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Sacramento Kings Reluctant to Trade Suspended DeMarcus Cousins

The Sacramento Kings have suspended DeMarcus Cousins once again — it’s his third suspension in two months — this time for verbally abusing head coach Keith Smart in front of teammates on Friday night. The team is believed to be unwilling to trade the talented but clearly-troubled big man. However, it bears noting that Cousins has fired his agent John Greig and is now represented by Dan Fegan (who was front and center during the Dwightmare in Orlando.) Per the Sac Bee: “This is a complete change in thinking by Cousins. His reasoning for going with Greig had been he didn’t want to be another client of another big-name agent. Cousins was Greig’s only big-name client. Greig made looking out for Cousins well-being a priority. He visited Cousins regularly (he was in town this month), cooking meals and was important in making sure many of Cousins’ off-the-court needs were met. Greig was one of Cousins’ biggest defenders, speaking on his behalf even when Cousins appeared to be clearly in the wrong and did his best to present Cousins’ side in controversial situations. But even Greig has had trouble getting through to Cousins lately. Enter Fegan, whose recent history with the Kings includes not liking the team passing on his client in the 2009 NBA Draft (Ricky Rubio) for Tyreke Evans. Fegan became Kevin Martin’s agent and later was instrumental in getting Martin traded to Houston in 2010. Fegan’s name was prominent last year after he became Dwight Howard’s agent. There was a public spat with the Orlando Magic over who was leaking information about meetings to the media, too. Of course, Howard was eventually traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Kings have been reluctant to deal Cousins. He’s been considered the key to the Kings’ rebuilding project, but on the court he’s regressed this season while the off-the-court issues have accelerated. Teams that have been interested in Cousins in the past include Houston and Detroit. But would Houston want to break up what they’ve built for Cousins now? It would be assumed any deal with Detroit would involve Greg Monroe, but at this rate you might argue Monroe is the better player and doesn’t bring the drama. Fegan also has a good relationship with former Kings assistant general manager Jason Levien, who is now a part of the Memphis Grizzlies. So expect some talk of Cousins landing there to come up, too. There’s no denying Cousins’ talent and several teams figure to inquire about Cousins, believing they have the right environment for Cousins. Let the speculation game begin.”

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  • Dirtbag Zoe

    mix in size with natural skill talent…best big man in th league…Shoots the 17 footer, post up, finishes, rebounds, great passer and can push the ball and he’s 6’11, 270…Give the man a real coach that can get his mental right.

  • KipSmithers

    I can see why they would. Can be a headcase, but is so talented.

  • irondan

    This guy needs to be around veteran leadership and/or a strong coach. A teams like the Celtics or Spurs I think could handle this guy.

  • spit hot fiyah

    this team hos direction what so ever, so much talent on the roster but they can’t play together. seems like no one is accountable. the pick up team from hell (bill simmons called them)

  • TV63

    Sooo they are paying him still but he’s suspended indefinetely?? IS this dog in the manager syndrome? They don’t want him but they don’t want anyone else to have him either. Makes sense.




    he needs veteran advice

  • my late xmas wish

    Big Cuz needs to head to the Celtics. That move puts the C’s back on the map and a formidable East champ contender. He’s not a nutcase, just an extreme competitor…not to Rondo level (but nobody is to that level)…Rondo is the ultimate Cousins mentor…would help both of them grow up tremendously. This is your trump card Ainge, make it happen!

  • Milt

    Wizards need too trade for Cousins. t
    This will be a weak draft. Go for it.