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Dwight Howard Says He Has Not Returned to Full Health Yet

There have been several reasons why the Lakers haven’t played up to their potential thus far this season, but an important one is Dwight Howard’s health, or lack thereof. The Lakers big man told USA Today he’s still working his way back: “Howard is well aware that the Lakers’ demise comes with a ripple effect, his name as the best defender in the game dishonored a little more with every hapless defensive effort. For all the silliness that never stops with Howard, he has no shortage of pride. What he doesn’t have and so badly needs, however, is the physical capability to play like the dominant force he’s been for most of eight seasons. Howard is progressing quickly these days, but he said he’s still feeling the effects of the April surgery to repair a herniated disk. In other words, Dwight Howard still isn’t Dwight Howard just yet. ‘I’m still in that process,’ Howard said in an extensive interview with USA TODAY Sports at the team’s practice facility. ‘People don’t understand that. They just come out and see me make a couple dunks and blocks and say, ‘Oh, he’s back.’ But it does take a while for all this stuff to heal. This is not something easy, so I understand that. It will come.’ … ‘Tingling in my legs all the way down to my feet,’ Howard said as he described his current state. “There’s times when sometimes I really can’t even feel my feet. (The doctors) said that’s going to happen. It takes at least nine months for you to get strength back in your legs and all that stuff. So I’m still in that process.’”

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  • Nathan

    Man…do you guys notice, ever since he stepped a couple inches back, he’s been shooting a higher percentage on his free throws? Like; imagine if he would have done that about 7 seasons ago.

  • spit hot fiyah

    we know this already. tomorrow: dwight howard says he wakes up after going to sleep

  • shockexchange

    And after all that, D12 still “hasn’t put a ring on it.”

  • Max


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    smh why did he even come back in the first place…he could have just sat out the first month and came back now to dominate

  • The Seed

    Lakers inside information, he will wait to join the Lakers before their playoff run as the 5th seed in the West.