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Joakim Noah Regrets Shooting a Three-Pointer to Win Free Big Macs

Because he is awesome, Joakim Noah launched an ill-advised three on Tuesday night, as the Chicago Bulls were putting the finishing touches on a victory over the Orlando Magic. Noah was trying to win free burgers for the hometown fans, as part of a team promotion. Head coach Tom Thibodeau didn’t think the stunt was so awesome, however. Per ESPN: “The Bulls have a promotion where fans get a Big Mac if the Bulls score 100 points in a home win. The Bulls won 99-93 as Noah missed his 3 with .03 seconds left. ‘I talked to him about it, but I’m going to keep that private,’ Thibodeau said. It’s not the first time the promotion has made headlines. Kirk Hinrich was booed after a game despite leading the Bulls to victory, and even Derrick Rose said he felt bad after his missed free throws cost the fans a free burger. Noah made one of two free throws with 23 seconds left to make it 99-93, and Hinrich missed two with 10 seconds left. ‘I got caught up in the moment,’ Noah admitted after the game. Despite the fact the Bulls had won the game, many fans booed the team as the final buzzer sounded. ‘I regret it a little bit,’ Noah said. ‘It wasn’t a good shot. You have to respect the game because you never know what can happen in a game. I just got caught up in the moment and I was trying to get the people a Big Mac. They really wanted a Big Mac and I felt like, not only did I take the shot and miss the shot, we didn’t even get the Big Mac. Next time, I won’t take that 3-pointer.’”

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  • Madubbs

    Only in Chicago smh

  • justin05

    BFD. I think it is beneficial for the NBA when players try to get their fans’ food. It’s a fun promotion and this is an entertainment business at the end of the day. Noah isn’t going to hurt himself by taking a shot lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    I love seeing Noah take threes….Ive seen like 3 or 4…all at the end of games lmao…like hes trying to prove to Thibs that hes an option from downtown or something lol

  • bigA

    Those promotion fucking suck. I know they are funny but still.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    I remember going to a Bulls game a couple years ago. We were up a bunch but only needed 1 more basket for a big mac with like 30 seconds left….none other than Brian Scalabrine steps up to the challenge lmao. He hits a mid range jumper and the place goes absolutely insane. The only thing Chicago loves more than seeing the BUlls win is a free Big Mac and Scal bucket lol

  • Caboose

    Anyone immediately think of Semi-Pro? VAKIDIS!!!!!

  • danpowers


  • danpowers

    true. people just shouldnt eat junk like big macs at all

  • Rainman

    ” and I felt like, not only did I take the shot and miss the shot, we didn’t even get the Big Mac.” LOOOOOOOOL oh Noah.

  • pposse

    Fact: most employees at mcdonalds are young and dumb
    G Move: tell the young and dumb employee the bullls dropped 100 on any given night and you will be rewarded with a free big mac

  • Dacre

    We got free cheese burgers after the wollongong hawks dropped the Perth wildcats 100 to 67. On Sunday.. . Also johnny flynn yes that johnny flynn joined the Sydney kings today. . . Google it.

  • Shifty

    That’s funny. Don’t really like Noah but that was funny.

  • justin05

    Yeah it makes you wonder why they get so pumped for a 3 dollar burger lol. When I went to a Laker/Sixer game last New Years we controlled the whole game and then the 76ers came back at the end and almost won and scored over 100. Anyway, we finished victorious AND we held them to 99 so everyone got 2 free tacos. The crowd went wild and for me, personally, it was a great moment because it was my first Lakers game ever and my girlfriend kept her coupon so we always have the memory. Good times. That’s what the NBA is all about

  • justin05

    Offensively it’s pretty lame but if it’s a reward for the defensive efforts then I like it. The Lakers can score over 100 almost any night they want, especially the last few years..so why not give them another extra boost to get the crowd energized. Players feed off of energy and if we can keep the opposition under the century mark we are winning 8/10 times.

  • The Bugg

    He actually joined the Melbourne Tigers. But Sydney is close enough.

  • http://twitter.com/iskolares Edcel Ceniza

    HAHAHA would have wanted to experience that live too.


    I like the fact that Noah tried to do it for the fans.. I guess it is disrespectful to the Magic and not the brightest thing to do, but I dont think its a huuuge problem.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jovim.ventura Jovim Ventura

    FACT FOR SURE. They don’t even check the score or ask for your game ticket.

  • roscoe

    considering the obesity rate in this country Noah did his good “deed for the day” 4 missing.

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