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Antawn Jamison Unhappy and Confused With Lack of Playing Time

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni kept backup forward Antawn Jamison glued to the bench on Tuesday night during a 101-100 win over the visiting Charlotte Bobcats. It was the first DNP-CD of Jamison’s long career, and he voiced his frustration to the LA Daily News: “I’ve never had this,’ Jamison said. ‘I’m going home and going to pray. I’m doing something I love to do. You just have to find the positives in life. We won.’ Jamison’s demotion coincided with Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni overseeing a number of moving parts. Pau Gasol returned to the starting lineup after missing the past eight games because of knee tendinitis. Lakers forward Metta World Peace has assumed the backup power forward spot. It’s possible Jodie Meeks will start at shooting guard, while Kobe Bryant slides over to the small forward position. Meanwhile, Jordan Hill also sat on the bench with Jamison. ‘Nothing they did to deserve it,’ D’Antoni said. ‘I’m just trying to figure out the best way to play the team.’ [...] ‘I’m here to win a championship,’ Jamison said. ‘If me not being out there improves our chances, then you have to roll with it. Of course I’m not excited about it. I want to compete. I know if I’m out there, I can contribute. But what else can you do?’ Jamison then answered his own question. ‘You just have to stay positive,’ Jamison said. ‘It’s difficult. You never know. Next week, there might be 37 minutes again. You just have to stay positive and have to ride this ship until we find out what are we going to do. Right now, we’re all confused by what’s going on.’ Jamison then suggested the constant rotation changes has only contributed to that confusion. ‘In order for us to be successful, we have to establish an identity,’ Jamison said. ‘Of course injuries play a part. But we have to establish a bench. We have to know what we’re going to do with our starters. We have yet to do that. It’s kind of hard to get into a rhythm when you don’t know what’s going on. Your guess is as good as mine.’”

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  • zogs19994

    SO WAIT…

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez
  • TruthLA

    I gotta agree with him. As a Lakers fan I thought Antawn played great in the games he started at the 4. IMO I would keep him starting at the 4 when Nash comes back to help floor spacing and have another shooter on the floor (Meeks and Antawn). Then have Metta and Pau anchor a strong 2nd unit. Jamison can hit open shots and Pau can then have all the post ups he wants…. and both guys are happy. Doesn’ seem too difficult.

  • Jimmer

    It’s more likely that they’re unhappy with a coach who adheres to a system rather than coaching his players.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    if you don’t know why Antawn Jamison isn’t playing, you suck at paying attention to basketball.

  • Jazzy

    Please…..at his press conference he was all smiles and excited to become a Laker, now he wants to pout and in another article talks about he saying the possibility of going back home to Charlotte to play with the worthless Bobcats. If the Lakers were winning he would NOT be caring about his PT and his last 3 or 4 games he scored a total of probably 6 points, that’s contributing?? Antwan you are just an unhappy person when things don’t go your way and you want to jump ship when the ship is sinking.

  • uqk


  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Yes. It’s outrageously bad. He’s the worst defender in the league right now.


    The Lakers, this Lakers team who is absolutely horrendous defensively (and have been since before the Pringles man) is 3 points worse per 48 minutes with Jamison on the court.


    With Jamison on the court vs off, the Lakers are -67 with him. -67!! and the team has a positive point differential on the season (+70).

  • Gman

    Do you watch ball? You speak like he has a history of doing this. He was with a sinking ship for a long time, and i doubt this is one that is comparable. He has been a true pro for his career.

  • Seth

    Clearly those couple good games he had have gotten to his head.

  • TV63

    BUt you couldn’t WAIT to high tail it out of Cleveland. You thought the situation was so bad there even though you were a starter. Now it turns out LA is really worse for you. Idk but I think Jamison has a curse with him everywhere he goes. The Wiz, Cavs now Lakers still losing.

  • TV63

    “Adheres to a system rather than coach his players” I think Bryon Scott is his twin and you see where that has led the Cavs. Toilet Bowl.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    All I know is that he was ballin’ for a decent stretch…he dropped 33 during it!….then the minutes vanished

  • http://twitter.com/mims_marcus marcus mims

    that is not true you just took his comments out and scramble them

  • Stephen A. Smith

    Bet anyone on here that Jamison gets dealt before seasons end.

  • bill

    Where did it lead Phil Jackson and Tex Winters?

    (just being facetious)

  • JL

    I don’t know how many times I’ve seen him just watch the action when he is just a foot away. Just stands around when the opposition is just getting a layup.


    bro i been an LA ride or die fan since ’92 when I was born and just look at the chemistry Antawn has a valid point no identity i just cant see lakers playing “showtime” basketball with our coach but thats just my input bro

  • TV63

    Obviously these 2 coaches aren’t even in the same league as Jackson. I don’t think anyone will get to that level. I would think you would agree.