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Mike D’Antoni Thinks He’d Be a ‘Perfect Fit’ for the Lakers

All signs at the moment indicate that Phil Jackson and the Los Angeles Lakers will soon be re-uniting. But, if that doesn’t work out, Mike D’Antoni would gladly take the job. Per Fox Sports: “Mike D’Antoni said that he would readily accept the vacant head coaching job with the Los Angeles Lakers, which opened earlier in the day when Mike Brown was fired. ‘If they offer it, I’d love it,’ he said just hours after Brown was let go. ‘It’d be a perfect fit.’ D’Antoni said that his recent knee surgery would not serve as an obstacle to starting immediately. D’Antoni said that those wheels are in motion, with his agent Warren LeGarie having already contacted the Lakers. Meanwhile, sources close to Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak said that there will be an in-house push from legend-turned-team-exec Magic Johnson to hire ex-Lakers guard Brian Shaw, who was originally passed over for the job in favor of Brown and is now a Pacers assistant. The Lakers have gotten off to a slow 2-4 start but intend to move fast on a new coach. Assistant coach Bernie Bickerstaff said that he will coach the club only for the very short term and that LA intends to have a new coach in place during the six-game home stand that began with Friday’s 10-177 win. D’Antoni is high on the list in part because of his credentials and in part because of his connections. His fast-paced offensive system would be an easy-to-install Showtime crowd-pleaser and would be triggered by new Laker Steve Nash, who keyed D’Antoni’s explosive Phoenix Suns teams. It would also feature Kobe Bryant, of course — and Bryant and D’Antoni are close due to their shared experiences with Team USA and with having both lived in Italy.”

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  • zogs19994


  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    shut up

  • RunNGun

    Bring some of that RunNGun to the Lake Show… make it happen, Kupchak!

  • Tony

    Don’t bring back Phil Jackson. Only people without any understanding of basketball would want him to coach this team. First of all, the Triangle Offense is just as complicated as the Princeton Offense and only Kobe and Gasol are well-versed in how it works. It would take at least a season to figure out and in the meantime, the Lakers will struggle. Because this an older team and because the Lakers FO is in “win-now” mode, bringing Jackson aboard at this time makes no sense.
    Secondly, the Triangle doesn’t fit the skills of most of the Lakers players. Howard is not even close to good in low block offensively as Shaq or Bynum. Implementing the Triangle Offense would also not suit Nash’s skills. As with the Princeton Offense, he will be relegated to a spot-up shooter. Furthermore, the Triangle Offense requires very good spot-up perimeter shooters to provide the necessary spacing for the bigs to operate down low. The Lakers only strong perimeter shooter is Nash. Other than him, the team would have to rely on Artest and an older Kobe.

  • Ugh

    For all the hoo-haa about how difficult it is, the triangle just isn’t that hard to learn. The Bulls improved 8 wins in their first season running it, and this Lakers team has a better bench and a much better starting five with a higher basketball IQ (on average) than that team.

    The triple post doesn’t need Howard on the strong side to work – which mitigates his offensive deficiencies. The Lakers can run Kobe-Gasol-MWP on strong side and kick it back to Nash or Howard on weak side to run a PNR.

    And ultimately, Jackson, Kuptchak and the Lakers players know more about basketball than you do – if they think he can win with this team, he can.

  • Seth

    I agree that the triangle doesn’t fit Nash. They could stick any point guard in there, which they’ve done for years. But if they don’t care about utilizing Nash optimally, Jackson is clearly the easy choice. I’d like to see D’Antoni play run and gun with the Lakers though.

  • Yesse

    I’m sure that is what he is thinking.

    He should learn to coach some defense before getting to coach the big boys.

  • robb

    Thanks but no. I wanna see my team playing some defense. Phil or Sloan.

  • FLIGHT 9

    Phil Jackson – Doesn’t guarantee a Championship but a Finals appearance is possible
    Jerry Sloan – A deep playoffs run and maybe a Finals appearance
    Mike D’Antoni – everybody should average a double double and a 1st round playoff exit is highly possible

    I’ll go for Phil Or Jerry PERIOD…..

  • zogs19994
  • Sarah

    Yeah he’d be perfect for them right until they needed to get a stop.

  • Jerome

    Translation: “I would like a job please.”

  • BuenoWayno1

    ….sooo mike D is a better “fit” for the Lakers then thee 11time champion, HOF’er, Phil Jackson? i call shenanigans on this one.