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Mark Cuban Wants All-Star Game Again, Not At Cowboys Stadium

Mark Cuban wants to host the All-Star game once again, but wouldn’t hold it at Cowboys Stadium if he had his choice. From the Morning News: “The earliest the NBA’s All-Star Game can return to North Texas is 2015. If it does, it will be in Dallas, at least if Mark Cuban has his way. The Mavericks’ owner is hopeful that another All-Star Weekend extravaganza can be lured to town. And he wants the game to be played at American Airlines Center, not Cowboys Stadium as it was in 2010. ‘Been there, done that,’ Cuban said. ‘I wouldn’t do it there. That was just [a one-time deal]. I would do it here.’ Asked why he would prefer the 19,200-seat AAC over Cowboys Stadium, where more than 108,713 saw the 2010 game, Cuban said: ‘It’s hard to repeat that. It’s hard to get people excited a second time. The second act is a lot harder. That first one was so successful, you don’t try to top it.’ In previous All-Star games at domed stadiums, the NBA blocked off part of the building and kept seating capacity closer to 40,000. If they wanted to do that, Cuban said he’d rather have it at AAC. ‘I’d rather have people [gripe] that there weren’t enough seats because there were too many people that came,’ he said. ‘Then everybody would complain about it. That would create the demand and then there’d be a reason to do it.’”

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  • Redd

    Mavs are irrelevant & don’t deserve it again so quickly.

    Chicago hasn’t had it in forever. (we won’t cause our owner refuses) but it should be in Seattle.

  • http://twitter.com/LuisBrownish Luis Moreno

    Houston and New Orleans are far less relevant and Houston had it in 06, and again in 13 while New Orleans had it in 08 and will have it next year in 14.

  • Seth

    The game needs to come back to Boston. Hasn’t been here since ’64. Meanwhile it’s been in Houston twice in the last decade. WTF.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000166716900 Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    Forget it might as well go to St.louis.

  • http://www.facebook.com/qcollingwood Interdico Scriptor

    Does a week go by where we don’t see “Mark Cuban wants this”

  • Redd

    & neither should’ve.

  • D_B

    if they don’t pick the all stars based off their team’s relevancy… doubt they ever would for the venue.

  • Mr. UPS

    It is always in the warmer regions because nobody wants to party where it’s cold AF.