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LeBron James Named ‘Sportsman of the Year’ By Sports Illustrated

A regular season MVP, a Finals MVP, an NBA championship and an Olympic Gold Medal. It was a pretty good year for LeBron James, huh? SI seemed to think so, and named him its “Sportsman of the Year”. Read this great feature on ‘Bron getting this much-deserved accolade. More from the Sun-Sentinel: “A year that produced his first NBA championship and later an Olympic gold medal is ending with LeBron James at the top of the sporting world by at least one account. Monday, it was revealed that the Heat forward has been named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year. James follows in the footsteps of teammate Dwyane Wade, who won the award in 2006 after the Heat won the first of the franchise’s two championships. Among previous winners were Muhammad Ali, Arthur Ashe and Wayne Gretzky. College basketball coaches Mike Krzyzewski, who coached James in the London Olympics, and Pat Summitt shared the honor last year. James became the six professional basketball player named Sportsman of the Year, joining Wade, Tim Duncan and David Robinson (’03), Michael Jordan (’91), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (’85) and Bill Russell (’68). According to the magazine the award is presented, ‘to the transcendent athlete, coach or team who by virtue of their superior athletic achievement and comportment took us all to a higher place.’ The award first was handed out in 1954.”

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  • shockexchange

    Of course King James is “Sportsman of the Year,” and ya’ll know the doctrine he mastered in order to achieve it.

  • spit hot fiyah

    major upset, i thought shawn bradley had this locked up

  • Max

    Well deserved..

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    Nice enough guy. I ain’t mad

  • Mike Mihalow

    ESPN Magazine is so jealous right now.

  • Lloyd

    Should be called “Athlete of the Year”. “Sportsman” implies sportsmanship which implies losing with grace and not whining after every call. Definitely deserves that Athlete of the Year accolade though

  • whooo!

    I feel like the closest competition would’ve been Phelps, who became the most decorated Olympian EVER. But while this would’ve made him the winner if it was any other athlete, we’ve got such ridiculously high standards for him (gold or nothing), so it totally makes sense Lebron gets it. Elite company of basketball players (David Robinson seems like the odd-man out in that list, truth be told).

  • whooo!

    same goes for Usain Bolt for actually losing a race — even though he did the amazing in getting back-to-back golds in 3 different sprints… Lebron beat the greatest swimmer ever and the greatest runner ever in Olympic years…. and yet it’s still hard not to agree with Lebron’s year.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    That would make sense except for the fact that the Heat didn’t lose this past year…they won a championship. So he didn’t need to show grace after losing because he didn’t lose. He was league MVP. Finals MVP. Won an Olympic Gold Medal. You would have a case if this was 2011.

  • Redd

    If this implies Sportsmanship, then hell no he doesn’t deserve it. This is the same dude who taunted a 5’7-5’8 guard after the Alley Oop.

  • Junior Taylor

    DRob was a beast during in his prime (93-96), dominating on both ends of the court. He was a rare breed, it’s just that the Navy “robbed” him of 3 years of his young years (enlisted from age 21-24). He ranks right up there in terms of pure dominance in the Center position.

  • roscoe

    another award KD needs to shine for Bron bron.

  • roscoe

    it is only considered dirty if he called him an “Oompa-Loompa.”

  • Redd


  • 23

    Then Jordan sure as hell didn’t deserve it either. One of the biggest trash talkers I’ve seen play. Cocky too.

  • The Seed

    Really, OKC gave him this award and Wade new punkness.

  • Redd

    No one said as much.

  • 23

    I find puzzling and crazy that wade won this award. Look at LeBrons year, mvp, the best player on earth, 2nd in dpoy, lead his championship squad in pts, rbds, asts and won finals mvp. Plus a gold medal. Wade simply won a finals mvp. Not trying to hate on wade, but come on now, did he really deserve it? Was it a slow sports year???

  • pposse

    DWade won the championship in his third year in the league. No one, no analyst, commenter on slam, people in general will give a third year player the props that they deserve. Look at D Rose for example, in his third year he won MVP and yet Slam preranked him 12 and still to this day people want to say that 2-3 pg’s are better than him (even tho 6 gms preranked d rose as the best pg in the game before this season). Anyways, by my estimations D Wade was the best baller on earth by June of that year he won the ring. Dont forget ESPN ranked his finals performance as like the best or second best performance of all time; thats trancendiary i guess.

  • Jacob Nelson

    Cabrera? Phelps?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=589390221 David Robinson

    He’s the American Sportsman of the year to me and I’m a LBJ fan…but my pick would be Usain Bolt, the Guy dominated the field and the world headlines for a good while….LBJ finally fell into his own this year, however Usain continued to dominate on the WORLD STAGE…however I think LBJ deserved it, and it all came together this year.

    A sportsman is supposed to captivate the world on and off the field of play and transcend his sport across national borders, ethnicity, and language. It was commonly reported that the World came out to see Usain, even Lebron, Kobe and the rest of the esteemed members of team USA…he wasn’t even allowed to eat with other Olympians at the village because of the frenzy they caused when they saw him. More importantly he connects to all people great and small…a great product of Trelawny, Jamaica, W.I…


  • 23

    Well just because rose won mvp, it doesnt make him the best point guard. He is probably tied for 3rd with rondo(depending on what type of pg you need). Cp3 and dwill are both better passers than rose and both can get you 25 any night. I think rose’s athleticism separated him from the group, but imo skills outweigh athleticism when it comes to point guards. And wade did not carry his team in 06 like LeBron did this past year. Offensively? Yeah wade did it all. But LeBron lead this championship team in pts, rbds, and asts. Not to mention he guarded KD and ‘somewhat’ made Kd uncomfortable. And maybe I’m biased, but I’ve never seen a playoff game dominated like LeBron did to Boston. It was as if he beat the Celtics single handedly that game.

  • Lloyd

    I never said anything about championships. I said “lose with grace”. Unless you want to try and say that the Heat never lost a game, please sit down. I already said he deserved the Athlete of the Year award for his stellar year…

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    You said the award shouldn’t be called Sportsman of the Year because “Sportsman” implies that a player loses with graces and doesn’t whine after every call. That would mean that you’re saying LeBron didn’t lose with grace last season. I said they won a championship so you must have been referring to a regular season or postseason game that they lost and LeBron didn’t “lose with grace” after one of those games. Did he make any bad comments after losses? I don’t remember any. So it sounds like you’re still referring to the 2011 NBA Finals as if that matters anymore. There’s no case where he showed bad sportsmanship in the 2011-2012 season. So again, you would have a case if this was 2011. Not 2012.