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LeBron James Wants Charles Barkley to ‘Shut Up’ About Dwyane Wade

Whenever he’s asked about the Miami Heat, Charles Barkley talks about Dwyane Wade’s supposed decline. Wade looked like his old self last night against the Atlanta Hawks, hitting 11 of 13 shots on his way to 26 points in an easy win, and his teammate LeBron James took the opportunity to playfully fire back at Sir Charles. Per Fox Sports: “Wade seems determined these days to provide reminders that his best days are not behind him, contrary to what a certain man with avoirdupois issues has been spouting on the air. Barkley regularly has been using his platform as a TNT analyst to rip a guy he used to star alongside in cell-phone commercials. ‘I’m not the all-time leading scorer around here for nothing,’ Wade, in his 10th Heat season, let it be known after shooting 11 of 13 and scoring 26 points. Wade claimed after Monday’s game he ‘really didn’t listen to the noise’ that is mainly coming from Barkley. But Wade’s teammates disagree, saying Wade, 30, knows quite well about Barkley’s claims that his game is falling off rapidly. ‘It means Charles Barkley, you shut up,’ Heat forward LeBron James said about what Wade showed Monday. But when James thought more about it, he doesn’t want Barkley to close his mouth. It sure seems to be motivating Wade. Barkley was critical of Wade during a Nov. 29 TNT broadcast and Wade two days later scored a season-high 34 points against Brooklyn. After Barkley continued to rip Wade last Thursday, Wade has scored 26 points in each of the past two games while shooting 20 of 25. ‘The man is shooting 80 percent the last couple of games,’ James said. ‘Come on. That’s crazy. Seriously … He’s unbelievable. I do (want Barkley to keep criticizing Wade). I love it. When someone’s not saying stuff about me, I’m glad that somebody finally got off me for a change.’”

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  • roscoe

    Shave your head Bron bron.

  • JML-G

    Chuck just mad DWade got two rings

  • https://twitter.com/Wayne__o BuenoWayno1

    …..And this is news, why?

  • Comment_System

    Charles Barkley wants Dwyane Wade to ‘Shut up and Jam’.

  • JZA

    As long as DWade plays like flash again, I think Barkley is willing to be the villan.

  • Joe

    Where are the fav five jokes?

  • crybabies#1hater.

    We all know king tears, will always cry about something, why is he saying. Something. Charles Barkley Is right, hey Wade Now you have you spokesman you can’t. Defend your self cry baby James shut up and play, announcers are there to criticize you’ll except the criticism and let Wade speak,

  • bike

    Charles has always had it in for D-Wade ever since they did the commercial where the waitress mistakes Chuck for D-Wade’s dad.

  • Slick Ric

    Lebron being sensitive, wade has lost a step, that does not mean wade isnt a all-star caliber player anymore.

  • Emerson

    Yes LeBron, Chuck will just shut up a and stop doing the job they pay him too. They don’t pay these guys to kiss your ass they pay them to give their opinion.

  • sed522002

    Barkley is a commentator..so it’s his job to COMMENT about what he notices with the players. Charles does it to everybody and Wade is no different. Charles wasn’t the only one saying that, people that are and aren’t fans was noticing the same thing. Put your big boy pants on Bron. This comes with the territory.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.brodes Jay Brodes

    slow news day.. the only i can say is that wade’s knee injury was pretty serious and he came back a little too early. only issue i have is li ning? i get the new jay’s sux but he is “flash” just ask to rock retro’s in heat colors or “bred” done!

  • Tweediness

    your are a dummy. learn to read

  • Tweediness

    you are stupid too….you missed the point.

  • Tweediness

    “FU” Barkley.

  • bill

    Looks like the Lebronhaters here are, too, for some reason.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Junior-Taylor/100003121138419 Junior Taylor

    Sorry but I am with Barkley on this one. It’s obvious that Wade has lost a step (not a huge one) but he isn’t jumping and running the same way he was 2011. It happens to every great player, they reach a point where they start to slow down athletically. It happened to MJ, it happened to Kobe and now it is happening to Wade. That is why the great ones improve on their game every off-season and from what I have seen the past few games, Wade’s jumpshot has been on point. He has to hit those because his FTAs are down significantly compared to his career avgs. the last 2 seasons.

  • robb

    Are you kidding Lebron? The only good thing about that show and you want him to shut up?

  • tebow


  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez


  • http://twitter.com/TexXxas_Made Joe Kuykendall

    Where are the closed quotes from Lebron’s statement? I just see where they open but don’t close in the article. Dumpster editing.

  • http://www.basesandbaskets.com/ Elijah

    Good for him. Even though other people believe that it’s the round mound of rebound’s job to do that, LeBron still has a right to say what he did. As I have been saying for a while now, our respect for LeBron James should go beyond his on court greatness.

  • Warren

    I love Charles Barkley’s commentary. He’s funny and knows the business inside out. I think his Wade observations were painfully honest and seemed to do the trick! Wade’s definitely NOT finished and Barkley knew it all along. The chemistry between those two was very apparent in the ads they did. If they both need money some day I hope they do standup!

  • Adam

    would you like to buy Way of Wade LI-NING basketball shoes?