6.5apg? Remember that Steve Nash guy? He was putting up 18.6ppg, 11.6apg, 53% from the field, 45% from the 3, 90% from the line. HISTORICAL numbers. Then there was this other guy named Allen Iverson (a real ‘perennial’ all-star) — 26.3ppg, 7.2apg, 2spg.

    See, you can Google up numbers of select individuals and make it look like something, but in reality you’re talking nonsense. The Universe I’m in is “reality,” you have to WATCH basketball to understand it. The TOTAL picture reveals something much different — the truth. Players should not be voted in all-stars if they’ve been injured majority of the games prior, if other players have better numbers than them, and/or if their win/loss record is plain horrible. You think Yao Ming playing in only 27 games before the all-star break and 5 games in an entire season was deserving. I see your Universe. I don’t plan on taking a visit there. You think Yi Jianlian’s votes wasn’t a big deal? He ended up with 600,000 more votes than Chris Bosh and Paul Pierce in 2009. KG barely beat him by over 100,000 votes. How is that not a problem? Oh, yeah. YOUR Universe. Or maybe “it’s a racial thing.”

    Listen, I don’t know if you’re taking offense because possibly you’re Asian or whatever the case may be, but there is a problem with the voting system. If you think Asian don’t pick favoritism, you’re fooling only yourself. There is NO way players like Yi should have over 1.8 million votes. There is NO way Jeremy Lin should have more votes than Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker, among others this year, but watch what happens. To try to defend it is just plain ridiculous, and me spending 15 minutes typing this out to explain it, and provide some sense to you shouldn’t even happen.

    As far as your Presidential race comment, that’s just plain ridiculous on many levels. One, it’s your opinion that both of “terrible candidates.” Two, loyalty to political parties is involved amongst both candidates. And three, this is “SLAM ONLINE,” not “USA Today,” I’m going to talk about basketball voting here, not Presidential. Please, leave that Universe you’re in. It’s killing you.

  • http://twitter.com/AjpDos Allen Powell

    Both of y’all made good arguments kudos

  • http://twitter.com/AjpDos Allen Powell

    Yeah because the rest of the world has shown great intelligence. Please. You want to start discussion g stupidity in Spain, Greece, Ireland and other places? In China? Humans are humans.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Teddy, I and most other basketball heads know exactly what you’re saying. But you can’t convince someone who doesn’t think rationally to think rationally. I struggle with the same thing when I argue with redd. “He doesn’t work hard”, “he’s awkward off of the court”, “he’s peaked at 24 years old”, these types of blind statements tell everything we need to know about this person’s stance. I also find it funny how people are ready to say 12 games is enough time to see how the rest of Jeremy Lin’s career will pan out, but 12 games is too small a sample size to say that Kyrie and Steph Curry are turnover prone.

  • palo

    Some may be upset, but this system is not about putting players who really deserve it, its an opportunity to expand NBA brand globaly. Its certainly not for the basketball heads like some of you, its for the casual fans. selecting him is therefore perfectly legal and VERY DESIRED under current voting system. If they tried to set some restrictions you would see the whirlwind whirlwind that would ensue (race ehm). NBA doesnt want that kind od publicity. In fact, they are perfectly happy, voting for him helps expanding the China market. It’s a fan contest anyway.

  • OTB

    Great argument. While I do think China voted in Yao for the wrong reasons the seasons that he missed more than half of his games (that 5 game season comes to mind), the seasons that Yao was healthy and playing, he was quite deserving of the nod. And while he may not have been the best center in the league at any point, he was the best center in the West after Shaq left (I count Duncan as a PF).

  • OTB

    Fairy “tales” eh? Knock his game, but how you can you say that a guy who got cut by two teams and still made an impact when given the chance is someone who doesn’t work hard? Why are guys who went from being undrafted/unheralded to impact players (Ben Wallace, Arenas, etc) revered, while Lin isn’t?

    You don’t go from being cut to being a starting point guard without having skills and putting in the work. Yes, he has a lot of skill deficiencies, but the fact that he played as well as he did last year is a testament to his hard work.

    He may not live up to your lofty expectations, but Lin has had to fight hard to make it big.

  • Dymez

    Most definitely. I wasn’t saying the guy was a scrub, Yao could ball and when he was healthy, he deserved every single vote and selection he gotten after Shaq went to Miami. But the NBA All-Star break arrives in February after teams have played at, over or around 55 games. When someone plays only 27 games, or even worse, 5 games and gets voted in by a nation who are just voting for him because he’s one of their own, they’re taking away an opportunity for another player that played in 50+ games who may or may not ever get the chance to be an all-star again. That’s what bothers me most. It’s taking the integrity away from the game. I remember back in ’96, Juwan Howard had a breakout season, he got rewarded with an all-star appearance, well deserved. It was his only all-star in his career. He could never replicate those numbers again. He’s a great guy, hard worker, smart guy, good basketball IQ, it’s not like he got lazy, he just couldn’t do it again. Those are the type of guys I feel for when shotty voting happens.

  • Kola

    Cannot blame them for it. They rooting for their guy, that is normal. It is Stern’s problem – how to handle this situation.
    However, no one is laughing at Yao. At least deserves an allstar status. Can’t say that about Lin. First d-league player at allstar weekend, what a lol.

  • Kola

    How can i say that? Sometimes stars just stay in some order and someone gets very lucky. And he did not show anything. His shots just fell, that smetimes happens. For short stretches.

  • Kola

    I did not say that 24 years is a peak level for a player, do not twist my sentences. What i said is just that when a basketball player turns 24, you always see what to expect from him. That is first. Second – he IS awkward not just ON the court, but OFF the court too – look at his interviews. And his work attitude? Haha, counting crows in China and Taiwan maybe and doing nothing during offseason, ats mai boy.

  • Kola

    And you sound like his current lover, haha. Are you chinese or taiwanese? Will you vote for him this yr?

  • RedDragon10

    Media fairy tails, huh? Not a hard worker? How would you know? Do you watch him practice? Do you watch him play everyday? You have no idea what his work ethic actually is. You don’t go from being cut twice to a starting point guard without hard work. It seems as though you’re holding a personal grudge against the man. He’s not all star worthy. And i don’t believe that he’ll be voted in. But to say he doesn’t work hard is beyond insane.

  • Dymez

    Stern spent decades getting China hooked on basketball and he knows Asian money is just as good as American money, so we know he’s not changing a thing. All he sees are dollar signs when he looks at Jeremy Lin, that’s why he pulled the strings to even get him in the All-Star weekend. Maybe the deputy can do something about it in a couple of years but that remains to be seen. Nobody knows what type of Commish he’s gonna be. I think China definitely deserves the blame regardless. Just vote for the right guy, it’s not politics, numbers don’t lie. What I know for sure is, if Lin does get in this year, it’s going to get real comical. Watch what Rondo does to him. They would play him too serious for the entire game, he wouldn’t get the ball up past half court. It’ll be his Miami nightmare all over again.

  • Kola

    Don’t know, don’t know… I simply can not blame chinese guys, i understand them. And again, this is not their problem at all. It will be comical, yes, however, i am optimistic. Lets remember first Yaos first ASG – he was in startig lineup and got substistuted almost after the start.

    And i hope that his teammates will understand the circumstances(it is really not his fault either – we can not choose race or nation) and will not be too hard with him. So it will be a little bit of clowning, but not too much.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    What country a player spends their off season has nothing to do with their work ethic. Kobe and D Rose both have made trips the Asia in their off seasons. That’s just ignorant. What were Steve Nash’s numbers like @ 24? What about Chauncey? Ben Wallace? Kris Kaman? Bruce Bowen? John Starks? Mario Elie?
    Players develop at different rates. Minutes logged is a better indication of a players progress, because I guarantee you players like KD and D Howard spent more time playing professional basketball by the time they were 20 than Lin has at 24.
    I’ll be the first one to admit that Lin will be a very solid role player at best, but it’s because of his limitations in talent and athleticism, not because of a lack of work ethic or an awkward attitude.

  • Dymez

    Well, even though I don’t agree with you, we’re all entitled to our own opinions. Personally, if he has to make it to an all-star game, I’m glad he’s in the Western Conference now. If he does end up starting, CP3 is going to get selected by the coaches, Russell Westbrook will, too. The only person Lin will end up bumping would be Tony Parker, which I’m sure Pop would just LOVE for TP to get a long rest anyway.

    If Lin stayed back East and got the start, Rondo would back him up, D-Will would take the last spot. That would leave Jrue Holiday out, who is just absolutely BALLIN’ this season and deserves the selection. When Bynum gets back (or should I say “finally get there”), which is looking like next season, Jrue can end up being Juwan Howard, because we all know who’s getting the touches. So, in that case it works out for everybody.

    *Unless Mike Conley starts ballin’ for real.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    You’re an idiot. I listed his best 3 years. He was the best center in the Western Conference for four years. He was only an All-Star for 6 seasons–one of which was undeserved. And yes, 5 good to great seasons IS perennial All-Star status–you don’t have to be Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to be considered a “perennial All-star.” And Shaq played for MIAMI when Yao had his best years. You’re saying he and T-Mac didn’t deserve “All-Star nods,” which is ridiculous, and not the same as saying they shouldn’t have been starting. Yao shouldn’t have started ahead of Shaq; that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have been a “perennial All-Star.”
    There is a problem with fan voting, say for example, people voting in Amare Stoudemire as a starter–I wasn’t arguing that. A problem with voting doesn’t mean certain players shouldn’t be All-Stars. But thanks for playing.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    When did I say Jeremy Lin should be an All-Star? There’s this thing called hooked on phonics. It might be of service to you.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Also, NOBODY here thinks Jeremy Lin should be an All-Star. But… I’m glad you felt the need to get on your soapbox anyways. The condescension is very refreshing. Your even taking the time to explain that–and then complaining about having to explain that–is just sad. How you go from pointing out the obvious about Jeremy Lin not being an All-Star, to arguing that Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady weren’t “perennial All-Stars” (which they were and deserved to be, regardless of voting), makes zero sense. Nice! What else is on your mind?

  • Dymez

    Listen, I think you may want to watch the way you’re throwing the word “idiot” around at someone else after what you said previously and what you said just now after it. I’m not going to start some silly Internet name calling idiotic championship sprawl, it’s dumb. You can keep that award.

    I think you have trouble reading and understanding. I’m not going to repeat myself, the information is up there. The original subject was fan voting, which means, STARTING. He never deserved to start in front of Shaq for 2 years, and I stated that. You said he was the best center in the Western Conference his entire career with the exception of his first season, which you then stated “he only played 7 seasons and retired during his 8th.” Which means, to you, he was good for 6 seasons. Now, you’re saying he was the best center in the Western Conference for 4 years. You just killed yourself on that one.

    As far as the “perennial all-star” subject, to be a perennial all-star, you have to be selected consecutively for a long string of years. Once again, I’m not going to repeat what’s in the first response to you, but there’s at or around 55 games played before the all-star break, in the case of Yao, he’s played 27 games once before the break and 5 games another season before the break, but was selected in both. That’s enough said for that.

    In the case of Tracy McGrady getting a couple of nods he shouldn’t have gotten, if you would just try really hard to read that same comment, you would get it. Once again, 55 games played by the break, one of those years (2005-06) T-Mac played in 47 for the entire season. I’m glad that makes sense to you. The season, Steve Nash was leading McGrady in votes early, Iverson got traded to Denver, both Nash and Iverson lead T-Mac up until he got a big burst from being Yao’s good buddy and took the lead for the start. He didn’t deserve to be an all-star that year because Nash, Iverson and Ray Allen were putting up better numbers than T-Mac. If it wasn’t for the injury of Iverson, Ray Allen wouldn’t have even been an all-star that season, and he was averaging nearly 30 points a game by the all-star break that year. But that doesn’t make sense to you, I know.

    I never said anybody here thinks Lin deserves to be an all-star. Don’t know where you get that idea, I said the voting is a problem, you took it upon yourself to try and challenge a fact that Yao Ming and T-Mac did not deserve all of their all-star appearances. Did you forget that? Well, that’s how I went from talking about Lin to talking about Yao Ming and T-Mac. I’m not talking about Yao or Tracy with anybody else on here. Listen, I get it, you miss Yao and T-Mac. You love them, I know, but it’s over. They were really good players for the short amount of time they actually were good, but they aren’t coming back. Relax. Hey, I miss Penny Hardaway, but I have enough basketball knowledge to know he’s not a perennial all-star even though he had 4 straight all-star appearances. Players who don’t play should not be all-stars. It’s injuries. It happens. But look, you’re kind of weird — no offense — so I’m going to have to end this whole ‘conversation’ of sorts with you.

    Uhh… Go Yao Ming and Go T-Mac! Yeah……

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Nobody’s arguing with you about the fan voting–it is a problem. At the same time, it’s not the end of the world; it’s no cause for a grown @ss man to be whining about so-and-so not getting more votes because of Yi Jianlian, despite Yi not making the All-Star team while so-and-so did.
    And I don’t really care what you
    say about Yao and T-Mac, beyond the fact that you’re just wrong, and I wanted to point out your idiocy in saying
    they didn’t deserve their All-Star nods (okay, yes, minus the years they were physically incapable of playing). In case you didn’t know, “nods”
    doesn’t mean “votes and starts,” but okay, you clarified after two obnoxious essays. Good job, good effort.
    I’m sure T-Mac making the All-Star team (while averaging around 25 ppg) before Ray Allen was the worst offense in All-Star Weekend history, and every time a player gets selected ahead of someone more deserving, it’s because Chinese people are voting for one of “Yao’s buddies.” That makes perfect sense. How enlightening. Tell me, was the bus you rode to school extra short? Maybe your teachers didn’t tell you, but there was a reason for that.
    As for “perennial all-star”–this is such a boring issue that should have been obvious the first time I addressed it. If you’re a f*cking All-Star every year of your career, and you deserved to be one every year minus the first (discounting the season he retired), then yes, you are a “perennial All-Star.” I don’t know why that’s hard to understand, but look, you’re kind of weird–no offense–and it seems like you’ve got a double digit IQ, so I’m going to have to cut you some slack. No, he shouldn’t have been voted in for his 8th year, but he didn’t play in that All-Star game anyways. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a perennial All-Star during his *career.* I’d explain it in a way you could understand more easily, but I can’t use hand gestures and pictograms on a comment section. Sorry about that, Cleatus.
    This is turning into a sarcasm contest,
    which isn’t very much fun for either of us. So, you’re right, it’s probably best to end this right now. And since you seem to take internet insults so, so well: f*ck you very much.

  • retloc

    I know plenty of native americans who refer to themselves as indians, and they are the largest minority group where I live.

  • Shawn ASAP

    that guy is either dumb AF or a troll cuz he just rambling at the mouth about garbage while you are presenting the facts right to his face. you smoked that fool like a pack of newports