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Eric Bledsoe Waits for His Chance to Become a Starting Point Guard

This much is clear: as long as Chris Paul is donning Clipper blue, red and white, Eric Bledsoe will not crack the starting lineup. The third-year backup guard, however, is willing to wait a bit for his moment in the sun, while absorbing lessons from Paul and Chauncey Billups. Per the LA Times: “I’m just preparing for that moment,’ Bledsoe said in his typically quiet voice. ‘I’m still learning behind Chris and Chauncey. Hopefully, we win a championship and if I do get that chance, I can lead a team.’ Bledsoe started for the second consecutive game because Paul was out because of a bruised right kneecap. Bledsoe finished with a season-high 19 points, seven rebounds and five assists in the Clippers’ 117-109 victory over Houston. But Bledsoe knows that Paul is an All-Star point guard who is just 27 years old. If Paul re-signs with the Clippers over the summer as most people expect, it will mean Bledsoe may have to leave the Clippers to become a starter. ‘I’m just focused on winning,’ Bledsoe said. ‘I’m just focused on winning and learning how to win right now. For the most part, I’m just continuing working and building, learning how to run a team. The other stuff will take care of itself.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    i really hope the clippers don’t trade, eventhough his trade value is sky high and the chances of re-signing him are looking slimmer after each big game, some team will throw a boat load of money at him

  • roscoe

    great point spit hot fiyah.

    i think it is in LACs best interests to try to win this year, bc this is the best chance they’ve had in their history.

  • Comment_System

    He’s in the perfect place right now, just keep on learning because you are not there yet.

  • I think he needs atleast 1 more season to learn from Chris Paul and Billups before getting that starting job. But he is one of the most improving players out there…

  • HandsMcGee

    Young players gotta learn they have years … and I mean years ahead of them.. This is his best chance right now to get what most players dream about, instead of having to be part of a rebuilding process and take about 5 years to get a ring

  • KipSmithers

    He’s got the talent.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    The Clips are lucky to have Bledsoe off their bench. I think he’s an RFA this summer so things will get interesting.

  • JM

    have you not heard of career ending injuries? He’s gotta look out for his financial future as well. Those “years and years” could end at any time.

  • HandsMcGee

    Pls.. The way things are played now there’s no such thing as a career ending injury.. U see very few players sacrifice their bodies or step-outside of playing matador defense. Blake came back from his injury, James Harden’s blindside concussion, and they trying to get D-Rose back on the court under a year after tearing his ACL?? Really, with all the medical precautions, treatments, and rules aka Clear Path foul.. If ur scared of getting injured while playing you might as well ride the bench..

  • KING

    justa cause one player reacts a certain way to surgery doesnt mean another player will react the same way

  • Redd

    Troof but I don’t see them doing that in their first successful season over OKC.

  • LobCity

    No doubt he’s getting traded, the only question is when. There’s no point to offering a big extension to CP3′s back up. Especially when they could get something nice in return. I thought they’d resign CP3 over the summer then trade him before his contract expires, like OKC with Harden. Yesterday adrian wojnarowski mentioned they were gonna hold on to him as long as they. We’ll see….can’t see the Clippers paying market value for somebody playing 15-20 mins.

    Although I love having him on the team because it brings me great joy knowing we screwed OKC in that trade. lol

  • roscoe


    i think LAC can make d’finals this year bc they r athletic enough to cause OKC to shoot a lower percentage outside and big enough inside to control the boards, not to mention their bench w/ odom is deep.

    i’m no LAC fan, but they’re legit and can beat OKC imo.

  • roscoe

    if cp3 walks… then keeping bledsoe is a no brainer. is cp3 going to stay?

  • LobCity

    I’m confient he does stay for a few reasons:
    -Clippers can offer him a 5th year and like 20-25 million more than any other team.
    -New CBA doesn’t allow extend and trade deals like the one Carmelo got.
    -Options are limited. Nets, Knicks, OKC, Spurs, Lakers, Heat are all over the cap and/or have PGs already. Kincks would have to trade Amare and others for expiring deals (lol) just to offer like 10-15 mil a yr. ATL and Dallas have cap space but…….
    -Clippers have DJ, Blake & Crawford signed up. Plus they have some nice veterans on short deals, no “bad contracts”.
    -CP3 had a condo while in NOLA. Traded to LA, buys a mansion in LA and moves his family here. Sure many players keep offseason homes in LA, but then why wait until getting traded here? He paid cash, closed escrow in 2 days despite not signing another contract. Seems like he could have purchased that house at any time.

    To me, he’s just waiting to sign for the most money (like D-WIll). So with him getting 20 mil yr, I don’t see Bledsoe here past next season. Teams showing interest, I’m curious to see what they’re offering/what he would command as a FA.

  • Redd

    The potential is certainly there..but I don’t see them doing it I feel they’ll be right there with them though. But I got my Warriors no matter how good LAC is.

  • roscoe

    that’s some good info… i agree w/ about a lot it.

    imo, i see him in NY and jkidd coming off the bench… cp3 is a east coast guy from what i know & imo he is looking for ring(s), but it will be interesting to see what happens.

    if i am LAC management i get to the bottom of cp3 and bledsoe sooner rather than later… bc losing both of them is going to set them back and give reason for others on LAC to leave and FAs to not come.

  • LobCity

    Clippers have all the leverage with Bledsoe since he’s on a rookie deal. They can trade him now, next year or match any offer as a restricted FA and trade him whenever they please. CP3 signs, they get the best deal for Bledsoe. CP3 walks, keep Bledsoe. No chance of losing both.

    People keep mentioning the Knicks but I just don’t see it. Not saying he doesn’t have interest or preference to be in NY, but the money doesn’t work. The salary cap was $58.044 (will go up slightly in 13-14) and the Knicks have 72 mil committed. So you gotta lose 12-14 in salary just to hit cap. Then you gotta get below the cap to offer CP3 any money. Nobody, I repeat nobody, will give you an expiring deal for Amare straight up. Shumpert is the only asset the Knicks have and he ain’t worth Amare’s 20 mil. If you give up JR, Felton, Novak, Camby and Iman for expring deal(s) at the deadline then you’ll be right at the cap after the season, but you’d basically be giving up on this season. If you wait until the summer you’d have to get trade exceptions for all of those players and likely give draft picks (not sure what they have). Agian, just to get to the salary cap. So assuming you get rid of all those players and let all your free agents walk, that leaves you with Melo, Stat, Chandler and Kidd at over 56 mil. CP3 ain’t signing for 2 mil. So, since Kidd only makes 3 mil, that money would have to come from Chandler or Melo. Melo is staying. So, to get CP3 Knicks would have to let free agents walk after the season, then trade Chandler, Shumpert, Novak, Felton, Camby and JR for nothing. To offer CP3 about 16 mil to go play with Kidd, Melo, Amare, and about 8 player making the minimum. Possible, yes. Probable, no. Anything can happen, but I’m confident he’ll be in LA

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