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Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak Says Plan is to Keep Pau Gasol

The Los Angeles Lakers have gotten off to a rough start, which is putting it mildly: they’re overrun with injuries, continue to deal with a stunning and controversial coaching change, and they can’t seem to defend anyone. The Lakers currently boast an almost unthinkable 9-12 record. According to GM Mitch Kupchak, he’s not yet ready to fully evaluate the squad. Kupchak also does his best to put to rest the Pau Gasol trade rumors. From the LA Daily News: “The Lakers (9-12) enter tonight’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers (4-17) in 11th place in the Western Conference. Long-term injuries to Steve Nash (fractured left leg) and Steve Blake (lower abdominal strain) and a coaching change from Mike Brown to Mike D’Antoni prompted Kupchak to say ‘it’s impossible’ to evaluate this team. Nor do these variables provide clarity on what will happen after Dec. 15, the first time teams can deal players they signed during the offseason. ‘If you’re happy with your team, then the date doesn’t mean much although you will probably get calls anyway,’ Kupchak said Monday in a phone interview with this newspaper. ‘If you’re not happy with your team, you’ll make calls.’ [...] Kupchak sounded definitive at least on two topics. That involved his evaluation on Mike D’Antoni, who has a 4-7 record with the Lakers. ‘He’s not happy with the record he’s had since he’s been here,’ Kupchak said. ‘But there’s been clearly an uptick in the tempo of the game and that’s something we were looking for. We’re very comfortable with the coach we have. We’re happy to have him.’ Kupchak also answered whether the Lakers will keep Pau Gasol for the rest of the season. ‘That has always been the plan,’ Kupchak said. ‘Nothing has happened to change the plan.’”

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  • woof1-1


  • http://www.facebook.com/francis.aboy Francis Aboy

    Just like when they said they planned to keep Mike Brown.

  • shockexchange

    Pau really is “the Gimp” of L.A. http://clicky.me/7NVc … (Nas voice) “By baby.”

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez


  • Yesse

    Don’t know if it’s true or not, but that is exactly what they should do.

    And fire D’Antoni!

  • roscoe

    “We’re happy to have him” sounds like a polite host whom would prefer to have him stay at a hotel versus their home.

  • The truth is that they need a powerforward that can space the floor, shoot the elbow jumper, be able to give the high low pass to Howard and doesnt have ego issues. Gasol fits that description perfectly. They are not going to get a better option then him.

  • Luiz


  • robb

    The Lakers losing against the Cavs… man (SMH)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert


  • Stephen A. Smith

    According to sources, the Los Angeles Lakers have fired head coach Mike D’Antoni.

  • bringbackthesonics

    so… he’s getting traded

  • The Fury

    The Lakers record shows how VALUABLE Pau is to this team.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard


  • morrisbywells

    why is everybody ripping pau gasol? when he came to the lakers in 08, suddenly they started to win games!! he is a big part of why the lakers won 2 titles! if the lakers didnt get gasol that year, they wouldnt have won 2 titels!!!

    you have to give him that respect!

  • Bubbles

    They shoulda planned to pick up Phil

  • coggie13

    Now just get kobe to stop shooting 25-30 jumpers a game and all will be well.