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Mike Woodson Says JR Smith’s Shooting Struggles Are a ‘Major Concern’

JR Smith hasn’t been shooting the ball too well lately—the Knicks guard shot 0-8 from the field during Saturday night’s tilt against Philadelphia, and not much better a couple nights earlier vs. Boston. No big deal, or serious concern? Knicks coach Mike Woodson seems to think it’s the latter, according to Newsday: “J.R. Smith has hit some big shots for the Knicks this season, but Saturday night, he couldn’t hit anything. Smith, the team’s second-leading scorer, was 0-for-8 from the field and held without a point in the Knicks’ 97-80 loss to the 76ers. ‘I couldn’t throw it in the ocean,’ he said. Mike Woodson said he’s concerned because Smith has been struggling with his shot lately. Smith said he’s ‘probably thinking too much.’ Although he hit a huge three-pointer late in Thursday’s win in Boston, he’s 3-for-24 in the last two games and 23-for-86 in his last six. ‘Major concern,’ Woodson said. ‘J.R. is a big part of what we do on both ends of the floor. He didn’t even make a shot. We got to program him back to playing like he’d been playing and get him playing at a high level, because we’re going to need it.’”

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  • Caboose

    How many people said this was the year JR would turn it around because of his hot shooting at the start of the year? Feel stupid now?

  • danpowers

    nope, everybody can fall into a slump. he still plays great most of the time. latest example were his decisive trey and defensive play in boston. that guy really plays much better this season

  • Caboose

    He’s currently at his lowest PER in 8 years, lowest Offensive Rating in 8 years, playing worse defensively than last year, posting about 60% as many win shares per 48 minutes as he did the past 2 years, lowest FG% since his 2nd year, lowest 3P% since his rookie year, lowest EFG% ever, and lowest TS% since his rookie year. Yup, he sure plays better this year.

  • danpowers

    his slump dragged his stats down, b4 that he was dope. i rlly believe that he will manage that come post season

  • Caboose

    So you’re disregarding his current stats because of…his recent stats?

  • danpowers

    b4 that slump he was havin the best season of his carreer. thats why i think he will be fine and able to turn it around

  • charliewinning

    Let this be the reason I was never high him. When he’s in a slump he brings almost nothing to the table. He’s a defensive liability, he’s not a smart player, and it’s annoying to watch sometimes.

  • JL

    He only had a good november (43% shooting is good by his standards), and has been shooting sub 40% since. So that’s 15 games of good vs 26 games of bad. So which part of the 26 games is the slump? The 43% shooting was right around his career average of 42.4%. I don’t see the best season of his career performances that you’re talking about.

  • danpowers

    coach woodson and most nba analysts do so though. he was often forced and encouraged to take volume shots with melo out and or when the offense got stagnant. that lead to many bad shots, sure. he also has the green light to be “aggressive” offensively which often leads to him overpacing. but what he does actually is to help the team winning. he hit two buzzers and made a handfull of decisive offensive plays that lead to Ws and saved the teams a*s this year. he even makes decisive defensive plays in close games. ive seen every single knicks game this year and also saw every game last year and it is really obvious for everyone who did the same, that smith really approaches the game differently and plays much more mature. every once in a while he pulls some weird sh*t but as i said, that became less

  • bill

    Consistency has always been a thorn in this poor bastard’s side. “Practice?! Who needs practice?”

  • http://twitter.com/mjsiskalicious Mattt Sisk

    how stupid do you feel now he is back to ballin again