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Two Bulls Fans Shot in Philadelphia After Chicago’s Win

Joakim Noah engaged in some not-so-friendly banter with the Sixers faithful in the arena last night. After the game, things escalated considerably, and two Bulls fans were shot while riding a train. (You might recall that last month, a Laker fans pepper-sprayed a Jazz supporter in Utah. You need to chill out, NBA fans.) Per the Chicago Tribune: “The shooting happened around 10:40 p.m. after ‘a little bit of banter’ between the two fans and two other people, described as between 16 and 19, at 46th and Market streets in West Philadelphia, police said. One of the Bulls fans, a 36-year-old man, quarreled with the teens and was shot in the stomach as the teens exited the train at 46th street, according to Lt. John Walker. The other Bulls fan, a 30-year-old man, tried to calm things down and was shot in the thigh, he said. Both victims were stable at an area hospital. They are from West Philadelphia, police said. No one was in custody.”

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  • JML-G

    Philly dont play around

  • EP

    West Philadelphia born and raised…

  • Canesta

    I hope Noah took this news seriously and will maybe think about how he acts on the court. He may not be directly responsible for what happened, but in my opinion he played a small role in all of this.

  • LLC#12

    I may be opening a can of worms here, but, how people can think legal firearms is a good idea is totally beyond me. I know some people will passionately disagree with me, which is fair enough, perhaps even people on this board own firearms themselves, but in my opinion, a country without firearms > a county with…

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    If there was ever a time for a chill pill…

  • Redd

    Philly fans are incredibly dumb.

  • Seth

    I don’t think Noah had anything to do with this.

  • underdog

    People are incredibly dumb. (ftfy)


    City of Brotherly Love my @$$! This is why Will Smith moved with his auntie and uncle in Bel-Air!

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    that’s incredibly stupid.

  • Dymez

    Senseless. This is a damn shame. It’s interesting to read that the two 30-plus males were shot by the teenagers; being a fan and sticking up for your team just isn’t what it used to be, I guess. You see older guys at games, across all sports, arguing while they leave the arena but with no malevolent intentions, and end it by saying something like “We’ll get your @sses next time!” and speeding off. Occasionally you may see a fight, but that’s almost always when they’re liquored up. Now it’s almost like wearing your favorite team’s apparel is sporting gang colors.

  • smh

    hello usa and ur legalize firearms and marijuana b.s.

  • Enigmatic

    So true! I mean, look at Chicago, a city where handguns were banned for almost thirty years, until 2010! They’re a SHINING example of how making firearms illegal will end most of the violence! Right?!

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk


  • Ithinkyouarestupid

    This particular “article” doesn’t confirm anything other the fact that the people involved were fans of the two teams. It doesn’t specify the reason for the conflict or the motive behind the shootings, which could have nothing to do with the game at all.
    A sweeping indictment of Philly fans is uncalled for given the lack of info. Besides, I’m sure a lot of the lowlife thugs in Chicago happen to be Bulls fans as well. If ever a fan base deserve the dumb indictment, it’s in the cesspool known as Chicago.

  • Ruben

    Chicago aside, there still isn’t enough statistical proof that more availability of handguns in inner cities makes things safer. On the contrary, it has be known that people who carry them are more likely to be shot.

  • charliewinning

    Before everyone gets their fan base hating panties in a bunch, I think what really should be addressed is these 21st century O-Dogs going around shooting people. Places like Chicago, Philly, and Trenton are filled with youngsters with little to no value for human life like it’s the 80′s all over again. Much focus should be placed on why some major U.S cities are regressing back into the turmoil that my generation grew up with during the height of the crack epidemic. If the age group was slightly older I would chalk it up to the after effects of the 2008 financial crisis. However, these Lil Reese type kids are committing crazy violent acts just for the sake of violence. It’s scary.

  • kris

    Come to England where you can’t be near anyone in different colours because you will be set upon, it makes sport here unbearable when it comes to soccer, my experiences in the USA have been pleasant, sad shame people want to shoot each other.

  • Max

    If they had some kush they would’ve chilled out hah.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    concealed carry law was just passed in Chicago…could stop things like this from happening

  • Redd

    Yeah..no. Philly fans have a track record of this. You think dirty fans and you think Philly, not Chicago.

  • Redd

    I agree.

  • Fat Lever

    These dudes were 30+, getting into arguments over bball teams with teens? Cmon man. It’s terrible they got shot, but although I love my Philly teams, I’m not getting into an altercation over their “honor” or whatever. Know what’s worth fighting over.

    I’ve been up in the Meadowlands during an Eagles-Giants game wearing green. A lot of “banter” back and forth, which is fun. But if a fan of an opposing team steps to me, wanting to square up, over our teams, I’d just laugh.

    It’s just sports people. But don’t let the truth get in the way of the blind Philly hate.

  • http://twitter.com/bjollz Björn Atli Davíðsson

    The saddest part is that while lobbyism and general ignorance still affiliates murder weapons with constitutional freedom, sh*t aint about to change.

  • LLC#12

    Of course, removing guns doesn’t remove violence, but it makes things safer. Even without guns that argument might of still descended into violence, but the guy might of just taken a few punches instead of a bullet to the stomach, and I know which I’d prefer. Violence may always exist, but it’s a lot easier to kill someone with a gun. Of course a stab wound can be just as fatal as a bullet wound, but I’m sure most people would rather have a knife pulled on them than a gun.

  • http://www.facebook.com/walker.edwards.7739 Walker Edwards

    O-Dogs? C’mon man, that’s dramatic.

  • EJ

    I agree with you, but I don’t think banning all firearms would work. Assault rifles, carrying guns in public and all that stuff should be banned, but having a regular handgun or hunting rifle at your house probably shouldn’t be banned. That would just drive a lot of people into buying them from the black market.

  • Redd

    Enig is now a mythical commentator, rarely seen. Amazing.

  • Redd

    Statistics are not always right on the money. Logic however is and logic says less handguns is less violence. But as a kid from Chicago’s inner city, it’s true violence won’t stop. But think about it, it’s easier to pull a trigger than to knife someone.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Read a couple of articles about this. Seems as though all it was was banter, until the teens exited the train and opened fire on the unarmed men as the train doors were closing. Hard to blame the victims on this one. Sounds more like fake tough guys who would rather settle verbal jousts with bullets.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Junior-Taylor/100003121138419 Junior Taylor

    Philly is no joke, huh? Damn….can’t even cheer for your team. Gotta throw a big a** jacket on after the game.

  • tosin07192

    jesus I have always had a strong dislike for overyhyped fans like Heat fans and Knicks fans, but these bastard (in reference to the Philly fans) are beyond that, they are demented. SMFH. And last year somethign similar happened when some idiot accidentally stabbed and killed his friend over a game, when will these idiots learn?

  • tosin07192

    exactly! even if the dude had a a knife, he’d have to be stronger and in a closer distance in order for the stabbing to happen. And there’s a reason why people carry weapons if they are not say in some kind of battle or combat everyday, that’s because they are punks. You carry a knife/ gun, it’s cos you a chump that can’t fight like a man. So it’s a lot easy to not get stabbed or beat up.

  • tosin07192

    exactly the older men probably took it less seriously and definitely didn’t expect to get shot. just a ridiculous act done outta ignorance. smfh

  • tosin07192

    nope actually they would have thought that those two guys were some cats that they had beef with as they would have been hallucinating and then instead of shooting em in the stomach once they would have shot em multiple times and you know the result of that.

  • tosin07192

    who’s philly? so a bunch of ignorant, possibly illiterate, dum a$$ teens represent the whole of Philly?

  • Max

    U don’t hallucinate from weed, cmon now..

  • Shareef

    Funny, I grew up in Philly. I haven’t heard of this track record of Philly fans shooting people. Being d*cks to opposing teams and fans, sure. Not shooting them. Nobody from Chicago can speak on dirty uncivilized behavior imo.

  • charliewinning

    That’s total O-Dog behavior. I’m sure these kid’s lives weren’t threatened in the least before they decided to shoot these guys.

  • tim-aaaaay

    Stop d!ckriding.

  • MikeC.

    come on up to Canada. We have the goodness. Too much and you will trip balls.

  • drew

    How so? Will thugs suddenly stop carrying illegal weapons because others have legal ones? I don’t get that logic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    the logic, and this is not my logic mind you, this is logic that the government has used to pass laws with…anyway, the logic is that if there is a chance that people are carrying guns and know how to use them, then “thugs” wil be less likely to carry around unlicensed guns. There are statistics to back me up…..obviously, because Chicago just passed a concealed carry law.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    First off let me just say if it was possible I would make it so guns never existed. However, that is simply not the case. People who are not responsible enough to carry around guns are going to whether it is legal or illegal. That is why people who are responsible enough to carry them around should have the RIGHT to do it. 2nd amendment. Statistically speaking, the more citizens that are licensed and carry around guns, the less gun violence there is. For example the majority of citizens in Switzerland carry concealed weapons. The crime rate is so low that they don’t even take crime rate as a statistic (I promise I’m not making that up).

  • AB2

    So you think that the type of person who will shoot another person over a basketball game is the type of person who will not have access to a gun just because it’s against the law? I haven’t done any research on the statistics, but it seems to me that if a crime is committed with a firearm, it is usually with an illegal, unregistered firearm. These kids are 16 and 19, so they obviously didn’t legally purchase or register their gun. I think it is naive to assume that people would suddenly not have guns if they were illegal. Prohibition and the current “war on drugs” are both great examples of how making something illegal does not necessarily have the desired effect, especially if it concerns something that people still want. It just increases demand for that item. Mexico has strict gun laws, but drug cartels run rampant across the country. Limiting access to guns may prevent some killings, but it’s hard for me to buy the idea that making it illegal for a law abiding citizen to own a gun will somehow lead to a more peaceful society. It might limit overall access to guns, but it would mainly affect people who are prone to follow the law anyway.

  • AB2

    So you have statistical proof for your assertion?

  • danpowers

    any frst world-country where you dont get guns legally is proof enough = less murderers, less escalations at all

  • danpowers

    but they have social security over there and way better education and wealth per person than the usa. the rifles come due to an old tradition that forces every person of the country to serve in the army in case the country would get attacked.

    some day banning guns has to stop for the sake of a better society in the usa. you just cant have this sh*t in the “civilized world” and whenever guns are available especially those who shouldnt have some will be the first ones to get guns and use them for what these things have been produced for: killing

  • danpowers

    how do illegal firerarms get into the streets? there is just a higher amount of these when guns are legal and available almost everywhere. there will probably be always gun crime but the rate is logically way lower if guns are much harder to get. in the big picture that means less shootings, less victims. that security feeling which comes with wearing a gun is just subjective. actually it increases the possibility to get shot

  • danpowers


  • danpowers


  • danpowers

    are there really statistics to back you up? in any social science such as psychology and sociology you will find actually totally opposite results of examinations. do you have any link? i would be interested to read that source

  • danpowers

    that only works in the long run and just if the whole country bans fire-arms.
    the key to less violence is more education and a higher degree of social justice but i wont get into that now, back to rifles: in london they have big a** problems with knife- and armed crime in general so they have special police patrols especially at these times of the day when most violent outbursts happen and they are randomly pulling over people on the streets and search them for weapons. so they get a big load of shanks and also guns off the street.
    there are way less available than in the us coz these are illegal in the whole uk, so you ll find less guns in the ghetto there than youll find in a white us-american suburb. so even in areas with pressing “poverty”, inequality, etc sh*t is really escalating and dangerous but since they started to disarm people the homicide rate decreased between 2003 (204 homicides) and 2010 (136 homicides) . its simple as that: less guns = less victims. even in the “ghetto”

  • LLC#12

    You make a lot of great points and I totally agree with you that people who want guns would probably be able to get them anyway, but I just think in the long run, that’s a bit of a defeatist attitude.Your point about Mexico is true but Mexico is a more corrupt nation than the US and doesn’t have the same kind of resources. I imagine it’s easier to smuggle guns into Mexico than it would be to smuggle guns into the US, if the US really clamped down on guns. If guns were outlawed today, yeah its naive to think people suddenly wouldn’t have guns, maybe for a few years after everything you’ve said would be true, but you would hope that the US would have the resources to eventually stop the flow of firearms into their country with more thorough border checks etc and eventually rid the streets of them, a few years into the future. I have to say though, I highly doubt guns will ever be outlawed in the US in my lifetime, however right or wrong that is.

  • drew

    Actually, the “statistics” you speak say the exact opposite, which is why I asked you to explain that statement. Passing country laws for big city issues have done nothing to lower violent crime rates. Concealed carry laws haven’t stemmed shootings in inner cities.

  • reese

    Mike, your statistics would hold more weight if they had anything whatsoever to do with U.S society, which they don’t. I suspect the reason you can’t quote anything relating to the U.S because you the truth is the exact opposite here. I respect your argument but it has to be relative to the place it’s focused on, which is right here at home. You cannot compare apples to oranges.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    the way I see it is that those who would use guns in a violent way are most likely going to get those guns illegally. However, if the threat of others holding weapons is out there….People will be less likely to hold up a seven eleven with a gun when he knows anyone around him could have a gun.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert


    well looks like I was getting most of my information from outside of the U.S…..interesting

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert


    well looks like I was getting most of my information from outside of the U.S….interesting

  • Max

    Well, I know if u have to much you start to get really scared and stuff, but when I hear hallucinating I hear seeing things, not seeing the real world.
    Too much weed and u just start panicking like crazy.
    I’ve had one of those experiences myself and I won’t ever use too much again haha.

  • AB2

    It’s definitely true that the U.S. would be better equipped to enforce a law like this than a lot of countries. I still don’t believe that they would be entirely successful, but things would definitely change. Then there is the discussion about how the balance of power would change and potential abuse of power, but I think that the more important issue in all of this is societal values and attitudes. I think the fact that two teenagers were willing to use deadly force in a situation like this is more concerning than the fact that their weapon of choice was a gun. Certainly this is an individual circumstance, but I think that the issue is much deeper than simple access to weapons. Guns are a means to carry out acts of violence, but they are not a direct cause of violence.

    This is an especially relevant topic in light of the recent tragedies in Connecticut and Oregon. Had those two men not had access to guns, things may have played out very differently. They were obviously extremely troubled individuals, but the increasing trend of random violence against innocent people is saddening and concerning. History has proven that people will try to hurt each other, regardless of the weapons available to them. Restricting access to guns undoubtedly reduces the ability of an individual to carry out massive acts of violence. Unfortunately, it does not eliminate it. There was also a knife attack at an elementary school in China this morning that left 22 children seriously wounded. Things like this are unexplainable. My point in this long-winded paragraph is that any type of weapon is only one factor out of several when considering an act of violence. I believe that psychological and sociological factors play a much larger role in situations like this, and I think those factors should be discussed more than what weapons people should be allowed to have. This is a somewhat idealist stance, because humans will remain human. Violence is an unfortunate part of our existence, and there are no easy answers or solutions. Personally, I believe individuals should be allowed to own guns, but events like these are saddening and disheartening, and I’m really not sure what the right answer is. Although guns may not be outlawed anytime soon, I’m sure that this debate will become increasingly relevant in the months and years to come. Thanks for a good discussion, and for being reasonable and charitable. Those are rare qualities on the internet.

  • danpowers
  • danpowers

    thats not about a way to see it. the facts are quite simple: wherever you get guns the more gun crime you have. and thinking to carry a gun would help you anyhow is a little naive http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn17922-carrying-a-gun-increases-risk-of-getting-shot-and-killed.html