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Randy Wittman Says Refs Don’t Respect the Washington Wizards

According to Washington Wizards head coach Randy Wittman, his winless bunch gets no respect from referees. No respect at all. (Note: We’re not entirely sure that refs should respect the Wiz.) Per NBA.com: “After another tough loss, a fourth by six points or less on their way to 0-7, Washington Wizards coach Randy Wittman had a parting shot for the officiating crew that sent the Dallas Mavericks to the free throw line 22 more times than his young Wizards. ‘For whatever reason, this team doesn’t get any respect,’ Wittman said. ‘We go to the rim and had 11 free throws. These young guys just have to make a name for themselves, and it’s just baffling some of the things that are said to me by the refs for why they don’t call it.’ The Wizards, who were without penetrating point guard John Wall and big man Nene, went 10-for-11 on free throws. Dallas, which ended a three-game skid, was 26-for-33. The Mavs took just five more shots in the paint than the Wizards (36-31) and three more shots via fastbreak (9-6), yet came away with the substantial advantage at the line. One of Dallas’ attempts came on a technical foul Wizards guard Jordan Crawford. [...] Wittman was visibly upset late in the game as Washington, which spent much of the fourth quarter launching 3-pointers to get back into the game, was rewarded with no free throws in the final period. Dallas was 6-for-9 and iced the game with five free throws in the final 34.4 seconds. ‘So, maybe we just have to send the game film everyday to the league,’ Wittman said.”

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  • Kilo

    Wow. Stunner. Officials don’t have respect for the putrid, heartless group of buffoons in Washington. Wittman should be smacked.

  • Bored

    or maybe washington is full of young and inexperienced players who foul a lot in the paint and dont know how to draw fouls on the other end of the court.

  • Comment_System

    You’re wrong Randy, NOBODY respects the Wizards.

  • jm

    This is old news. The more lucrative team typically gets the free throws. For a lot of the NBAs elite teams, the secret to success is nothing more than being in the right market. Miami LA and OKC aren’t going to lose too many free throw attempt battles. The NBA affects the outcome of games to the greatest extent possible without blatantly admitting that they do. Watch the games. Jeff Teague could go to the rim 20 times a game and maybe get thret trips to the stripe.

  • robb

    not even their own mommas

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003246310246 Jason Carter

    Stern is about to show him how respect works.. with a nice fine.. dont ever talk about stern and his Minions..(SVG voice)

  • pposse

    child please! this group of wizards do have heart..jordan crawford plays his a$$ off every night. They need better management or a better coach.

  • Vince

    Who on earth is Randy Wittman?

  • A serious basketball fan

    I can tell most of you didn’t watch the game and have no clue. The ref are bias as hell. And anybody can stick win a winning team. Look at the celtics clippers thunder etc. when they were losing where we’re the “fans” at?

  • Avery Smith

    Mike Brown baby! If anyone can coach us to a win, he can!

  • yo

    Well f*** off all u haters. When we’re good youll regret what you just said