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Rasheed Wallace, Future NBA Coach?

Sheed said he loved retirement. But he returned to the NBA. Rasheed shrugs off mentions of him coaching in the League. But his friends told Yahoo! that he wants it to happen: “The idea of Wallace as a coach has been discussed before – there’s even a ‘Coach Sheed Movement’ – but it was quickly met with jokes about him getting tossed out of every game 30 seconds after the end of the national anthem. Yet this version of Sheed seems different. There have only been a handful of games, but they’ve passed without an outburst or flare-up. (At least until Friday night’s technical foul.) ‘He’s more calm now,’ says Donaldson. ‘Stepping away has helped him a lot.’ Wallace says he isn’t thinking about his future. He shrugs off the idea of coaching. ‘Just playing,’ he insists. But he’s clearly not ‘just playing.’ He’s helping younger players develop their games, which is something that comes naturally for him whether in the NBA or during summer pick-up games at his old Philly high school, Simon Gratz. The media always notice his screaming at refs, but most of his talk is instructive and directed at teammates. Asked if he notices how fans are treating him now, he says, ‘I’m just zoning in on basketball.’ ‘You can’t believe everything you hear about Rasheed,’ says Tarik Wallace. ‘It’s simple: He’s about his coach and his teammates. That’s all that matters.’ That does explain a lot. Say what you want about Sheed’s past behavior, he’s always had respect in the locker room. He’s always deferred to others rather than hogging the ball or the limelight. (Once, while with the Pistons, he refused to come out for introductions prior to Game 1 of the NBA Finals.) In fact, the biggest on-court criticism about Wallace is his reluctance to go into the post.”

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  • http://twitter.com/edthesportsfan Eddie Maisonet, III

    Long live ‘Sheed.

  • spit hot fiyah

    this should happen so that we can listing to his huddle on inside trax

  • Raheem Shabazz

    This needs to happen. Could you imagine him in the post game news conference? “Both teams played hard, my man.” Or even the sidelines mean muggin’ refs and yelling “Ball don’t lie!” at the opponents. He might even become the first coach to do a pre game dance.

  • BuenoWayno1

    I can see it….sheed in a business suit, matching pair of AF1′S, hair unkempt,screaming profanity at players and ref’s alike but at the same time dropping gems of knowledge. Make this happen NOW.

  • shockexchange

    “Maverick … to coach at Top Gun? May God help us!”

  • add

    i would pay for a ticket just to see him coach

  • yann blavec

    laimbeer and mahorn as assistants coach.

  • danpowers

    me too

  • Ugh

    That last line is terribly non-sequitur.

  • ab40

    I can already see it happening. The opposing team misses a free throw and Sheed walks onto the court and says:


  • The 6 Foot Spaniard

    Yeah, what in hell was that about?